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    “The Old republic was tainted and corrupt, citizens have the right to demand a modicum of decency from Leaders. Politicians were questioning a high-risk, strategic attack, and being so petty about its veracity. Proof! Proof! Proof! They cry. The only ‘proof’ needed is the uniform. Soldiers don’t need to lie. Politicians do. Soldiers don’t need to question. Politicians do. Soldiers don’t run away. Politicians do.” As Dovamyr kicks a rock off into the distance as he continues to speak to his self. “How dare anybody demoralize those who lay down their lives defending all of us? Soldiers don’t indulge in chest-thumping. Politicians do. Soldiers don’t break their word. Politicians do. And there are a bunch of losers Politician talking big, ohh we well will make the galaxy better, we will just go back to the old ways doing things. Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupt absolutely.”
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    Jannis, Kel, Tomla and tyuk stand by the now open building door. The Trandoshan peers into the darkness and shoulders his vibro-axe with a double grip. "Let's move this tea party inside. We don't know for sure that it's secure."

    Jackson and Tivia begin with the easier repairs while still keeping a ear out for some of the conversation outside of the ship. Tracing the wiring and patching connections severed by rodents. The rest of the group maintain security and continue talking through their situation.

    The still of night is broken by sonic roars of spaceships, very close, and the sounds of laser fire followed by a concussive explosion.

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    Tomla reaches out with her senses, attempting to perceive potential threats.

    Take 10 for a total of 18 if possible. If not:
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    She is confident that there are no immediate threats from the building.

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    "Pay no heed to the battle; I sense we are not in immediate danger. What can I do to help? I am not particularly good with machines, but I can assist however I can. I'm very well-versed in biological sciences, if you have any need of that."

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    Tak comes barreling out of the halls of the spaceport, doubling back from his short incursion deeper inside the structure. "What the devil was that?" he shouts, once seeing that their new ship has not been exploded. "I felt a boom."

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    Osuin replies, "Probably not the locals, most of our shoot outs are speeder based. Mys guess is the Imperial Ranger locked on to a smuggler and shot him down, but I don't know. Let's step out and take a look." He yawns, "and it's late, we better decide how we can shelter and get some sleep."

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    Dovamyr continued his secuirty patrols when he heard the sonic roars of spaceships, very close, and the sounds of laser fire followed by a concussive explosion. He quickly getting out his macrobinoculars and looks in the direction.
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