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Thread: Chapter 2: Darkness within Darkness

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    Taking opportunity to search, moving along the walls clockwise. Opening crates as I can.
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll"Investigate" - (1d20+1) [7]
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll"Str, for opening crates" - (1d20+2) [14]

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    There is no AoO since the turned undead do not get reactions. Turn Undead is powerful against undead.

    Dekko works quickly to open and thoroughly search one crate, but does not find any relics inside.

    The undead cower and run away from Luth, backing into corners and preparing to defend themselves as the angel glows with divine radiance.

    Salend can act.
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    Salend grabs her lantern from her pack and lights it to illuminate the room and looks for anything noteworthy.

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    This room is a kitchen area that hasn't seen much use recently. There are provisions and cupboards and a central dining table. Salend does a quick search but a more thorough search of all the cupboards is going to take more time.

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    The undead keep cowering under the divine pressure exerted by Luth's form.

    Luth can act.

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