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Thread: Chapter 4: A Promethean Task

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    Xilona frowns as she feels the subtle nudge on her shoulder. She seems slow to wake, but the more familiar nudge along with the growl from Bel makes her eyes dart open and she reaches for her bow lying next to her on instinct.

    She looks at Adrastos, then at Bel and then the direction her companion is looking at. Xil notches an arrow in her bow, directed at the pit.

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    Adrastos looks at Bell.. then at the pit.. then back at Bell.

    ((OOC: 1st i thought to approach the pit by myself to have a look while leaving Bel to wake up Xilona..
    then i thought that the proper way a soldier on lookout shift would react would be a call to arms..
    i almost sent that as an answer.. but then again..
    as a Spartan i'm trained in many kinds of tactics, including guerilla warfare, anorthodox tactics & infiltration..
    so, assuming that the elves' racial is very common knowledge, the helmet lets me know that Xilona would be able to have a much better look of what is there.. ))

    He puts his hand over Xilona's mouth to prevent the slightest noise and as she opens her eyes, he brings his finger to his lips gesturing for her to remain silent.
    He then lets her go and silently draws his freshly oiled sword and points at the pit.

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    ((OOC: Damn.. took me ages typing, deleting and retyping.. ))

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    Xilona nods and slowly rises to a crouch. She nods her head in the direction of the others and then slowly makes her way towards the pit to see what is down there.

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    Adrastos walks 5ft behind Xilona, who approaches the pit, ready to intervene if needed.
    As far for their sleeping friends, needed be, their are just a yell away from taking arms beside them.

    ((OOC: If anyone/thing,obviously hostile appears &/or attacks, Adrastos will move to intercept the hit,
    that being using his Protection feature or just by getting in the way of the hit & getting hit himself. ))

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