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Thread: Common Room (OOC chat)

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    Is the vegetation on the Topiary native to Punari?

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    Possibly. If you make a Knowledge: Nature check we'll see whether you know any specifics.

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    Frank the Living Topiary, I love it

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    Sorry, Agwe. Frank is off exploring greener pastures. And forests and gardens and mountains and jungles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eightninetenor View Post
    Would Lialda notice Vulwin in the library?
    If he isn't making any attempt to hide himself, sure.

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    My bad! I'll post right away!

    “Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right."

    —The law of Badger Lords”
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    Lialda is nothing if not persistent, Xubrai

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    Oh, I just went through all the posts again and saw that Irfan said he's resting. So I'll just post an update now and if he decides to do stuff besides resting later then I'll just post a separate update for him.

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    I kind of want to cry.

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