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Thread: The Shadow of a New Day

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    Owen shoots his crossbow at the elemental closest to Chikuk, trying to finish it off before it can do the same to Chikuk.

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    ((Posting for An'drye))

    An'drye skirts around the smaller elemental to get into range with the larger striking the smaller and trying to cleave into the larger.

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    Between An'drye and Owen the smaller elemental goes down and the larger takes another blow from An'drye blade cleaving through its companion and finally breaking the elementals form. Like the other three it dissolves into the sand leaving no evidence of it besides the wet sand.

    Thrik quickly scuttles forward and begins patching up Chikuk's wounds with an odd poultice which begins to glow with a vague green, white light a few seconds later. Its not a few moments before Chikuk's antennae perk up and the bug-man sits up and looks about before cocking its head at Thrik.

    "Clk Clk. Thrik thinks something angers water spirits. Clk Clk. Not usually so aggressive, waters safe to swim even for strangers. Clk Clk."

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    Aleisandra finally relaxes as the last of the elementals are defeated.
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    Grayson moves to the downed thrikreen, with holy light his wounds begin to become stitched together

    ooc heal the kreen for 6, half of my lay on hands for the day
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    ((I apologize if I was unclear, combat is over with the last two elementals down))

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    "My goodness!" Owen says. "They really did seem angry. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with our current mission... although even if it doesn't, I get the feeling we'll end up sucked into it sooner or later."

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    "Clk Clk. Thri'kreen do not live long... Clk Clk. But even this clutch has seen many outsiders who are 'sucked in.' Clk Clk," the bug man uses all four claws to indicate the air quotes, "Clk Clk. But who knows what will anger the spirits... Clk Clk. Maybe you can help with it even if it is not your mission. Clk Clk."

    A few moments later some of the other bug people return, weapons in claws. Thrik and Chikuk explain the situation in a series of clicks and buzzes. Although from some of the other's hasty and jerky glances in your direction you suspect that they may have some misgivings about taking this group given the recent attack. But ultimately the morning moves on, breakfast is prepared, and the party is able to move out.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    It is several more days through the oasis, and although there are some angry gurgles seen in the water, no more elementals strike. Eventually you come to the end of the oasis where you resupply at a smaller merchant town before heading on. Several more days pass as you walk through the desert, at the often unrelenting pace of the thri'kreen... But it seems you are the better for it as they experienced nomads seem to scare away anything that threatens... Upon warning of sand wurms they beat the ground vigorously and Thrik casts spells into the ground explaining that the vibrations scare the larger beasts off. Other groups of Thri'kreen give you a wide berth to avoid conflicts between clutches. And the one group of sand giants you see does not appear to have any interest in tangling with a thri'kreen clutch.

    Ultimately you come to an area of vicious sandstorm that seems to stand in place as if fixed there, a wind blowing about its edge tangentially to the storm... almost as if it was keeping the storm going itself. Each of the thri'kreen pull a small crystal (similar to that of their weapons) on a necklace of bone from their satchels and affix it about their necks. As each comes into place there is a brief burst of wind from the Thri'kreen after which the winds die down within a few feet of them. By the end the area protected includes all of the company. "Clk Clk. Stay close. These sands are easy to be lost in without Klinrackatan. Clk Clk." He says indicating the crystal about his neck. A close eye may notice that the small crystals glow with a vague light and seem to be pulling gently towards the storm.

    As the thri'kreen lead you into the sandstorm the sand seems to part around them (about 10 feet) where the air is still and silent. The sand buffets against an invisible barrier before sliding down and being pushed away as the proceed deeper. It is mildly claustrophobic as the group enters, the only light being that of the crystals (or a torch/lantern if the adventurers wish); and with the air oddly still, like that of a cave. Tristan seems enamored by the effect, his eyes alight with boyish wonder. You realize telling time and distance is difficult without the sun but predict that the Thri'kreen have been following the gentle pull of the crystals much like a sailor may use a compass and finally the party comes back out into sunlight.

    As they blink away the blindness from the sudden change back to the light they see the ruins of the Thri'kreen holy city of Muktakadi... which are likely much less impressive than what they may have thought. There is evidence of four walls which have been eroded and torn at over time outside of which are the foundation of perhaps 100 small homes which have been cotherwise torn away. Through the gaps in the wall the party can see a small city with ruined towers and numerous pyramids of varying sizes.

    However, one thing dominates the horizon, a massive pyramid, largely intact despite being worn down by wind and sand all those years. Although in a poor state of repair there are many Thri'kreen milling about both inside and outside the wall. It seems that almost every surface has been meticulously cleaned of any sand. Thrik directs the party to the only standing gate in the wall (although it appears it would be just as easy to walk through one of the many holes in the wall). Chikuk speaks to the guards while Thrik translates for the party, "Clk Clk. These outsiders have brought a gift and a request. Clk Clk. Thrik has found them worthy to enter the ruined city of Muktakadi. Clk Clk."

    One of the four guards, a larger Thri'kreen, perhaps standing at seven and a half feet, steps forward. Its voice is much deeper and each word buzzes annoyingly in your ears... It dawns on you that Thrik speaks common very well for a Thri'kreen, "Chk. What bringz outziderz to Muktakadi? Prezent your gift and what you zeek. Chk."

    ((I can have Tristan use this as a recap moment and present the stolen goods and request, or if a player would like to they are welcome to)).

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    Owen bows respectfully, then straightens up and rummages through his bag of holding.

    "Where could they... come on, now... ah, yes. Here we are!"

    One at a time he hands the items over to the large guard.

    "The glass ball, the two pointy staffs, the scroll, the glowing staff, the chest of coins, oh, that one's heavy... the sarcophagus, even heavier, awkward shape, if somebody could help me get it through the bag's opening here... yes, thank you very much... one pendant, one cloak, aaaaand two, no, three rings. That should be all of it. My companions and I are told these were stolen from one of your temples. We have since found them and reclaimed them so that we could return them to you, their rightful owners. As for what we seek: we were wondering if we might be so bold as to ask if we could take a look at one of your temples here?"
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    An'Drye left the talking to owen since he seemed more than happy to go ahead with it, but did bow respectfully as she felt respect could be easier to communicate that way than with words.

    (I wanted to add more but I just couldn't come up with anything atm)
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