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Thread: The Shadow of a New Day

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    Owen can tell that the two scrolls are in fact scrolls, and he suspects that they are of a higher tier of magic than he typically can perform. The paper has a distinct aura, but he's unsure of exactly what it is.

    The last bits of what each group experienced are shared between them with the help of thri'kreen and heroes before everyone is shuttled to what amounts to a fifteen foot deep pit that slopes gradually upward. Thrik explains that this is a seldom used conference area. The elder discusses the recent events, Thrik continuing to translate although you all were present. After a little while food is brought to you all... which is still modest compared to past 'reward' feasts you've had, mostly meats and various roasted succulents.

    Although their body language doesn't imply any significant change, most of the thri'kreen are now willing to stand close to you, and Tristan mentions that its possible this is a way of them trying to include you all into their collective megaclutch. (a term he admits that he just created as most current understanding of thri'kreen suggests they usually just live in 'clutches' of 6-10). Throughout the meal they also bring a handful of gifts which Thrik explains are either ancient magical equipment or those created by him and other magic capable kreen.

    As you finish eating An'drye makes an interesting request of Thrik. After briefly describing her understanding of her celestial heritage she tells Thrik that she would like to study the ruins using her angelic gift with languages. "I need to understand what this is, and without an archeologist I am uniquely qualified to interpret," She turns to Grayson, "Grayson, I need Castus to stay with me, but the others will need your strength going forward."

    Tristan nods, "and after that encounter with that thing... Well, my skills as a scholar may be better used here... Better than fleeing from the fight again. Could you all try and keep some notation and sampling of what you experience? I know you all originally signed on as escort, and more as an excuse to get down here to find out about these sleepless, but if you can bring back samples of writing or of the creatures themselves I can try and get you more out of the grant when we return," he looks to Thrik, "Would you be willing to continue as their guide, there is little that I can offer, but your knowledge of the desert is invaluable for this sort of expedition."

    Thrik is quiet for a moment, the longest period of hesitation you've seen from the unusually talkative thri'kreen, "Clk clk. You helped the Kreen and Muktakadi. Clk Clk. You fight Klapkecloske, so I can fight with you. Clk Clk."

    Then, somewhat creepily Akzuklir shows up out of the crowd of kreen and whispers to Thrik, who translates but addresses Aleisandra specifically, "Clk clk. He wishes to follow you for now. Clk Clk. Wants to fight your Red Haze and repay you, Naksia. Clk Clk. Is ok?"

    Grayson: During the meal the elder approaches you with one of the larger guard thri'kreen. Thrik is off talking to others and so no translation occurs, but they chitter at you before pulling out an ancient looking sheath with a matching hilt. They hand this to you with some gravitas but leave quickly afterwards. (described below).

    Owen: During the meal Thrik brings to you a pair of bracers, "Clk clk. The little one wears no armor. Clk Clk." He taps one of the bracers with a knife and it halts a half inch from the bracer as if striking steel, "Clk clk. Maybe this will help? Clk Clk."

    Aleisandra: On the way to the gathering of Kreen Akzuklir pulls you aside. "Krkik. For blades. Krkik," he says as he hands you a pair of fingerless gauntlets. Each has a small, red ruby-like gem in the palm of the gauntlet, "Krkik. With these blades fire. Krkik."

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    Aleisandra has no issues with allowing Akzuklir to join the group to fight the Red Haze/Sleepless. She thanks him as well for the gauntlets that allow her to temporarily empower her mind blades with fire. Never know when it may come in handy.

    (Aleisandra already has Dex gloves, and Strength is mostly worthless to her, so the only stat item she would find use from is the Con belt.)
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    "Oh, my! How kind!" Owen gratefully accepts the bracers from Thrik. "Thank you very much. I do have some magical ways of protecting myself, but that requires expenditure of energy I could use for other things, so some real, physical armor is a boon indeed!"

    (Owen would like the Dex gloves if nobody else wants them)
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    ((If Grayson is good with the belt of strength we can move on from there?))

    Thrik requests that they stay one night in order to heal any injuries, rest in relative comfort, and so he can have time to say goodbyes to his clutch-mates. Despite the victory there is a slight ominous feeling in the air... The presence of the red haze and the sudden appearance of a Sleepless creature as large as any they had previously encountered weighs heavily on our adventurer's thoughts... and now a journey ahead of them, following a 'magical compass,' to an unknown destination through the desert...

    ((Everyone please level up to 6! For those who wish to take the leadership feat please send me a PM to discuss. Do not forget you all have the option to continue progression in the semi-gestalt classes that were made and don't forget that some feats and some skills work differently as noted on this page.

    ((Feel free to wrap up any business you want in Muktakadi today. Tomorrow you'll begin the next leg of your journey!))

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    Grayson slowly slips the belt of giants strength around his abdomen
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    Although the the beds are not at the quality of a tavern or inn, sleeping in the animal hide cots is much more refreshing than sleeping upon the sands of the desert. In the morning you awake to find that supplies for the next leg of your journey have been prepared... Strapped to a giant beetle. Thrik walks up to you leading two more, "Clk clk. Riding Beetles. Clk Clk. Elder wants this to move fast. Clk Clk." He explains that each beetle can easily hold two people but still travel faster than they would on foot, "Clk clk. But be careful, beetle's cowards... Clk clk. And can burrow in sand if scared. Clk clk."

    Owen has felt the slight but steady pull of the crystal amulet about his neck from the moment he put it on, always away towards the south.

    Is everyone ready to go?

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    Owen grins at Thrik's warning.

    "Oh, I'm sure we're all dextrous enough to leap off before we get drowned in sand, if such a situation occurs," he says before clambering onto the back of one of the beetles. "Is everybody ready to go southwards?"

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    Aleisandra is all covered up and ready to go. Sunlight and her are still on poor terms; though that could probably be said for most of the non-Kreen among the group.
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    Thrik mounts up behind Owen and the party heads out. With the Eimlaq beetles (or so Thrik describes them) your journey moves rather quickly compared to before. Thrik works with Owen to maintain a proper heading and avoid some of hazardous pitfalls of the desert. In one case you take a couple mile trip around a large valley between the dunes, he explains that sand giants frequently will lie in wait in such pits taking advantage of the cooler air as well as the opportunity to ambush. In another you see a shimmering oasis which would be lovely given that you are rationing out water for this trip, but explains that creatures create such illusions to draw in unsuspecting creatures and feast on their souls.

    However, after three days of journeying through the sand you see something interesting off towards the west of your path, what looks like a small building jutting out of the sand. Thrik says it could very well be the top of ruins that are buried in the sand. It is perhaps a mile off of your path, it would undoubtably provide some relief from the blistering sun if you could get inside, not to mention what could be hidden within if it hasn't been raided... But that would run the risk of running into traps or guardians of the ruins as well.

    However, the idea of resting out of the sun does sound good to both Owen and Grayson who have found themselves beginning to suffer from mild heat exhaustion (fatigued).

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    A pink, peeling, and somewhat woozy Owen points limply at the building.

    "I vote we go there," he says. "I'm much better at avoiding traps than sunburn."

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