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Thread: 1.4 Refuge and Assessment

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    Dovamyr looks at them then says. "They are only small fries, plus the bounty on any Jedi head normally diters them from showing their power or the lightsaber openly." Dovamyr switches back to scanning the surroundings. "People also have not forgotten how the Jedi thought they where above the law, No matter a learner or Master, the civilian population would turn them in and collect the bounty and more so here, I believe on this planet." and Dovamyr turned on more time toward the group. " If you are wondering how i know these thing, you must have not been paying much attention." as he pull out his Imperial dog-tags that are wrapped around his neck and looped at the end is a small ring of 4 other blacken dog-tags representing dead soldiers. "I am no longer with the Empire, but we are not all bad guys, just like the Jedi were not all good." and walks away to continue his security check.

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    "Jeeedi... I do not know this word. What is it?"

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    Jackson doesn't buy Dovamyr's excuse to qualify his being one of the good Imperial agents. Service in the power of evil is still evil. Jedi were the good guys, and those that didn't believe that, they were usually on the receiving end of justice. "I'm still in, as I don't believe in the opinion of a former empire servant."

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    "As for the Empire carting me away, I have a very good sense of whether or not those around me mean me harm. I am not as lackadaisical with my abilities as you may think. I merely sensed those around me could be trusted. Besides, Ithor is a remote world, barely touched by Imperial influence."

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    "Well we are not on Ithor and as you can see there is a battle happening above us. So I would suggest that after this we keep the Jedi talk to ourselves because we will have no clue who means to do Jedi's harm outside of this building".

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    Jannis does not concern himself with Dovamir and Nata across the hanger from where those interested in the Force are in whispered conversation. He does not concern himself with the display of the lightsaber. If was done in the open outside before he did so. He is concerned by Kel's presence and so attempts to clarify it, "I take it from your continued presence that you want to learn about the Jedi and the Force? Otherwise you would have left when given the opportunity to do so just now."

    It is more of a statement than a question, but Jannis looks at Kel as if he is to answer. Once Kel responds, Jannis continues, "I agree with the need for discretion and secrecy. For 1000 generations, the Order persisted until the last two saw its end. We can talk further of the 10,000 that were last and whether the Order itself has lost its way later. It is enough for now that we have found each other and agree to share what we know. As for the battle and our fellows, we cannot change the past and must live in the today... The sooner we supply and fix the ship the sooner they will leave and those who wish to remain can search for the Church..."

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    Tivia who is still focused on the ship looks threw the ship and start to fix the few things she can while the others are out savaging
    (take 10 + 6 so 16)

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    Jackson gives Jannis the thumbs up, "Sounds good to me, I'll help with repairs on the ship and I do intend on staying to search for that Church, I think it's the reason why I felt this was the place to come too." Jackson then returns to fixing the ship, hoping that the rest actually will stay and help them find the Church of the Force.

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    “The Old republic was tainted and corrupt, citizens have the right to demand a modicum of decency from Leaders. Politicians were questioning a high-risk, strategic attack, and being so petty about its veracity. Proof! Proof! Proof! They cry. The only ‘proof’ needed is the uniform. Soldiers don’t need to lie. Politicians do. Soldiers don’t need to question. Politicians do. Soldiers don’t run away. Politicians do.” As Dovamyr kicks a rock off into the distance as he continues to speak to his self. “How dare anybody demoralize those who lay down their lives defending all of us? Soldiers don’t indulge in chest-thumping. Politicians do. Soldiers don’t break their word. Politicians do. And there are a bunch of losers Politician talking big, ohh we well will make the galaxy better, we will just go back to the old ways doing things. Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupt absolutely.”
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    Jannis, Kel, Tomla and tyuk stand by the now open building door. The Trandoshan peers into the darkness and shoulders his vibro-axe with a double grip. "Let's move this tea party inside. We don't know for sure that it's secure."

    Jackson and Tivia begin with the easier repairs while still keeping a ear out for some of the conversation outside of the ship. Tracing the wiring and patching connections severed by rodents. The rest of the group maintain security and continue talking through their situation.

    The still of night is broken by sonic roars of spaceships, very close, and the sounds of laser fire followed by a concussive explosion.

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