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Thread: Chapter 2 Combat 2

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    The enormous creature lumbers toward the source of its pain, dropping the animals it's eating to the ground with a thud. Its skin is falling off in a number of places, and its jaw hangs open unnaturally far. A wave of stench rolls out toward the party.

    Mara is up!

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    When Avery runs forward and hurl his bolt of flames, Mara grasp her medallion hanging around her neck "Dear Mother, one of my companions have run closer to this unnatural monstrosity of death. Please, would you protect him from harm.". Suddenly a shimmering field of warm light appear around Avery.

    (Avery is granted +2 to AC as long as Mara hold her concentration, or for 10 minutes)

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    Avery nods thankfully back at Mara as he feels the divine warmth suffuse him.

    Pavel and Maramil are up

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    Pavel hopes the the giant hasn't developed resistance to the cold, due to the environment here, and cast ray of frost against him.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollAttack roll - (1d20+5) (6) [11]
    if it hits Authentic Forum Dice-rollCold damage - (1d8) (8) [8] the giant's speed is also reduced by 10 feet until Pavel's next turn.

    After the attack, Pavel puts some distance between him and the giant. He runs away from him at using his full movement..

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    Pavel's ray hits the giant dead on, slowing it down a great deal.

    Maramil's up!

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    Maramil is going to manuever around, looking for a decent sniping spot.

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    While Maramil can get a clear shot to the giant from anywhere, perhaps the safest sniping spot is either behind one of the trees or on top of the small hill the giant was previously standing in.

    (I'll post for the NPCs soon)

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    Maramil will be headed for one of the trees.

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    As the invisible Maramil heads behind one of the stunted trees, Siegfried redirects his song toward Pavel, providing the wizard with inspiration.

    Solario launches an arrow at the creature:
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollattack - (1d20+6) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (1d8+4) [12]

    And Avery moves forward slightly, casting the cantrip "mold earth", causing the ground to buck up a few feet in front of the giant and making it difficult to move over (1 square becomes difficult terrain)

    The giant continues forward, but the difficult terrain in his path keeps him from reaching the party this turn.

    Mara is up. Her holy symbol grows hotter the closer she is to the zombie giant.
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    (Reminder that Mara is up!)

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