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Thread: 5e Homebrew Class: The Outsider

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    Default 5e Homebrew Class: The Outsider

    Hello all,

    I would love some input on this homebrew class. Is it OP? Not good enough? Something missing?

    Please let me know.
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    First thing I spotted was a typo at Weapons: Simple wespons
    Found multiple typos further in the sheet.

    Going over it (with as little knowledge that I have). It looks cool, but I think it's underwhelming. Besides Blink. Blink looks broken.

    Roleplay wise you can go far with it, but combat would be lackluster. Besides the walk in, stab, blink (rinse&repeat) every turn.

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    Thanks, Typing not my strong suit espiscally when the program doesn't have spell check

    Yeah, Think about blink it would definitly have to provoke an opportunity attack each time you try to blink away from an enemy. Also it would probably have to be an action then the bonecharm enhancement could make it a bonus instead.

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    Also looking back I've been trying to figure out how to add archtypes to this character class or just not do it that way.

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    Okay, I fixed the spelling errors and changed blink around as the class.

    I also changed this whole thing into an archtype of a rogue.
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    I can still see a few editorial errors that I can mark in the PDF and upload an annotated version for you.

    Tying the doppelganger ability uses to some secondary ability score instead of a static 1 or 3 times per short/long rest might be useful. Ideally, I would increase its utility somehow based on the bone charm and make it recharge on a long rest instead of having it recharge more easily but have limited function.

    The corruptions seem more penalizing than the benefits for agility/blink/doppelganger. However, there are some semantic errors in the description for Possession: "Your body will transport into theirs for 3 turns provided they make the save" should probably be: "Your spirit takes control of their body for 3 turns provided they fail the save" or something along those lines. Also, "at the end of the possession, you will be placed with 5th of the creature/being" should probably read "at the end of the possession, you will be placed within 5 feet of the creature/being".

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    Thanks for the input Sky. Yeah that would be great. I'll try to re-read everything, probably should bring it into a word file to edit rather than code.

    Makes sense for using a secondary ability score since I have it for some others as well, so probably CHA.

    What do you mean the corruptions seem more penalizing than the benefits? As in it wouldn't be worth it? That's a little bit of the point. It's only a 25% that you will get a corruption, and you can keep re-crafting if you have the materials too.

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    I think only some playtesting can address this concern.

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    I might bring it into my homebrew layer down the road as an npc


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