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Thread: Chapter 9 On the Road Again

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    Getting some early morning shopping in, several of the company members stock up on rations and Terri buys a bunch gear for the journey ahead, including a cart so she doesn't have to walk the entire distance--a very smart idea. During this time, Axar heads over to the paddocks to see why Jeremy's old guards abandoned him. He finds Samus yelling at the guards to wake up and is very upset at the fact that all of them are hungover from last nights drinking and the caravan will be leaving late because of it. In no mood to be bothered, Samus waves off Axar, telling him he's in no mood to talk, and then goes back to yelling at the guards.

    In the meantime, Hildegard casts Detect Magic in the privacy of her own room on the water globe Johnny had given her and she does not detect any magic emanating from it. Since it was time to go, everyone gathered together as their new employer, Jeremy Goodwick, rode up with two pack horses in tow. On one was all his travel gear. On the other was a strongbox covered in a canvas tarp, but you would estimate it's size at about 1' x 1' x 2'. Joined by the last of the group, Terri rides up on her cart--her early morning ride around the area provided only one instance of Thieves Cant and it stated in no uncertain terms, 'Thieves will be hanged'.

    As the rest of the caravans set out, the company followed behind in their midst. There were strength in numbers and even though it was early in the season, the caravan leaders were wary of attacks from the nearby forest to the north--although the Skain came out mostly at night, mostly. The travel was as it was before. Every half days ride there was a little rest stop where most that traveled on foot would reach at the end of the day. Setting up camp and making the guard schedule was primarily left up to the group, Jer had enough trouble just trying to get up his own tent, his wood stove and cooking his own meal. That first night passed peacefully, and so did too the rest of the week.

    As they neared Stormgate, far off in the distance near the cliffs to the south, a tall lone white tower stood--the Order of the Grey Seers. To the north the beginning of the peat bogs--the moors, began and would span an entire days travel until the group reached Stormgate. It was as the group expected in their minds eye--bleak and austere. The group entered as Jeremy lead the way, traveling through the very wide and organized streets of Stormgate was much different then the narrow and serpentine streets of Jasrel. Terri had no trouble taking her cart were it needed to go and she was not at all exhausted like many in the company after a long week of walking.

    Reaching the residence in question, Jeremy knocked on the door and was soon greeted by an old man very familiar looking to the Moonlit Swords--Magister Albright. "Good evening Master Alistair, tis' I, Jeremy Goodwick, fourth son of Sir Goodwick, on mission to deliver this strongbox from my father to you, sir." Alistair raised an eyebrow, but nonetheless invited everyone in. He didn't seem to acknowledge the company, but he never really did in the past either. Bringing in the strongbox, Jeremy set it down where Alistair motioned him to and then offered the key to him. Alistair opened the strongbox to find only a sealed letter in it. Taking the letter, he broke the seal and the words began to form on the page. As he read it to himself, he turned away from the group and stepped a few paces away. Closing the letter, he looked back at the group, and then to Jeremy.

    His eyes squinted slightly and the mage turned and retrieved a pair of reading glasses from his desk, put them on and then looked at the group and at Jeremy again. His demeanor changed slightly as he asked the Moonlit Swords, "How did you meet this creature?" Magister Alistair pointed to Jeremy Goodwick.
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    Althir turned and studied Jeremy Goodwick trying to figure out what Alistair was talking about.

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    Jeremy looked perplexed, but nothing like a 'creature'.

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    Althir turned to Alistair, "What do you mean?" The fendari looked to see if he could see the note. The warlock wondered if somehow the words on the letter effected the old mage.

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    Alistair sighed, "I asked a simple enough question, how did you meet this, thing." Alistair pointed at Jeremy to accentuate the point that he meant Jeremy and no one else other than Jeremy.

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    "We met him at the Caravanserai," says Hildegard. "He appeared just when we needed a client. We wondered at the coincidence."

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    "What? What do you mean, thing?" Jeremy asked incredulously. "I'm Jeremy Goodwick, you know me Master Alistair! You came to our home this not so long ago looking for your missing son. I do not understand what is going on here."

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    Jade kept silent, analyzing their conversation. Tilting her head, she gazed at Master Alistair as he made his scornful statement. To the woman, she did feel along some of the others, a bit suspicious of the generous reward Jeremy offered for such a menial task. But she still kept a benefit of the doubt deep in her mind, and drew two possible conclusions to herself: the mage was either delusional, or not all was to be believed from Goodwick. Jade frowned slightly, contemplating something about what Goodwick had said in the past.

    "Hm... you seem to know something about our client we know not. I did find it a bit bemusing when he told you he was his father's fourth son, as in the past he has introduced himself to us as the third. But perhaps I am looking into that lone tidbit too much-- Master Alistair, would you care enlighten us?"
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    "So what type of creature is 'he' exactly?" asks Zavros.

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    Axar stared at Jade and looked perplexed. He said, "Nice catch on that one, lass."

    Axar thinks back about their meeting and reiterates what was already said, "We were introduced by Xavier at the tavern to him. He had lost his guards, and we lost our employer. Jade caught an interesting slip on his part though that will be hard to explain. I am one of fifteen siblings, but in my worst stupor, I have never forgotten whether I was older or younger than one of my kin."

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