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Thread: OOC; discussion, planner, ect....

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    I will need a real map for this chase to play out... let me try to take a hack at it tomorrow, I have had a cold for the last two weeks, so I am feeling pretty sorry for himself

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    map is up! yall can go

    I will post a recruitment thread sometime this week

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    so I posted the map so you could tell me where you wanted to go alcazar. The "enemies" spot is merely where you last saw him. he only moved about 20 feet before jumping off the building

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    Now I see, so he had a head start, as if I hadn't moved for a turn, right. Why?

    I'd like to give him chase, please, taking the left corner, the one facing the waterfront.

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    no, he didn't have a head start. Last round you used your turn to kill the last of the door guards. he used his turn to try and escape. Now we are back at the top of the round which starts with you. I will post a modified map either tonight, or tomorrow, I am really busy with work right now and it sucking up a lot of time

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