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Thread: Hope of the Empire Chapter 2: The Hidden Blade

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    All that's available to eat at the barn is hard rolls with jam and honey; the food is being passed out by one of the farmers suffering the worst from the ailment that's been bothering the settlers.

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    Maramil grabs a couple of hard rolls and some jam and begins to munch on them as he wanders around taking a look at the preparations.

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    There are quite a few things going on, especially on the north end of town. The Cordonan ghost is wandering around asking everyone why they're packing, and where they think they're going, continuing to not realize that he's dead.

    Nearby, a couple of the single men are holding a service for one of their number, a former criminal who chose to take his life the previous night rather than face the penalties for his crimes back at Ft. Spire.

    A few hundred feet to the south, the woman who screamed at Maramil about plague the day before is now screaming at Clary about not being allowed to bring along some of her heavier personal items.

    On the opposite side of the barn, Hidalgo and other laborers are stripping wood off the barn and building rough sleds for pulling cargo.

    Several men and women remain on guard, patrolling the palisade and watching for elves on the horizon.

    Everywhere else, people are packing up boxes into sleds or stacking them up next to houses.

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    "Miss Hild, I believe there is still one group left for me to see to. Since everyone is packing for the big move, I think it might be best, considering the time limit, for me to aid those remaining and spread Mother's warmth for when everyone is ready to go. Would you mind gathering them up as we are all ready to go later? That would be lovely." Hearing her mention the food and supplies being gathered, Mara ask "How are your food stuffs? Are they in good condition? Nothing has had a tendency to spoil quickly, or anything like that?"

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    Hild smiles at the priestess. "I'll be certain to gather them up right before we go. And the only thing we've had trouble with spoiling are the potatoes--those get cold enough and they turn soft. Everything else is more likely to freeze than it is to spoil!"

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    "Who is heading the packing crew?" Avery asks, immediately knowing he and sled building would not be the most efficient pairing. To Maya and Siegfried he adds, "I can grab our equipment while I am out, if that is alright with you."

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    Maramil looks around for a quiet place where people aren't working on packing up where he could meditate on the new spells his Lady has seen fit to give him the knowledge of.

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    Still in a mild sleep deprived state Siegfried almost misses Avery's offer

    "Ah yes I would like to have my weapons back if possible, make sure to get permission from Faroe first, and don't push too much if they seem hesitant, we still have a ways to go before we are all safe and I don't want the villagers to have false suspicions of our intentions."

    Siegfried wanders down to the basement with the glyph, returning to it to see if it has in any way changed from the illustration he took of it, though it is a little hard for him to focus (just a ooc reminder Sieg copied the glyph on a piece of paper in case anyone forgot)
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    The glyph seems identical to what it was before.

    Maramil finds a spot in between an abandoned house and the western wall where no one will bother him.

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    Maramil sits down in the secluded spot, leaning against the abandoned house, and focuses his mind inward, going to that place where he meets his Lady.

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