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Thread: Chapter 2 Combat 1

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    Maramil sends a mental command to Tim to find Maramil a good sniping/vantage position where he can attack the elf on the edge of their semi-circle arrangement. He then nods to Solario and Avery, say "Good luck," and casts Invisibility on himself. Then he moves as stealthily as possible to the northeast, moving towards the outside of the elven lines.((Heading basically towards the upper right corner of the map))

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    Tim points out the hill which currently constitutes the upper right corner of the map; I'll be expanding the map shortly btw, you're not confined to this area. No one at all can tell where Maramil's gone.

    Updated map is attached, Sieg and Mara are up
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    Hi Sieg and Mara, don't forget you're up! I'll be posting for Solario and Avery as soon as I figure out some things about sorcerers.

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    (I'll go ahead and do Solario)

    Solario turns to his companions, after wondering where exactly Maramil has gotten to. "I'm going to try and break their concentration if I can, those flaming spheres could destroy all of our provisions."

    He spends his round dashing forward, east by northeast toward the area between hills, and ends his round near the edge of the existing map.

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    (ok so I took a short summary list of the alchemist items that Siegfried found in the founders bedroom, and one of them is some kind of tongue potion that gives me advantage on decpetion and suggestion checks, with Siegfrieds disadvantage those should cancel out unless I'm forgetting a rule.)

    With haste Siegfried pulls out the potion and downs it whole, he will shout out loud and clear, he will also speak in Elven if you need to know.

    "To all my Elven brethren who can hear my words, I plead of you to listen to my offer of peace. Sheathe your weapons and dispell your magic before any more blood need be shed. These humans are victims of lies and deceit who have no wish to disrespect the peace between their and your kind. They have just this night been informed that they are not welcome here and have swiftly packed their most basic of belongings to leave this land and return to human territory. Take pity upon them as they are but simple townsfolk who wish for nothing more but to live a simple life with their children. You may have whatever fun you wish with the village itself, burn it to the ground, tear it apart for any resource you wish. I urge you to leave the humans alone so no further conflict between Human and Elven kind will arise. This day need not end in the loss of lives and instead it can end as a reminder that peace is possible between your kinds."

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    Avery is nodding along with Sieg's speech, but by the time the bard is done, Avery has gone still. "Sieg, I think I know who these elves might be...and if I'm right, there may be nothing you can say to convince them that living near humans is safe." Avery takes off north after Solario, lightning beginning to crackle in the sorcerer's fist.

    (Mara that leaves you and then we'll be back at the top of the round and I'll give us a map update! Avery and Solario have headed north, Maramil has disappeared, Pavel is still headed your way and cast a flaming sphere to use against the elves, and Sieg tried to make a persuasive speech but failed)

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    Walking calmly towards the approaching flaming spheres, she calls out loud and clear, also in elven (she reach a spot sort of between the invisible Maramil, and Pavel - not in Pavel's way though). She does not have a single weapon on her, not even a dagger. All she is wearing is her gleaming white chain shirt, her snow white robes, and her holy symbol on a leather cord around her neck. "Greetings my elven friends. I am the wandering healer Mara, Lady of Inanna, our Mother.- May I speak to your leader, please?". As always she has a warm, reassuring smile on her face.

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    (The elves will respond at their initiative)

    Pavel's up

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    Pavel continues his way towards the group, while he dismisses the light that he had casted. He, also, moves the flaming sphere another 30 ft. against the elves. At the end of his movement he calls to the settlers: "I doubt they will listen your reasoning. Better prepare for combat! Their kind sent me to deliver a warning about them and their hostile intentions.".

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    The elves make their way onto the map, no longer interested in hiding. They send their flaming spheres in another 30 feet, with the closest one now only about 60 feet away from the wagons and 30 feet away from Mara, Pavel, Avery, Solario, and Maramil. Siegfried remains out of their reach.

    Each elf attacks with a fire bolt spell as they move forward, each one fired off in perfect unison. The elves, who all look quite young, are dressed in white, but each of them has a large black broach closing their cloaks. (A good history check here might tell you more about them based on their clothing). They seem to be trying to tune out Mara's words, but at least one of them is affected.

    The guards form up to move forward, and it's Maramil's turn. No one has detected him.

    Elf 1 fires on Avery:
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt - (1d20+6) [15]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt damage - (1d10) [5]

    Elf 2 fires on Solario:
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt - (1d20+6) [14]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt damage - (1d10) [10]

    Elf 3 fires on Pavel:
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt - (1d20+6) [18]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt damage - (1d10) [5]

    Elf 4 fires on Pavel as well:
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt - (1d20+6) [25]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollFire Bolt damage - (1d10) [6]

    Elf 5 tries to fire on Mara, but closes his eyes in shame, unable to complete the cantrip.

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