A while back I started a campaign based around the idea that the player characters are all Demigods who are also half-dragons. I created some homebrew rules that basically deal with how to determine racial characteristics for such characters.

Here is the link to a Google Drive folder that has four documents: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw...mIyZzlVQm1JUmM

One of the documents describes the typical process of character creation. It is not changed since the time I used it for my recruitment post here, so that is the context for some of the TTW specific instructions in there.

Another describes Gods, that determines extra powers that the character has.

A third document details the different dragons (Metallic) and their breath weapon types, damage resistance, etc.

Finally, a fourth document presents mutations, which is a replacement for some of the other types of abilities that a race provides. These are a combination of homebrew abilities as well as existing racial abilities (such as darkvision and relentless endurance) that the players can mix and match from.

Just sharing this here in case it is useful in any way, shape, or form to someone.