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Thread: Panic Station

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    Also if you have any unaddressed questions that you need answered in order to decide upon your action, feel free to bring them up again now and summarize what your current situation is as far as what you need to know or do so we can assist in getting that prioritized.

    I do apologize that I haven't made my full declaration yet, myself. I have been out of town and carelessly left my character sheet and references at home. ;_; I should have that rectified soon as I expect to be back home by Wednesday if not sooner.

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    Cool, looks like we're on-track to start smoothing things out! My plan for Rampart is to charge Joizy, but I don't want to do that until the Unknown Assailant is dead, so Rampart is delaying his actions to see if that comes about. Unfortunately, this still requires me to ask a question of Umi: I know you can't end your turn in someone else's square, but can Rampart end his move action in an ally's space and then charge to an unoccupied square? The fact that this is all difficult terrain makes it more complicated than usual.


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