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Thread: OOC Thread

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    Hey guys, who all are here? I was on a trip which allowed me no time to use my laptop, let alone post, but I am back and trying to get everything back on track again.

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    Reporting for duty!

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    It seems that we have lost most of the players. In that case, I will provide an epilogue and close the game. I hope you had fun while it lasted, I did.

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    Sad as it is, the epilogue is nonetheless satisfying. Thanks so much, theskyvalker, I hope I can catch another one of your campaigns sometime!

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    Was very satisfying! I learned a lot, thanks sky!!

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    I am a bit swamped with work and other stuff at the moment. I will start another new player one-shot or something next year when I am sure I will have more time to devote. Thanks for playing guys

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