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Thread: Chapter 8.8 Kinslayer

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    Zavros rolls his eyes at the whole spectacle. It brought way too much attention to the Company, and not necessarily in a good way. Aeleara was the quite the swordswoman and now Calaral would have to live with the shame of her defeat. If there was any silver lining to all of it at least the Moonlit Swords could get back to adventuring.
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    Althir seethed, "I should have stopped her, I didn't want to harm your sister. Now I see should have." The fendari nodded to Asher, "We were lucky you were close by." He helped Calaral to her feet. "Can you make it back to the caravan. We should further tend your wounds there."

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    Upon opening her eyes and seeing her friends' worried faces, Calaral seemed confused for a moment. Then she remembered what happened and weakly looked around as if to see if Aelaera was still around. Her eyes filled with tears again as she searched without success. "Ha..ha." it seemed as if the ranger had lost it and started laughing, but if turned into choked sobs. Calaral put one hand over her eyes to hide her tears. With effort, she said in between her sobs. "I...I'm..fine, just..need to.. sit sown."

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    "Not to sound like a wise-crack, but you are sitting down." Asher lifts up Calaral from laying down to bring her back up.

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    The crowd disperses after seeing the duel--which seems to be a common occurrence around here from what the bystanders seem to be chatting about, with strictly enforced rules about non-interference, none of which used to occur under Sakyn's ownership.

    Those members of the company present help Calaral back to the caravan to rest. Her wounds were healed, but the pain ran deep.

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