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Thread: Pathfinder Game Seeking New Players

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    I am looking to recruit 1-2 new players for an ongoing pathfinder campaign. I am a GM with nearly 30 years experience and have recently started moving my games online.

    I currently use D20 pro for the online battle grid and skype (although I am looking at discord as an alternative option)
    The game is played on a Wednesday evening GMT 19:00 (currently +1 to DST) and is run weekly.
    The session runs for 4 hours until 23:00 GMT

    I currently use Herolab for character generation but this is not a requirement.

    I use a couple of house rules which are briefly described below:-

    Teleportation spells are slightly more risky spell description amended

    Create Undead spells require a book of necrology and the spells to create undead work slightly differently
    Haste spells only affect single target
    I use a modified XP system of award to take into account roleplaying, ideas and important skill checks
    Starting characters are not allowed to reduce statistics below their base value (20 pt build, increases only)

    All core pathfinder source books are utilised either fully or partially. I am running the Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign Path and require players who are willing to commit long term.

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    Im interested

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    Excellent, I am running Curse of the Crimson Throne Campaign path and we are just about to begin chapter 2. The 1st chapter ended with a TPK (1st one in years) so new characters have been designed starting mid way through 4th level. The current party consists of a Human Swasbuckler, Human (Varisian) Cleric and an Elven Wizard (Conjuration). Party balance is important so a Rogue or utility character would probably be the best way forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingDraco View Post
    Im interested

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    If you are still interested, pm me and I will give some more info

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    Hello, perhaps a Gun Toting Alchemist would be on order. I just so happen to know one!!
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