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Thread: Ways to Create a Long Lasting Campaign

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    The beauty of PbP is that you can plan and react in "real time," so you don't have to plan out the next 3 days worth of party events. If you're playing live, it's good to plan one or two sessions ahead, but have some backup options prepared for when they inevitably go somewhere or do something you weren't "prepared" for.

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    Yeah, I think that not having rails is the best way to avoid both railroading and "going off the rails". That helps keep things interesting for both the players and the DM since that way you never really know what's going to happen either.

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    Recipe for a long-lasting game:

    1 - DM that is willing to put in a ridiculous amount of work
    3+ - Players that are willing to respect the ridiculous amount of work put in by the DM
    0 - Real Life surprises
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