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Thread: Chapter 7 TURN

  1. Default Chapter 7 TURN

    1 Morning, Afternoon and Evening action for the current day.

    This will be your last night at the Fall Moon guild and I assume you'll be starting towards the caravanserai the next morning.

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    Morning: Go out to the town and buy a small empty book/journal and 1 Potion of Healing.

    Afternoon: Study the map as much as she can, taking notes in her journal on any information regarding Azragha and other islands makred on it.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollStudy - (1D20) [12]

    Evening: Listen for rumors regarding the murder, which the victim's brain was sucked out.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollListen for rumors - (1D20) [4]

    OOC: Didn't know what to roll for the actions.

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    1.) Head back to the caravans and set up a contract for the Company to guard a caravan heading to the caravanserai leaving hopefully tomorrow.

    2.) Zavros takes the contract to Stormgate.


    1.) Find a reputable appraiser for the bottle of wine and the corkscrew. I will need the price first before deciding if I follow through.
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    Morning: Go to the pawn shop to enquire about the sale of the book
    Afternoon: Shopping for rations
    Evening: will stay in. Probably be the last decent bed and meal that will be enjoyed for awhile.

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    1) Buy 10 days of rations 5 gp
    2) Check on the warhorse and gear. Pay stabling fees and letting them know that Rhenger will be leaving tomorrow.


    1) Meet with the Moonlit Swords for lunch
    2) Spar/Train with Albus


    1) rest and prepare to depart the next morning.

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    Morning and afternoon. Basically until Shandy's opens.

    Head back to the Edge. He's looking for any info he can find on either the inky (Preferrably) or possibly the brain-sucking murder if he happens to stumble on it.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinvestigation - (d20) (11) [11]

    Spend the night at Shandy's, hoping to spend time with Gella. He'll gamble 5 more gold and drink. If he happens to hear any rumors about the above 2 topics, so be it, but his focus is on a certain dwarro woman.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollgambling - (d20) (17) [17]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinvestgation - (d20) (9) [9]

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    Actions: Help with the map if others are working on it. If not I will be in my shop jewel making.

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    - Cast detect magic on signet ring
    - Visit to kin, fishermen and even one of the crews of the church of Ceara's ship to find a decent crew, one that is looking for an able hand, interviewing them for Gallie and with Gallie.
    - Goal is a home and role, with responsibilities for Gallie

    - Hildegard remains at the waterfront
    - She finds a crew needing guidance with boat repair, sail mending or other such labor and provides it,
    - She finds a poor and pregnant fishwife (or equally sympathetic) and buys from her at a generous price, enough to make a difference (1gp? 2gp?) -- the food will be for the party that evening, their last in Jasrel, shared with the cook and the guild (if those in authority agree, and if not, then she buys it for a group that will have it)
    - she helps any that need spare the dying, healing word or cure wounds

    - detect magic, meditation and contemplative study with and of the water sphere gift
    - join Calaral listening for rumors -- this story reminds Hildegard of something dread

    Morning - Detect Magic, investigation, insight and persuasion
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinvestigation+guidance - (d20+d4+3) (20) (3) [26]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinsight+guidance - (d20+d4+5) (20) (4) [29]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollpersuasion+guidance - (d20+d4+3) (14) (4) [21]

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinsight+guidance - (d20+d4+5) (20) (3) [28] to make wise choices

    rumor investigation with Calaral
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinvestigation+guidance - (d20+d4+3) (19) (3) [25]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollinsight+guidance - (d20+d4+5) (1) (4) [10]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollpersuasion+guidance - (d20+d4+3) (18) (4) [25]

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    Spend her last performances in a town square, preferably in a serene/calm/naturalistic environment. If spoken to, socialize as well for intrigue or gossip.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerformance - (d20+3) (10) [13]

    Rest up for the next morning.
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    Morning: Join Terri and Gerald taking care of the sale of the book.

    Afternoon: meditation after the trying morning. If Terri wants to learn the techniques he'll be in the courtyard near the tree.

    Evening: Study evocations.

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