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Thread: Chapter 4: A Promethean Task

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    Adrastos with his gaze still on the horizon, replies..
    "Adrastos.. son of Aratos.. son of Aristos. Captain of Sparta's Imperial Army."

    Not fancy of talking, but still, knowing too little about her & her friend the dwarf, that share their camp,
    he continues the conversation..
    "Weird group, i have to say.." he says and nods at her and the fast asleep Gnarl..
    "Are you betrothed?"

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    Xilona keeps her face set at the somewhat lengthy reply regarding his name.

    She's about to reply to the group dynamics, when the final question causes her to let out a snort of laughter. In a fit of giggles she manages to calm herself enough to reply. "To... him? Absolutely not! A half breed like me with a Dwarf? By the Lady of the Forest, could you imagine?" She giggles now, less than before. "I am most definitely not betrothed." She finally says, taking some breaths.

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    "So.. how did the two of you came to be together, exploring these wild parts of the world non the less? "
    Adrastos asks

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    "We both met through The Emerald Enclave [she gestures to her pin in the centre of her chest]. I was trained from a young age with my mother and my tribe who work for them too. I met him on our travels while he was doing his work for The Enclave. Through them, we worked together more and then news of this new land spread and we were tasked to come here together.
    The Enclave is interested in all the new species of flora and fauna here, and wants to make sure that the new settlers don't run rampant and trample and kill it all. They want us to find out everything we can about these new lands and protect them."
    She says with a smile.

    "How about yourselves?" She asks.

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    Adrastos lets Gian & Riglin share their story 1st (assuming their are there & still awake), as his story is too weird & unbelievable for this late hour..

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    You mean Sokaron, not Riglin.

    Gian tells of how he was recruited into the Emerald Enclave at an early age and it had become his second family. A home away from home. That is why he wants to prove himself to the faction and when the opportunity came up to visit the end of the world, he signed up immediately. He met Sokaron on the ship headed to the Foundlands and Adrastos stranded on an island along the way.

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    Sokaron adds in the bit on how they became initiated members of the Green Folk and about Yggdrasil, but leaves out any details of his origins.

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    Xilona nods along as she listens to the pair. She yawns as they finish, suddenly feeling the trek they took here.

    "It's been a pleasure gentlemen, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to give in and get some sleep. Wake me in a few hours?" She asks with a yawn.

    "Goodnight" she says with a sleepy smile. She curls up in her bed, Bellatrix shifting herself and sleeping on Xilona's feet.

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    Adrastos keeps his eyes on the horizon, eased at the fact that the fire camp has been reduced to.. ((OOC: can't find the word i'm looking for..
    how do we call the red hot wood, before it turns to charcoal or ash, that produces no flame, but still extremely hot? ))
    .. and can use the faint starlight to distinguish shapes in the dark.

    ((OOC: Assuming that nothing happens on his shift, and keeping an eye on Bellatrix, that as a beast, Adrastos' training lets him know, that
    her keen senses, even during her sleep, would warn him if he missed something.. ))

    ..Adrastos stands form the rock he was sitting on and stretches.
    He walks silently towards Xilona (( do you pronounce it "Zailona" or "Ksilona" ?? just for my theater of mind )) and kneels next to her.
    Under Bellatrix watchful eyes, who woke up at his approach, Adrastos shows her his empty hands while looking in the beast's eyes, and
    slowly places his hand on Xilona's shoulder, giving her a subtle nudge..

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    As Adrastos is waking Xilona, Bella's ears perk up. At first he thinks she's paying attention to him approaching her master, but then he realizes she's looking at the pit, and she is emitting a low growl. She moves to nudge Xilona as well.

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