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Thread: The Shadow of a New Day

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    Default The Shadow of a New Day

    .... 'Grayson! Grayson!' distorted figures call out to a man, clad in shadow-wreathed armor. He struggles to reach out to the familiar voices, but the shadows seem to hold him down preventing him from reaching those that called for his aid. It seemed to last hours, yet he knows that it took mere minutes for that awful event to come to its end...

    Suddenly a lopsided white mask with shadows flowing from it appear before the armored man... He suddenly jerks awake, drenched in a cold sweat. The Aasimar sat up as he tried to rid his mind of the horror of that crusade.

    As his mind cleared he remembered stumbling into the city after walking Pelor know's how many days from the frozen place he was dumped. In the brief amount of time before he found an inn that would take him in for a few copper pieces he learned that he was in the largest city in the north, the city of Nurport, a merchant port city that fed into Aoilsdawn.

    ((Lets get Grayson's reaction based on this much of the backstory before we proceed))

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    Grayson drops his face into his hands, rubbing his eyes. he stands slowly, he had covered the mirror in the room, he hardly could recognized his own face now, odd how only loosing a few shades of color could do that to him. He kneels in front of his once lustrous armor and attempts to shine it, He had already tried a dozen times to try and restore its sheen, but it still looked as though the armor had been collecting dust and tarnish for years. He tosses the breast plate away in frustration, before mentally chiding himself. he walks back to the bed and kneels offering a long and fervent prayer to Pelor. This prayer is slightly different from his those he had offered in the past, this was not a prayer of thanks, nor a prayer for strength. This prayer was not that of a warrior but that of a beggar pleading with his master to forgive an unpardonable sin. He leaves the room and finds his way to the innkeeper requesting a servant to clean his dull grey garments, when the keeper denies him he requests the materials to clean his clothes himself. After a half hour of trying to bleach his clothing he dries them and prepares for the day. He wears Pelor's symbol under his garments. Over them he wears his once glorious full plate, the symbol of Pelor barely visible but still engraven on the front of the breastplate. He places an unloaded crossbow on his hip and a sword on his belt. he places his great sword on his back and a heavy shield over it every piece of equipment stylized with Pelors sun. Fully prepared he pulls a hood up over his head before leaving the inn.

    Usually in all the stories Grayson heard whenever someone needed to go on a redemption quest the way was made known, but he had no idea on how to proceed, no idea what Pelor's will was. He finds himself asking around the port town, asking about Cleriok, and for anything that Pelor might wish for him to accomplish.

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    The sun shines brightly, normally a good omen for a servant of Pelor... But its light can't even manage a gleam off of the daily-polished armor, on the occasions that the Aasimar's face meets the light its rays seem... harsh, unforgiving.

    Most people give him a wide-berth, even most of the cut-purses and beggars who would normally rub up against him for a coin or two. Despite that the streets are crowded, and for a few copper here, a few silver there. It seems its only been about two weeks since he left Cleriok on his crusade against that vile masked shadow. Eventually he seeks out a Temple of the Light, a temple containing shrines to many of the Deities that support and build up the world, those seeking peace.

    Within he quickly finds a wing dedicated to Pelor, its priests keep their distance from him but offer him whatever service he seeks. The highpriest of the temple stands behind the altar, his shining breastplate has obviously not seen battle recently from its polished luster, but several repaired dings show that it has not always been unused, "Brother, what do you seek?"

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    In the Temple of Light in the great merchant town of Nurport, a priest of Heironeous recites his morning prayers, "... oh thou great archpaladin, this day let me be guided that I may do your will. Present to me that which you would..." he recites, a typical prayer for those living the boring life of a city-priest. But today that prayer is met with a much more fervent answer than usual. A light gradually, expanding and growing, eventually catching the priest's attention.

    After a few moments a great swirling pool of white shimmers before him, and out steps a being of such beauty that he could not describe it if he wanted to. It looked him in the eye and laid a small bundle atop the altar to Heironeous, and leaves without a word. The young priest watches, his mouth agape, speechless as the portal to some higher realm closes.

    After a few moments he approaches the altar with reverence, only to notice something within it stirring. From within the bundle rose a small child-like figure.

    The priest reaches out softly, "Young one... Eh... Who... What are you here for?"

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    "Nyu?" The little girl tilted her head as she took a few moments to recall her memories, but soon she explaimed "Omnis must be protected! What is Omnis? Ah! Friends! Friends in danger!" She fluttered her little wings trying to go towards them but soon she realized of the current problem she was faced with "Umm... mister mister where am I?"
    I am not responsible for the consequences of any failed saving throws, including but not limited to petrification, poison, death magic, dragon breath, spells or vorpal sword-related decapitations.
    I will however, be responsible of causing a TPK if you keep insisting on blaming me for your bad luck.

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    Grayson gazes on the priest forlornly "I have displeased Pelor..... I come here for atonement"

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    The priest is obviously confused, likely having expected something equally cryptic but more resounding than the cute little deva, "You are in the city of Nurport of the North, the Temple of the Light... What are you talking about, Omnis and what friends?" he asks, "What would you have me do?"


    The highpriest narrows his eyes, looking at the warrior's armor, "What has brought upon you this curse of shadow, brother?"

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    Corin agrees that a nice long rest is needed. He flits a little and checks the area just to reassure himself that they're safe and when he's satisfied he leans up against a tree and falls asleep.

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    Owen readily agrees with the plan, especially the bit about sleep. He curls up for the night, ready to leave in the morning.

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    The party rests and in the morning the hobgoblins, led by their new warleader, head off in the direction that the one-armed man had supposed been seen and everyone else starts to make their way down the road. Although there are goblins every now and then, not enough to actually attack or threaten the party, and they all make their way safely over the next few days to Alyatown.

    Sam leads the procession to the office of the elf Captain Frostree. He jumps to his feet to greet you, and asks, "Is it done?" although based on his expression and tone you can tell that he believes you have. A brief explanation of the trip and their ultimate success was sufficient for him and he explains, "A few days after you left the tribes started to act more asynchronous, then about a week later they lost almost any of their cohesion. We were only beginning to worry that you all had not made it out alive. However, as agreed, a bounty of 10,000 gold," he walks them over to a small chest and opens it up, "Feel free to divide it up as you see if of course."

    ((Now we are in a little bit of 'down' time. There are lots of options, including waiting here in Alyatown and looking for something to do (or something to do with the Exorbomnis), going down to the port city a few days south of here and trying to find a way back to the Capital of Aoilsdawn, or otherwise...))

    ((Oh, and finally, feel free to level up your characters!))

    ((Feel free to ask me clarifying questions about where you are all at/what's going on, or ask Frostree questions about the city or nearby area))
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