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Thread: ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 5

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    All I wanted was enough time to pull off my spell... T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by theskyvalker View Post
    Where is Grim in relation with the others of his team? Is he in visual/auditory range of any of them?
    Yes, all of the above for all of them.

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    Vala is getting tired of all this sh!t...
    Kill the dragonborn, kill her guards, kill the city guards, and then go back, find the kid with the ball that got in the way and slice his ball...

    and if anyone has a problem, i ll smack him with my hardcover PhB!

    Can we go find a tavern now? Need something to drink!

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    That's a lot to ask of 6th level Vala, isn't it? Sounds more likely, to me anyway, that it'll go, "Vala kills the dragonborn's guards, Vala maybe even kills the dragonborn, Vala gets herself killed or captured by the city guards and either rots in the streets or rots in a prison cell until she's old and gray." No?

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    Default ToD OOC Chatter: Episode 5

    I'm not going to comment on the likelihood of these events, but I would like to point out an error. Rezmir is a half-dragon. The direct spawn of a black dragon union with a humanoid. Dragonborn are a separate race that may be descended from dragons or may have been the result of some magical experimentation - their origins are unclear. Half-dragons are generally more powerful than the average humanoid, including dragonborn. Bigger, stronger, more aligned with their draconic parent's ideology and personality.

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    Fair enough. Good to know!

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    in case i misunderstood the entire game..

    There is a cult, led by 5 (now 4) half dragons that attacked evergreen.
    We defend Evergreen, and with the Mayor's blessings, we are after them.

    The cult, most likely, attacked more villages/towns except Evergreen.

    You are telling me that neither Evergreen, nor any other of the Cult's town victim Mayors sent word to the largest city of the coast
    about the threat coming their way??

    I'm actually surprised that there is no defending army holding ground around the city.
    And let's say that there is no army..
    There should be at least an order to check visitors at the gates so no cult member can get in the city.

    And lets say that for whatever reasons all messengers got lost/killed/stopped/got late..

    Wtf are the Harpers doing?

    And to conclude..
    Vala is a Bounty Hunter..
    She is doing her job.

    Not to mention that there would be no better chance to find one of the cult's leaders exposed like this again.

    from my perspective, Kill the half dragon, and THEN, if needed run..

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    The idea is that these are just small fry, even the half-dragons. We are trying to get to where they are taking all the loot. That is the big goal. If we kill them and they don't lead us there, then we are doomed.

    Also, the cult's existence is not public knowledge, yet.

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    ~ I had a lengthy explanation typed about the matter and my Inet dropped..
    Anyway.. keynotes..

    Doesn't need to be public.
    News spread easily by adventurers, travelers, traders & bards.
    When a small town is raided to smithereens by a cult that commands dragons, people panic and tales spread..
    Other small towns would contact bigger towns for info and help, in anticipation of getting raided too.
    Baldurs Gate, the biggest city in the region, should not only know, but thus far already taking some actions.

    do i smell a conspiracy?
    Has the cult already infiltrated the City's leadership?
    IS the cult the city's leadership?
    We Are Doomed!

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