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Thread: The Shadow of a New Day

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    Thrik relays Grayson's thoughts to the elder who gives what Grayson can only assume is supposed to be a shrug and a few clicks which Thrik translates, "Clk clk. The kreen don't travel great waters. Clk Clk. Kreen are happy to hunt the deserts. Clk clk. It is the kreen way of life. Clk clk."

    Owen steps closer to the ancient drawings, something drawing him to stand between the painted feet of the four armed being. He almost feels like there is something there when he notices a faint crease in the shape of a tall rectangle... As if someone had painted over a door! Looking closer he can see what might be assumed to be a crack in the stone, but if Owen didn't know any better it looked like a keyhole.

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    Owen's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. He points at his discovery.

    "A secret door!" he squeaks. He clears his throat. In a deeper but still trembling with excitement voice, he asks, "Have you had a chance to explore behind it yet, by any chance?"

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    Thrik continues to translate for the 'ancient' thri'kreen, "Clk clk. The kreen have not seen. Clk Clk. The kreen did not know. Clk Clk," Thrik looks closer and asks a question to the elder and returns the reply, "Clk Clk. Key is lost to the kreen. Clk Clk."

    (sorry, long wait time with a short response. This weekend was a lot of studying)

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    "Oh, a missing key! That does pose a problem, doesn't it?"

    Owen smiles sweetly at the elder Thri'keen as he continues.

    "I do have some skill in picking locks, you know. Perhaps I could attempt to open this door for you? And perhaps... if it's not asking too much... we'll, perhaps my companions and I could join you when you go to see what's behind it?"
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    The elder contemplates this before slowly nodding and gesturing to the door.

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    Grayson's hand slips to his blade, whatever was waiting for them beyond the door was likely harmless, but it didn't hurt to be ready

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    First things first: Owen casts Detect Magic and focuses intently on the door, searching for possible magic traps.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollSpellcraft to determine magic school if applicable - (d20+2) [21]

    If he doesn't find anything magical, he directs his attention towards searching for more mundane traps.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (d20+9) [13]

    If all seems safe, he extricates his thieves tools from his pockets and cheerfully dedicates himself to picking the hidden doors lock.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollDisable Device - (d20+11) [31]

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