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Thread: Chapter Four: "Destiny"

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    Shining a light on the giant bug, Johnny whistles as the full size becomes apparent, "Fin would have been sliced by it..."

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    "Good shooting!" Fox says. "But I don't need the torch. I don't need light, really, so you can keep it." She bends down and starts to examine the giant corpse, then exclaims in surprise.
    "Hey everyone. I might be able to get some of the bugs venom out. If we work a little bit, we might be able to turn it into something like morphine.....I think that's the right drug? But it should be useful it we want to trade. "

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    "Cool, let's not let that go to waste, but is there anything else here? Rather not have relative of Bugzilla show up unexpected..." Johnny replies.

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    Six stands frozen with her pistol still pointed at the giant bug for a while. She always has trouble with her nerves underground in the dark... She remembers days from her youth, competing with these kind of monstrosities for food.
    "Hey, there's good eating on those. Especially the legs. Come on, let's get it up top." She says, subtly taking the opportunity to leave the basement as she drags the thing behind her.
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    "Ok by me, but let's move out of the way first and check no friends of it are behind it before moving upstairs..." Johnny suggests.

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    Johnny shines the lamp around the basement and down the centipede tunnel...

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    Johnny's torch beam reveals a 15 foot tunnel that ends in a pile of rubble and dirt. It doesn't appear to lead anywhere and was most likely dug by the centipede as a hidey-hole so it could hide behind the staircase and ambush its prey.

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