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Thread: 1.0 Spice Day

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    "Who else travels this way? I don't want to be boxed in." says Dovamyr.

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    Nitko answers, "Let's go get the water from the cave. It's good." He looks to Dovamyr, but doesn't seem to be able to answer.

    OOC: The steps are single file through the rocks, then widen to a trail that slopes downward for about 100' then twists out of view. Please submit one turn to begin advancing down the trail that establishes order of travel and any prepared actions/contingencies.


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    Jannis pauses from stripping useful items from the truck to add, "More water would be good to obtain, can fill the bottles up. I almost have the tarp off but haven't heard if anyone thinks we need the fuel cell from the truck. May need it to jump start any ship we find."

    Jannis will hang back in the marching order, with his ion pistol pulled just in case.
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    Nata will file in toward the back of the line as her only ranged weapon is a sniper rifle. She's going to let one other person stay behind her, though, in case of ambush.

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    "Alright, Nikto" Tak says, making his way toward the alien's side, "You go first. We'll be right behind you." His blaster is still at the ready, and he keeps himself one arm's length behind Nikto. He'll want to be close enough to make the killing easy, but far enough that he doesn't actually get to meet an Uthuthma.

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    Tyuk will follow closely behind Nikto, as close to the front as he is allowed. No use carrying a hand weapon if you were in the back.
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    Jackson gets in the queue, blaster ready.

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    Dovamyr falls in behind nata to protect the rear.

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