Wow I canít believe that didnít see this sooner. I love this conversation and hope to help keep it going.

My players love the many different descriptions that I give my books and potions. These are a few of their favorites but also agree some are totally gross. Too bad none of them were spell casters to use prestidigitation and change the flavor. My main idea is to not always give the players the name of the potion and let them experiment or weigh the personal apprehensions of drinking such liquids for the benefits they might give. Iím also thinking of including Will or Fort saves for certain potions.

Bull Strength - a yellow-red-brown potion that reeks of bull urine and tastes of iron.

Giant Strength - a syrupy potion, a toenail clipping and grit floats at the bottom. It reeks of body order and tastes like dirt and sweat. (Since there is no potion of giant strength in PF, I made it a greater Bull strength but at the cost of reducing your intelligence for the duration.)

Potion of Invisibility - looks and tastes like bubble solution.

Potion of Levitation - looks and tastes like club soda

Potion of Flying - same as above but the liquid floats at the top of the bottle making this an interesting potion to drink.

Are al of your potions liquid or do you have powdered, syrupy, or even solid/ chewable potions?

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