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Thread: OOC Thread

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    ...are you serious? Fus Ro Dah? Hiei, please. This is a SERIOUS game, how DARE you! /s

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    Hey all i know is it translates to Unrelenting Force in the only other thing i know that has a Dragon Speak Alphabet. I can change it if needed
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    I'm joking, don't worry about it, haha. The /s meant I was being sarcastic.

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    Lmao I think it's fantastic!!

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    Yay !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiei View Post

    Fus Ro Dah- The Sorcerer
    Here he is with i believe almost all the mechanics finished(not sure this is my first legit 5e build)
    I dont know what his hit chance is for his breath weapon it doesnt say on the Dragonborn page. And would i be right in thinking his to hit with spells is +5. (i didnt add it yet as im not sure just a guess))
    The DC for your breath weapon is CON based: 8 + proficiency + CON modifier. The enemies have to make a save of that DC (CON) or take full damage. Otherwise, they take half damage.

    +5 spell attack bonus is correct. Proficiency + CHA modifier for Sorcerer. Initiative bonus = +2. Passive perception = 10.

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    Alright, guys, we are set, and you may resume posting. I will intervene when required to introduce Fus Ro Dah. He is not here in the room with you currently.

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    I don't even know what to do, I am in an intense bluff session, and can only rely on my allies
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    My original plan was to try and chuck a javelin at the rope. You guys okay with this?

    Also welcome back DM

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    I'm okay with the javelin chucking, I could also throw some Dart's maybe, but it would be with my off hand, I think. I'm not sure how that would work with monk stuff.

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