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Thread: Chapter 2: Darkness within Darkness

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    Yes, Kimber disengages.

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    As all of you decide to retreat, Bilgim is the only one left in the area.

    The hag turned into a crocodile lunges at him, trying to get him to lose concentration over his spell on the mother hag.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollBite vs Bilgim - (1d20+8) (3) [11] Authentic Forum Dice-rollDamage - (3d10+5) (2, 7, 9) [23]

    If hit, Bilgim is also grappled. Escape DC 16 (Athletics/Acrobatics check made as a standard action during his turn)

    The other hag cackles with laughter, "First they come and then they run... how funny", as she descends the stairs and her fingers crackle with arcane energy and she unleashes a barrage of magic missiles at Bilgim.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollMagic Missile vs Bilgim - (3d4+3) (3, 3, 4) [13]

    The mother hag tries to break free of Bilgim's spell... and succeeds. She is still prone, however.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollWis save - (2d20b1+2) (14, 13) [16]

    New Round
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    Default Chapter 2: Darkness within Darkness

    Luth death save Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20) [16]
    Luth has reached three successful death saves and has stabilized.
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    Although visible and elderly Gnome, Bilgim manages to move out of the way, just before the transformed Hag hits him with her bite attack. He then once more cast a Shield spell with a quick hand gesture, showing his palm, as if stopping the incoming missiles form the second Hag with his hand.

    Bilgim then looks for the others. seeing that they have escaped Bilgim Shouts out a few fey-like words and disappears only leaving behind a silvery mist. Bilgim reappears 30 feet down the stairs, and runs away towards the others. (The Misty step is a bonus spell, so I can make a double move right?)

    Bilgim seems mentally tired, as if almost out of magical energy. "This was most interesting, a bit to close for my taste, but most interesting." Bilgim says as he runs.
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    Seeing Bilgim coming through the door, Dekko moves out, picking up Luth to carry him in to town. (Presuming Luth has not woken up after stabilizing)
    "I need to see about silvering my weapon...or perhaps having it blessed..."

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    Luth will wake up on his own after Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d4) (3) [3] hours.

    Since dash takes a bonus action as well, Bilgim can move a total distance of 55 feet this round (30 from the misty step and 25 normally).

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    Default Chapter 2: Darkness within Darkness

    Luth groans piteously. These last 6 seconds have felt like eternity in is catatonic state.

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    As you retreat, the hags chase after you. They are definitely all set to cast a slew of destructive spells at you but before they can do that a few ravens attack the mother hag who comes down to the door. They completely block the hag's vision. A raven flies straight at you and turns into a young man, who you recognize as having seen at the Blue Water inn, and says, "Hurry! We can't hold them off for long. Run!"

    You make your retreat downhill and the ravens are injured heavily by the hags' magic missiles, one of them falls dead to the ground immediately. The other ravens retreat and you pray that the witches don't give chase this far out. You look over your shoulder tentatively and don't see anyone chasing you, but the young man who is running with you urges you to not stop till you are clear of this area. You don't stop until you are forced to do so as eventually, even Dekko runs out of breath carrying the heavily armored Aasimaar.

    We're out of initiative.

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    Setting Luth's body down as lightly as possible while exhausted, Dekko pants with a tinge of anger in his voice.
    "That...was more...than I....expected."
    He collapses on the ground, not unconscious, but no longer able to stand on his own feet. Having the safety of distance, he looks to his fallen ally and begins rummaging thorough his pack. After a minute or so he pulls an herbal kit and his flask of water out, and begins going through his herbs mixing up something to help rouse Luth back to wakefulness.

    ((I figure, using the herbalism kit allows me the ability to make a mild medicine. I'm only looking to put together something to get Luth a couple HP...enough to wake back up. If that's okay, my roll is Authentic Forum Dice-roll(1d20+3) [20] ))

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    It takes Dekko some time but he is able to put something together from memory from the time he spent with the tribe shaman's son. It has just enough punch to wake Luth up immediately.

    Luth gets 1 HP.

    The young man says, "We should not linger. Let's get you back to the inn first. At least there are walls."
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