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    Default DM Training and Support Area

    Note: I posted this in the 5e forum, but realized it is more appropriate to post it here. Sorry about the double post...

    One of the most common things I notice is that there are a lot of players here on TTW who are interested in DMing a game, but are concerned that they don't know how to do it or would want some additional support/help to get things off the ground. More DMs would mean more gaming opportunities and options, and really enhances the gaming experience for everyone...

    I am still poking around the site, but was wondering if there was a corner somewhere in the forum where users could post content to provide DM support or training? Has this been raised before? If not, would anyone else be interested in helping getting something like this off the ground?
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    I've only been into D&D since 4th edition (I barely knew it existed outside of games like Neverwinter Nights before then, or I might've gotten into it earlier), but I've played and DM'ed a decent bit since then, in person some in the past (with 4e) but within the last few years exclusively via PbP. I feel like I'm still growing both as a player and DM, but that I might be able to offer some insights to anyone who is seeking them out. There are tons of DM resources out there for people to use, but so few of them acknowledge and address the PbP style of play and its unique opportunities and challenges. I'd be willing to help with this.

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    We have some resources here on the site to help. We had a forum where some of us were running games for new players and helping users learn to DM. The general problem became keeping people involved. New players would get accepted into other games and just vanish. Currently we've closed that area off. Ultimately I'm certain there are plenty of DMs willing to help mentor new DMs. Those who want to learn just need to make a clear effort. There are several approaches I would recommend. First you could post something asking for help or advice from experienced DMs. Second you could post a game recruitment thread with clear notice that it's a learning game. This will probably both get you experienced players that can help you out and get you some experienced DMs willing to participate. Third if there's a DM whose style/game you've enjoyed, you could send him/her a PM asking for tips, tricks, or other help.
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    I would also suggest you start of with a pre created adventure. (This could be as little as some RP, then a dungeon, then some RP to close it off.(or continue from there)).
    This will give you the insight, if you like DMing. Before you start creating your whole homebrew world and then finding out you don't like DMing at all.

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    I figure that I'd drop by to say that this thread inspired me to do something about DM training.

    I've started a DM training campaign with a Legend of Zelda theme.

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    i have given some thought over the years to dm via pbp and have even tried my hand at it once several years ago. the problem i run in to is i have no idea how to design maps for the game in question. i know about several map building tools and programs and even tried a couple (map tools and roll20). however im not good with computer programs and it all looks like greek to me. anyone have any suggestions? thanks ttw!!

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