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Thread: [5e] The Lost Fort

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    The forum is requested and I'm ready to start whenever it is created.

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    Great news, Ican!

    Excellent idea, Saryn!

    Mariusz & Elizabeth:
    Mariusz is delighted with Elizabeth! He would pepper her with questions first and as he got to know her he managed to phrase his ideas more carefully, in that he doesn't wish to waste anyone's time. Probably the teacher in Elizabeth would approach him if it is evident he is struggling with a spellbook, a help he is grateful for. Mariusz &

    Mariusz & Briar:
    Has Briar told anything at all about her incursions to the Underdark? If so, he'd share his father's anecdotes on an old adventure involving mindflayers and duergar. He tries and believes to be failing at storytelling. They could both have a morning training routine together.

    Mariusz & Orlan:
    He doesn't fully trust his reserve, but he'd give him the benefit of the doubt. He wonders out loud within Orlan's earshot how a fighter like himself could defeat in combat a rogue's subtler arts. He doesn't even attempt to mask his fear of a non-glorious death, being stabbed in his sleep being one such death.


    The Pudzianowskis

    Pudzianowski - Father. Class: Fighter, Champion Archetype

    He once one-shot a tyrant's pet bulette while drunk. He doesn't remember the incident but a large audience provided the details. The townspeople overthrew the bad guy as he lay passed out among the monster's entrails. He had a shield made out of the monster's head and gifted it to a giantess, who is still his friend, and former lover (don't ask).

    Pudzianowski - Elder Brother. Class: Fighter, Battle Master Archetype. Level 2 Bard as well.

    Military genius and high commander of an army of the DM's discretion. At the prospect of a siege to a wooden fort at his charge, an enemy wizard cast some rot spell on all supplies before the attacking army arrived. Sergiusz flung open the gates and ask every soldier and peasant to hide. When the enemy was at the gates, only Sergiusz was to be seen, playing the bagpipes like there's no tomorrow. Sensing a trap the enemy fled. Epic bluff. Also, once he headbutted a cow. Currently single.

    Pudzianowski - Elder sister. Class: Paladin

    There's a beholder who fears her enough to respect her a bit. She occasionally shows up at his place asking for money like a mobster. The beholder complies and their deal is a very well-kept secret. Married a half-orc barbarian after kidnapping and converting him. He was in awe and still is. She plans to marry again, but she's not sure what her family thinks of her reverse harem ideas (they are kinda cool with it, though).

    Luidvika Savickas - Mother. Class: Paladin

    Chopped off some green dragon's balls. It wasn't on purpose, it just kinda happened in the heat of the battle. His longest and most difficult quest involved restoring said dragon's manhood. She was pregnant of Bogumila for a portion of it.

    Žydrūnas Savickas - Uncle. Class: Warlock


    Still adventuring, probably. Sold his soul to different fiends that are currently fighting each other to claim it: it's been a twenty year stalemate. Married to one of those fiends.
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    Time's up. Gotta close this one. When the forum request is granted you can PM the players the info.

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