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    Agrimony: halfling female. Freshman. Agrimony has pale pinkish skin, wavy brown hair, green eyes, and an upturned nose. She's quite meek and seems to have an anxious personality.

    Bronwen Albrecht: dwarf female. Freshman. Bronwen has very pale skin, a thick black braid of hair, and blue eyes. She seems to enjoy exploring nature and wearing herbs in her hair.

    Crokoglup: grippli male. Second Year. Crokoglup is short and has smooth, damp green skin. He is currently dating Galaga. He is Gerard Scott's roommate.

    Eshan of Jaraad: ratfolk male with sand colored fur and black eyes. Eshan is a graduate student at the academy. He is trying to make a train engine powered by water. He recently lost an important research component and has asked Owl to find out whether he really gambled it away.

    Eustacia Bing: a tall human girl with pale skin, frizzy red hair, and large, round glasses. She's a junior at the academy and a Prefect.

    Feilim: human male. Freshman. Feilim has tanned skin, short blond hair and blue eyes. He's rather brash and aggressive. Friends with Taina.

    Gerard Scott: human male. Second Year. Gerard has pale skin, black hair, and sea green eyes and dresses in the gaudiest of clothing. He has a crush on Eustacia Bing. He's Crokoglup's roommate.

    Giuliano Stefano Inferno Esposito: gnome male. Freshman. Giuliano has tanned skin and curly red hair. He comes from Coraco and has a thing for bombs. (Agwe, Dorsard, Irfan's roommate.)

    Iorwerth Rhydderch: elf male. Freshman. Iorwerth has pale skin and shoulder length blond hair. He seems to really like napping. (Labi, Vulwin's roommate.)

    Joseline Quickhammer: human female. Freshman. Joseline has curly blonde hair that she usually wears pulled back into a ponytail with a purple ribbon. (Galaga, Lialda, Owl's roommate.)

    Perdita Chaturvedi: elf female. Freshman. Perdita has light brown skin and long, straight black hair usually in a bun. She's very competitive.

    Rudi Desai: a short half-elf male with light brown skin and wavy black hair. He's a senior at the academy and a Prefect.

    Taina: half-orc female. Freshman. Taina is tall and muscular. She has dark green skin, black hair, and black eyes. Friends with Feilim.
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    Aadrika Dara: Teaches Your Eidolon and You. Aadrika is a slender halfling with light brown skin, white hair, and thick spectacles.

    Chikere Idowu: Teaches Magical Zoology. Idowu is a short, muscular human man with large muscles. He has dark brown skin and a bald head. A very cheerful man.

    Connor Ainsley: Teaches Introduction to Scribing. Also in charge of discipline for first years. Ainsley is a tall half-elf with sandy blond hair and a short beard and mustache. Often found reading behind his desk.

    Eno Duerr: Teaches Magical Combat. Duerr is a huge half orc, about seven and a half feet tall. He has paper white skin and pale eyes, like many orcs and half orcs from the far south.

    Godavari Bhatt: Teaches Magical Botany. Bhatt is a short elderly human woman with wrinkly brown skin and long black hair. She's quite stern, but fair.

    Ms. Fenella: School Nurse. Fenella is a plump halfling woman with curly red hair. She looks middle aged.

    Mrs. Huynh: School Librarian. Huynh is a short human woman from Sai. She has shiny black hair and black eyes. She is very protective of the library.

    Mr. Myrtle: One of the school cooks. A short, stocky human man.

    Ms. Pines: One of the school cooks. A tall, slender human woman.

    Mr. Popov: One of the school's security guards. A burly orc man about six and a half feet tall. He won't let anybody into the school unless he recognizes them and they show their Laghara Academy medallion. He seems to have some sort of quarrel with an arugula farmer named Mr. Barsu.

    Mrigankmouli Mukhopadhyaya: Teaches Magical History and Theory, as well as Perfecting General Spellcraft. Mukhopadhyaya is a slightly taller than average gnome. He has light brown skin and black hair. He has a short, neatly groomed beard and twirled mustache. Quite stern and serious, especially for a gnome.

    Terrwyn Tok: Teaches Natural Studies. Tok is a wiry old human man. He has deeply tanned skin. His unkempt hair and beard are grey with streaks of brown.
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    Mayor Chabra: Mayor of R.R.V. Chabra is a tall, portly human man who looks to be in his late fifties or early sixties. He's bald, but has bushy eyebrows and a walrus-like mustache.

    Mr. Hari: Owner of Hari's Haberdashery. Slightly eccentric. Hari is a portly and very fluffy ginger catfolk man.

    Grandmama Marchesis: Marcello's grandmother. Grumbles about his dice games a lot. Grandmama is a tall, thin old human woman with grey hair and grey eyes. She lives at 78 Sickle Street with her grandson, Marcello.

    Marcello Marchesis: Runs a dice game in the back room at a tavern called the Tortoise Shell. Marcello is a short, muscular human with pale skin, long black hair, and green eyes. He lives at 78 Sickle Street with his grandmother.

    Orphan Boy: Name yet unknown. Orphan. Brazen thief, liar, has a bit of a potty mouth. Can be persuaded to give helpful information, in return for favors and/or money. He's a young human boy who looks to be 10 or 11, with shaggy black hair and dark brown eyes.

    Doctor Peplum: Potion Maker and owner of Peplum's Proper Potions. Her shop was burnt down by an angry halfling robber, which irritates her. Peplum is a stern, serious human woman. She's tall and spindly, with dark hair usually pulled back in a tight bun.
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    Default Others

    Ogwopocroooooak: female grippli. Ogwopocroooooak is damp and green and just a little taller than her little brother, Crokoglup. She is running for mayor in her home town of Riverbend. She's engaged to Riiiiiiibirii.

    Riiiiiiibirii: male grippli. Riiiiiiibirii is short, with slimy electric-blue skin. He works at East Riverbend Bank, which is owned by his father. He is currently missing, being held for a ransom of 15,000gp.


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