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Thread: The Shadow of a New Day

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    Aleisandra backs up and takes a running leap over the gap.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAcro Jump - (1d20+24) [29] +8 from movement speed
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    Aleisandra steels herself for the jump, walking up to the wall to get the maximum distance out of her leap. She sets off at an inhuman sprint that seems to surprise both Akzuklir and Thrik (although Owen has seen this before) and at the last possible moment she leaps, attempting to clear the 30 foot chasm. Time almost feels to slow down as she crosses the pit and although she keeps her eyes set firmly on the platform she feels a sort of malevolence beneath her... But that feeling passes in an instant as she comes down, slowing her momentum with a few halting steps. A few seconds later Akzuklir and Thrik both make the leap across as Owen scurries up the wall and up towards the ceiling which is a dizzying 50 feet high.

    As Owen crawls across the ceiling Aleisandra, Thrik, and Akzuklir see a 15 foot cliff-like wall that is about forty feet away. Akzuklir gets impatient and sprints the 20 feet, jumping up, and catching himself on the lip of the wall and pulling himself up. He extends a chitinous, clawed hand down to help anyone else making the jump.

    Everyone roll initiative. Owen is in the surprise round so post a standard or a move action extra in addition to your first turn. Feel free to warn everyone of the things up above

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInit - (1d20+4) [24]
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    Aleisandra - level 6 Dark Elan Soulknife - The Altar of the Sleepless - GM - Zeros

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollArcana - (d20+2) [7]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollInitiative - (d20+7) [20]

    "Watch out for those statues up there!" Owen cries, pointing. "They move!"

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    ((Everyone is up. Set up of the battlefield: Owen is on the room 35 feet directly above Akzuklir. Aleisandra (and thus Grayson) are 15 feet below Akzuklir and at least 20 feet away (so they can set up the high jump) with Thrik. After their surprise round the statues are 20 feet from Akzuklir but at the same height.))

    Owen (Gets 1 bonus Move/Standard action due to being in the surprise round)

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