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Thread: Games where threads are hidden from certain players?

  1. Question Games where threads are hidden from certain players?

    Is it possible to run a PbP game here where I have a thread that can only be viewed by certain users? I'm planning on GMing a game where some players wont be able to know things that other players know. Yeah, I know I could do that through PMs, but because the way it's going to be, it'll be much much easier to do it in threads.

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    If my group splits up, I simple put headlines mentioning the names of PCs that should be reading this section on top. I leave it to my playes to decide if they want to know what the others do or want to only know what their character knows. Something it's best to just leave it to your players rather then trying to control everything as DM.

    Spoiler tags could also be used. Again, just rely on your players not cheating.

    If all else fails, here is a quote from the thread request guidelines:
    Also, a note on requesting additional subforums for your game - a game forum acts as the main forum for all of the game's threads. Yes, additional subforums may be requested, but it must be with very good reason. Here are some examples that are not good reasons:
    • I need a secluded, password protected place to do GM rolls. (Just do them in the main forum and don't label them, or use the Die Roller Testing Thread)
    • I need a place to post side quest missions where the characters can do their 'grinding' even as the main story continues on. (A thread for this is more than enough. After all, you can create as many threads as you want in your forum.)
    • I need separate subforums because I'm running the same game for more than one group. No passwords needed. (Then no separate subforums needed. If you're not trying to stop the groups from viewing each other's threads, then why do they need their own subforums?)
    • I need a forum for keeping all of the world info and lore and such. (Nope. Again, your main forum is fine for this.)

    Your reason should be more something like this:

    • I need two separate, password-protected places for two different parties of players who are playing the exact same game and it's actually important that they be unable to view each other's campaign activity.
    (important part underlined)
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    Currently there are only 3 main options I can recommend for your situation, and it kind of depends on exact details to select the best one in my opinion. We are looking into adding support for [Secret] functionality and the possibility of passwording threads instead of sub-forums. Neither of those are an option right now however. So back to your question, there's the option of using PMs you mentioned. There's the option of a sub-forum to seclude certain threads behind a password. Third option is the simply use spoiler tags with the person's name. This third option doesn't prevent other players from reading the spoiler if they choose, but it at least keeps them from accidentally reading it. It really depends on exactly what you are doing as to the best option in my opinion. There's details in the FAQ about using BB codes like the spoiler if you need more detailed directions on it. Hopefully we'll be able to offer some other options some time in the near future.
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    Thanks guys, I'll do the two sub-forum thing because "I need two separate, password-protected places for two different parties of players who are playing the exact same game and it's actually important that they be unable to view each other's campaign activity." is exactly what I'm going to do. PM's are doable, but I think they'd be too messy and difficult to keep up with. As far using spoilers and the honor system, that wouldn't work at all. I'm not worried too much about meta gaming, it's just the game itself hinges a lot on some players not knowing what other players know. If just one person peeks for the sake of cheating or griefing, game ruined.


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