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Thread: Total Conversion: Curse of Strahd 5e

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    Default Total Conversion: Curse of Strahd 5e

    Total Conversion: Curse of Strahd to Song of the Beast, an Over the Garden Wall-inspired 5e campaign

    Foreword/disclaimer: This is a Total Conversion of Curse of Strahd 5e to an Over the Garden Wall inspired story and setting. And a long-term Work in Progress that I'll be adding to whenever I get the chance (like on a typhoon day like today).

    If you've run Curse of Strahd 5e, whoohoo! You've already got a head start on running this (and I would be supremely grateful for any suggestion/advice on this conversion). If you've had any experience with modifying campaigns, knowledge of Over the Garden Wall, and/or interest in this, please feel free to contribute--I'll consider everything I can get.

    The idea is simple (though I imagine this process will be less so, ahaha): use the mechanics and set-up of Curse of Strahd to tell an Over the Garden Wall type story. Creatures and encounters and all will basically just have different flavor and maybe ability alterations--that kind of thing. The biggest changes will be to the overlying story.

    The process in general: I'll be starting in broad strokes and once I've got the whole skeleton down, go back and REALLY fill in the details with all the somewhat dark and whimsical magic of Over the Garden Wall.

    Why Over the Garden Wall: If you're not familiar, Over the Garden Wall is a one-season mini-series that ran on Cartoon Network. It combines the whimsy and darkness of American folk storytelling with the powerful ambiance of eternal fall (a metaphor for the stagnation and decay of the world under the Beast's reign of terror) and some very tongue-in-cheek humor delivered as fact.
    With October and the Halloween season coming up, how could I resist attempting this?

    Goal: If possible, to finish at least one iteration of the conversation by the end of August 2017. That way, if people want to run/play this, they could start with the onset of fall in September for max atmosphere. And, if they cut out all but the most essential, hopefully they could run it through September up to Halloween like a special seasonal one-shot.

    Cheers, everybody if you've read this far: And if you've got some input, anything at all related to: Curse of Strahd, adventure modifications, Over the Garden Wall, anything I've posted in this thread, feel free to give me your input. Apologies for the mess. I'll try to work out a clean and spiffy version once I've got enough material to work with.

    Input on this thread^^:
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    Under the gray sky of bleak storm clouds, pregnant with rain and murmuring in thunder without lightning, a lone figure stands silhouetted against a stone wall. The weathered yet rough stones stand only as high as his shoulder but form the barrier around the entire world of The Unknown. The Beast, as his denizens call him, stares with lidless eyes of bewitching light at his forest of Edelwood trees. A cool, crisp wind spins their fallen leaves about him, billowing his cloak as though inviting the leaves into his protection.

    Lightning flashes as white splotches in the clouds overhead but cannot pierce their smothering cover. The Beast tilts his antlered head to the sky, revealing the twisted faces and holes that stretch across his wood-like body. The toothless, tongueless hole forming his mouth contorts into a smile.

    The massive Edelwood trees tremble at the thunder's deepening rumble. The Beast shakes his head with a father's quiet laugh and sings his children back to sleep with an opera of the last travelers to join his forest. The next pilgrims have crossed into the Unknown, putting him into the mood to perform. The Beast adds a timbrous second voice to his opera from a face on the side of his side. With every gentle splash of lightning and chasing thunder, he adds another face, another voice, to his story.

    Welcome, welcome, my trees, my children

    Visual reference of the Beast:
    Song reference by the Beast:
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    Running the Adventure
    Total Conversation: Curse of Strahd presented here as a 5e adventure is for a party of four to six adventurers to take them from level 1 to 10. I'm not planning to have as many undead in this as the Source Material, so having spare Divine Casters is no longer so much of a necessity.

    This thread is meant for GMs and is not self-contained. You'll need access to the ORIGINAL CoS (for the maps), Player's Handbook, DM's Guide, and Monster Manual.

    There will be flavor text meant to be copy-pasted or, more likely, paraphrased when PCs first come to a location or under a specific circumstance. Indoor or nighttime descriptions are written under the assumption that the pcs are using a light source.

    Chap 1: Intro, starts below
    Chap 2: The Unknown, starts here:
    Chap 3: The Village of Adelaide, starts here:
    Chap 4: The Elder Edelwood, starts here:
    Chap 5: The Town of Tavern Town, starts here:
    Chap 6: The Old Grist Mill, starts here:
    Chap 7: Inn of Whispers, starts here:
    Chap 8: Pottsfield, starts here:
    Chap 9: Winter Road, starts here:
    Chap 10: The Overgrown Manor, starts here:
    Chap 11: The Schoolhouse, starts here:
    Chap 12: The Mulch Fields, starts here:
    Chap 13: Winter Place, starts here:
    Chap 14: The Seed Garden, starts here:
    Chap 15: The Landboat of Frogs, starts here:
    Epilogue, starts here:
    Appendix A: see Marks of Horror, below
    Appendix B: Black Turtle House, starts here:
    Appendix C: Treasures, starts here:
    Appendix D: NPCs and Monsters, starts here:
    Appendix E: Tarokka Deck*
    Appendix F: Handouts, starts here:

    *Appendix E does not appear in this total conversion because information about tarot is easily found online.
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    Story Overview
    PCs from our world (any decade/time period but recommended from the present to get the most out of the humor element) find themselves in the Unknown, a mysterious realm surrounded by a relatively short but impassible stone wall and in the thrall of the Beast, a twisted fey sentience. Using a deck of tarokka cards (any deck of playing cards or tarot cards but something fall-inspired like The Medieval Cat tarot recommended), a fortune-teller named Ms. Evangeline sets them on a dark course taking them to many corners of the Unknown and culminating in a Beast hunt.

    Ms. Evangeline's people are the Fungais, a tribe of Deep Gnomes that the Beast grew from the mulch of the Edelwood trees. They travel the Unknown in wooden wagons pulled by human-sized turkeys gathering anything they believe will enhance the mulch of the Fungai Fields.
    Visual reference of a turkey wagon:

    The Unknown is a land of fey, anthropomorphic animals, and eccentrics. The wilderness hides many secrets, including the story of the Beast as well as those of the souls he has collected and devoured. Though in shambles, PCs who explore the wilderness will find these sites not so much abandoned as repurposed.

    For the denizens of the Unknown, there is neither reprieve nor escape. Tavern Town stands forever on guard against the Beast and his servants, but it's not the sanctuary it purports to be. The village of Pottsfield lies near the edge of the Beast's domain, its pumpkin-headed residents under the...claw...of the CN cat Enoch.

    Of all the settlements in the Unknown, the village of Adelaide is by far the most oppressed. Many shops are closed and draped with multicolored threads, home only to many watchful birds. The Beast desires to add the burgomaster's adopted daughter, Irene Kole, to his forest. The villagers neither protect nor harm her, lest they incur the Beast's wrath and whimsy. Few know that Irene bears an uncanny resemblance to the only soul to escape the Beast.

    The village of Adelaide cowers in the shadow of the Elder Edelwood, the living tree the home and fortress of the Beast. The god tree of the forest sits atop a great spire of rock, its roots choking and crushing the stone with unchecked glee. Every night, thousands of sentient, formally-attired bats fly out of the Elder Edelwood to feed on the energy of those they trap and onto whom they force their conversation. None may walk safely at the night while the bats fly.

    Once the Beast becomes aware of the adventurers, he and his spies watch them closely. When the time is right, he invites his guests to the Elder Edelwood. He aims to turn them into Edelwood trees themselves by stripping away their hope of escape. Those who despair fall into the Edelwood Slumber, a sleep from which one never wakes and slowly converts the being into the tree. The Beast's woodcutters harvest the black-sap leaking Edelwoods for oil to feed the Dark Lantern, which houses the Beast's soul and keeps him alive.
    Visual reference of the dark lantern:

    The PCs's best hope of defeating the Beast is to learn his secrets, for his body is immortal while the Dark Lantern burns. Guided by Ms. Evangeline's card reading, they must scour the Unknown for magical artifacts unearthed but lost by past travelers who turned to Edelwood trees before they could destroy the Dark Lantern.

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    Adventure Structure
    Much of the action is driven by the clash between the PCs's decisions and the Beast's goals, all caught in the strands of fate represented by a special card reading detailed in chapter 1, "Into the Unknown". Before you run the adventure, conduct the reading to determine the location of the key story items and one location to find the Beast.

    Chapter 1 also outlines the Beast's goals and includes the adventure hook. Characters have the Haunted One background available to them, although see the Marks of Horror section on why it could be redundant. If the PCs are first level and need to get accustomed to the milestone award system, the mini-adventure "Black Turtle House" has been provided in appendix B.
    Haunted One background:

    Chapter 2, "Lands of the Unknown" provides an overview of the Beast's domain and includes special rules for it and its people, including the magical Fungais. Chapters 3-15 detail areas that correspond to places on the CoS ORIGINAL map of Barovia in chap 2.

    The epilogue offers ways to end the adventure. Appendix C details special items of the campaign. Appendix D provides the stat blocks. If needed, consult the CoS ORIGINAL appendix E for tarokka cards. Appendix F contains handouts to show the PCs.

    Character Levels
    The adventure is meant for characters level 1-10 and includes threats for those levels and beyond. The Beast can be an especially deadly challenge at these levels. It is assumed that the characters will gain levels, acquire allies, and magical objects to tip the scales in their favor. Characters who head directly to the Elder Edelwood without increasing their power will likely die.

    You can award experience for defeat of foes, as milestone awards, or a mix of both. Given that much of the adventure involves social interaction and exploration rather than combat, it'll be easier to award exp via milestones. Examples of award moments:
    --Finding Artifacts
    --Defeating Villains
    --Accomplishing Story Goals

    Be prepared for the fact that the adventure is exceedingly open-ended. The card reading in chap 1 and the adventurer's choices can lead them all over the map. Handy summary:
    AvgLvl Area Chapter
    1-3 Adelaide 3
    4 Tavern Town 5
    4 The Old Grist Mill 6
    5 Pottsfield 8
    5 The Mulch Fields 12
    6 The Schoolhouse 11
    6 The Seed Garden 14
    7 Inn of Whispers 7
    7 Landboat of Frogs 15
    8 The Winter Road 9
    8 The Overgrown Manor 10
    9 The Elder Edelwood 4
    9 Winter Place 13

    Sometimes PCs may simply have to flee or hide when out of their depth. If combat feels too easy, end it as quickly as possible or increase the threat by raising enemy hp to max, adding monsters, traps, or both.

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    Marks of Horror: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Pseudo-Background Addition
    There's no scary like personal scary. Which is why I highly recommend having ALL the players create a Haunted One-like background addition to add to their standard backgrounds. That way, you can draw on what scares the PCs and make it personal for them (especially for random encounters). Here is a template for Haunted One as an additional background:

    Everyone has made mistakes in their lives, but you've had the misfortune of entering the Unknown where these errors and regrets will come to life and haunt you.
    Skill (special): Investigation checks to recall past events you've experienced are made with advantage
    Language: Song of the Beast, you hear the voice of the Beast inside your mind (singing) and may attempt to converse back by singing at the DM's discretion
    Equipment: One trinket of special significance from the list below

    Harrowing Event (pick one or create one):
    1. Your actions (unintended or otherwise) led to the suffering/deaths of dozens of innocents.
    2. You under close watch all your life and now feel their stares everywhere you go.
    3. A ghost haunting your family for generations now haunts you. You don't know what it wants, and it won't leave you alone.
    4. You once tried to contact an occult plane. You succeeded.
    5. You lost a member of your family as you watched helplessly.
    6. You were instructed by your superiors to perform a deed that brought harm to others and for whatever reason obeyed them.
    7. You discovered that you were not adopted but kidnapped and raised by your kidnappers.
    8. You learned a terrible secret about someone you trusted most.
    9. You were possessed as a child and locked away until a long stretch of time without an outburst.
    10. You did terrible things to avenge someone you love.

    You can also pick from Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws from the Haunted One background to add to your own:

    Trinket list:
    1. A picture you drew as a child of your imaginary friend
    2. A spinning top carved with four faces: happy, sad, angry, dead
    3. The unopened letter to you from your dying family member/friend
    4. A dream diary you've filled with your nightmares
    5. A small mirror that blurs the face of its reflected image
    6. A key to the family crypt
    7. A porcelain doll's head whose eyes follow you
    7. A bone carved into a whistle
    8. A small, worn book of nursery rhymes
    9. A vial of perfume whose scent only you can detect
    10. A broken pendant (any depiction) that's always cold to the touch
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    Marks of Horror
    The Unknown: Mechanical Tricks
    Horror is born from fear of the unknown. It's not the monster but its shadow that breeds horror. The more we know about a monster, the less we fear it, so try to keep your monsters out of the light for as long as possible.
    --Until the PCs retrieve the All-Seeing Monocle, Insight and Social Skill checks made to interact with the denizens of the Unknown are made with disadvantage, blocked by the Beast's mists and fog of mind
    --Until the PCs retrieve the All-Seeing Monocle, all checks to gather information about monsters are made with disadvantage, blocked by the Beast's mists and fog of mind

    Foreshadowing: Mechanical Tricks
    Foreshadowing is about finding clues to a horrible truth yet to be revealed.
    --Allow the PCs to dream of possible deaths/monsters while resting and remember their dreams
    --Allow some of the nearby denizens to embody the kind of damages a monster/encounter might cause

    Fall: Mechanical Tricks
    The Unknown reflects and embodies everlasting fall, a symbol of the eternal decay but endless unrest of the Beast. Everywhere the PCs go, they should be reminded of this stagnation and how it may eventually affect them.
    --Describe things in terms of cycles, endless cycles, and repetitions--including having the eccentric denizens repeat themselves/their actions
    --Allow the PCs to experience deja vu on a somewhat larger scale by occasionally 'resetting' a town after they leave and re-enter or having them experience a non-combat encounter again (including when the Beast appears)

    Light: Mechanical Tricks
    A tale forever dark will rapidly lose interest. Monsters and other terrors should be offset by kind and lovable creatures.
    --Animals of the Unknown may behave as the fey creatures that they are and act with atypical sentience and even friendliness, so feel free to allow the PCs to make animal friends/take pets
    --Make sure the PCs encounter the honest, friendly, and helpful NPCs

    Personification: Mechanical Tricks
    Ascribing human characteristics to inanimate objects is one way to turn something ordinary into something eerie. Consider the objects as characters with their own auras and agendas.
    --Take it as though objects you describe want to be interacted with (beckoning with any alignment)
    --Allow the PCs to detect the compulsions of the objects from the Unknown, although they don't HAVE to follow through with them

    Details: Mechanical Tricks
    It's easy to go too heavy or too light on details, so a good rule of thumb is to tell the PCs what's important (people, places, things) and what's interesting (what makes the people, places, things interesting). In a straight horror story, taking time to describe an object in detail draws attention to it and makes one suspicious. Fortunately, in this total conversation you can draw on both the darkness AND the whimsy of Over the Garden.
    --In a given encounter, pick one object or feature to describe in some detail. Don't forget to balance the horror with your own tongue-in-cheek take for both humor and extra interest
    --Keep passive Perception and other skills in mind when describing details, allowing PCs to notice things that fit their skills/interests/backgrounds (again, making it personal)
    --Keep track of the details and changes to the PCs and allow the NPCs to react to those, too

    Humor: Mechanical Tricks
    Humorous situations will naturally occur (poor rolls, joking personalities, PCs's reactions), but you made need to induce a situation if the horror atmosphere and tension are wearing on your PCs.
    --The majority of denizens in the Unknown are eccentric, so let them be ridiculous and extravagant in their eccentricity (Lady loves cats? She's got nine and keeps three of them in her hair like it's the norm)
    --Really capitalize on those low rolls. No one, not even the Beast, should be immune from indignity. (1 on a Dex check? The Beast trips over his own cloak)

    The Horror of Whimsy: Mechanical Tricks
    Yes, this is a conversion of Curse of Strahd AND a horror adventure, but a good bit of the thematic horror in Over the Garden Wall doesn't come from standard blood, guts, and monsters fare. It comes from exaggerations of the norm, pushing the familiar until it becomes a caricature, and thus 'creepy'. Not everything has to be outlandish, though, and the players may appreciate finding those 'normal' people/things.
    --Unusual/disproportionate reactions to mundane things, especially breaking into song
    --Cartoon physics (NPCs moving/contorting in somewhat impossible ways, surviving things that might not typically be possible, etc)

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    Chap 1: Into the Unknown
    A mist carrying the faint fragrance of burning wood and oil billows over the low stone wall that surrounds the Unknown. The mist is a frequent occurrence throughout the realm and may follow the PCs in their travels. This chapter gives you the information you need to prepare for those travels, outline the history and goals of the Beast, walks through the tarokka card reading, and closes with the adventure hook.
    Into the Unknown song:

    The Beast
    Stats are in appendix D. Although the Beast can be encountered almost anywhere in the Unknown, he's always found in the location from the card reading unless he's been forced to retreat to the Elder Edelwood.

    The Beast's History
    Before he became the monster, the Beast was an antlered fey named Edelwood. Edelwood was the caretaker of a great and magical forest, lush, green, and full of life. But Edelwood was alone in his kind. He did not mind, until his tree-like body grew stiff and slow in his old age and his feet began to sprout roots.
    Edelwood realized that he would die and leave his great forest without a caretaker. He had to find the next caretaker, but he would soon be unable to move and search. So he asked the denizens of the forest to create a lantern for him in which to house his soul, and they complied post haste.
    As per Edelwood's instructions, they carved out a hollow in the shape of a body into the wood of the massive tree he had become. They placed the lantern within the hollow. Inside the lantern, they placed the wood chips and black, oily sap from the cutting. Edelwood's soul entered the lantern as a burning flame, and the rough body cut from the wood rose up to take the lantern.
    Edelwood went at once in this new form to seek the next caretaker, but his bright soul burned too quickly within the lantern. The lantern would not stay lit without more wood and oil from the tree of his flesh. Edelwood stopped in his pursuit, for he could not continue without fodder for the fire.

    The Beast's Goals
    Irene Kole: Irene Kole had the misfortune to be born with the face of the witch Tabitha, the only soul of the denizens trapped within the Unknown to have evaded the Beast. Now that she's reappeared in her new incarnation as the burgomaster's adopted daughter, the Beast seeks to make her one of his Edelwood trees.
    He has come to Irene twice, singing the hope out from her heart. He intends to put Irene under the Edelwood Slumber during their next meeting.
    Chap 3 gives details on Irene and where to find her in Adelaide.

    Though presently focused on driving Irene into despair, the Beast has been distracted by reports of a powerful fey who's appeared in the Unknown. The fey they call Fred. As the next possible caretaker for the Unknown, the Beast would like to meet this Fred and test him. Should the fey fail his trials, he will become yet another tree in the wood.

    Search for a Successor
    When the PCs enter the Unknown, the Beast shifts his attention from Irene and the much more evasive Fred to his new guests. He wishes to determine if any of them could take the mantle of caretaker. Eventually, he decides that none are suitable, and proceeds to strip their hopes and hearts away so that the Edelwood Slumber may take them.
    The Beast pays close attention to those with the brightest spirits and focuses his attacks on them. He loses interest if they fall easily into fear and despair.

    Roleplaying the Beast
    In silhouette
    The Beast is always shown in silhouette. He appears to have a humanoid shape with a head and cloak-covered body as well as deer-like antlers. His eyes usually glow bright white, but they can also appear with red pupils and sclera colored yellow, light yellow, and light blue.
    In the light:
    His body is made out of Edelwood, with twisted faces and holes of those he was devoured covering him entirety. His antlers resemble tree branches. His face has a mouth and a nose, but no ears. He has two arms with long-fingered hands.
    The Beast is a chaotic and manipulative being. He is solely motivated by his own self-preservation and is indifferent to the pain and suffering caused by his actions. The Beast is well spoken and speaks matter-of-factly, traits he uses to lull his victims into a false sense of security. To accomplish this he may also feign concern. He is a master of deception, knowing exactly what to say to get people under his power. He typically has an even temperament, but threatening the lantern or defying him for too long can cause him to lose some composure.
    The Beast has a tendency to sing. He has a song for chopping the Edelwood and another song directed to his intended victims (see Introduction).
    Chopping song reference:
    If the Beast senses a lack of cohesion among the PCs, he preys on that weakness
    and tries to drive a wedge between the PCs offering to help one at the expense of another.
    If the Beast senses chaos in a PC, he will try to cultivate it and prompt them to ever more chaotic acts to isolate them from the party.

    When the Beast Attacks
    The Beast travels as he pleases to any place in the Unknown and enjoys encountering and demoralizing both denizens and PCs. The PCs can and should meet him multiple times before the final encounter.
    The Beast will only terrorize the PCs in places of low-light and darkness as the light of the Dark Lantern is enough for him. The Beast and his minions never attack Irene.
    These encounters are meant as a test with an emphasis on demoralization and fear, testing the PCs. After a few rounds or as soon as the majority of the PCs are frightened/shaken/etc, the Beast and his creatures withdraw. If the PCs retreat, he will allow them to flee, likely singing them off.

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    Chap 1: Fortunes in the Cards
    Before you run this adventure, draw cards from a deck to determine the following:
    --The Beast's location in the Elder Edelwood
    --The placement of three important treasures that can be used against the Beast: the All-Seeing Monocle, the Claw Hand Maw, and the Song of Edelwood
    --The identity of a powerful ally to aid in your fight against the Beast
    The card reading can change the adventure each time you play.

    At some point during the adventure, the PCs will likely meet Ms. Evangeline, an old Fungai seer, who can perform the same reading for them. Beatrice can also perform the reading once she has her cards (they're hidden in her turkey wagon).
    Appendix E in the ORIGINAL CoS shows all the cards of the tarokka deck and summarizes their symbolic meanings.
    Example, The Sun:

    If you don't have a tarot deck (Medieval Cat Tarot highly recommended), just use playing cards. Aces are 1s, 10s are master cards. Hearts = Glyphs, Spades = Swords, Diamonds = Coins, Clubs = Stars. Each jack, queen, king, and joker corresponds to a card in the CoS ORIGINAL high deck:
    King of hearts = Ghost
    Queen of hearts = Innocent
    Jack of hearts = Marionette
    King of spades = Darklord
    Queen of spades = Mists
    Jack of Spades = Executioner
    King of diamonds = Tempter
    Jack of diamonds = Beast
    King of clubs = Donjon
    Queen of clubs = Raven
    Jack of clubs = seer
    Joker 1 = Artifact
    Joker 2 = Horseman

    When you perform the card reading, take out the high deck and keep them separate from the low deck. Draw three cards from the common deck and cards 4 and 5 from the high deck. See the ORIGINAL CoS for the reading diagram (p.11).

    1. The Song of the Edelwood
    Aloud: 'This card tells of old and secret words. So secret nobody knows what they say. Until you find them, of course.'
    This card determines the location of the Song of the Edelwood, described in appendix C. See Treasure Locations below.

    2. The All-Seeing Monocle
    Aloud: 'This card tells of a powerful force for protection from the mist and smoke of the Unknown. It does seem awfully small for all that, though.'
    This card determines the location of the All-Seeing Monocle, described in appendix C. See Treasure Locations below.

    3. The Claw Hand Maw
    Aloud: 'This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a metal-toothed devourer.'
    This card determines the location of the Claw Hand Maw, described in appendix C. See Treasure Locations below.

    4. The Beast's Enemy
    Aloud: 'This card speaks of a kindred soul. Looks like someone else got themselves trapped in the Unknown.'
    Read the Aloud section from the appropriate card given below, see the Beast's Enemy section.

    5. The Beast
    Aloud: 'Your enemy is the enemy of all souls within the Unknown. Do you see this card? That's where he is.'
    Read the Aloud section from the appropriate card given below, see the Beast's Location in the Elder Edelwood section.

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    Chap 1: Treasure Locations

    Swords (Spades)
    1. Aloud: 'The treasure lies in an unquiet inn, held by one who is not themself.'
    The treasure is in the possession of Lorna in the Inn of Whispers (Chap 7, area Q36).
    2. Aloud: 'I see those who once dug deep into the earth now in wooden slumber.'
    The treasure lies in the root of the Dark metal miners (Chap 4, area K85).
    3. Aloud: 'Head to the mountains. Climb the tower of snow.'
    The treasure lies at the top of the Winter Road's winter watch (tower) (Chap 9, area T6).
    4. Aloud: 'The thing you're looking for lies with those who sleep under wooden fingers, heavy and bulbous.'
    The treasure lies in the Budded Root of the Elder Edelwood (Chap 4, area K84).
    5. Aloud: 'Look for a gathering of frogs in the hills above a mountain lake. The treasure belongs to their mother.'
    The treasure lies in the Stage of Mother Frog in the Landboat of Frogs (Chap 15, area Z7).
    6. Aloud: 'Find the resting place of the Woodmason. Presumably somewhere with plenty of wood.'
    The treasure lies in the root of the Woodmason (Chap 4, area K84).
    7. Aloud: 'I see the ruddy cheeks of one always blowing. He waits for you at the end of a mountain road.'
    The treasure is inside the head of the statue of the North Wind in the Winter Place (Chap 13, area X5a).
    8. Aloud: 'I see an instrument that lends itself to the dramatic, some might say the overdramatic.'
    The treasure lies in the Elder Edelwood's organ room (Chap 4, area K25).
    9. Aloud: 'There is a town of too many rooms and too few souls. Seek a room in wealth and darkness.'
    The treasure is hidden in the attic of Burgomaster Tavern in Tavern Town (Chap 5, area N3s).
    Master. Aloud: 'What you're looking for is the last place you wish to go, a hole cut for one being alone.'
    The treasures lies in the cut of the Beast (chap 4, area K86).

    Stars (Clubs)
    1. Aloud: 'Seek the highest of heights and try not to fall.'
    The treasure lies in the branch in the north (chap 4, K60).
    2. Aloud: 'Look to the one who reads all. The treasure waits in her camp.'
    The treasure lies in Ms. Evangeline's encampment (chap 2, area G). If she performs the reading, she says, "Is that what that was? Ha, you're lucky I didn't barter it away for that new tarokka deck."
    3. Aloud: 'I see a woman with a tower of hair. The master of the marsh speaks with her everyday, though she never replies.'
    The treasure lies with the portrait of Margueritte Grey in the Overgrown Manor (chap 10, area U5). "The master of the marsh" refers to Quincy Endicott (area U2), who's fallen in love with the portrait.
    4. Aloud: 'I see a great but lonely house of rest. Turtles upon turtles have made for poor company.'
    The treasure lies in the bell tower of the Inn of Whispers (chap 7, area Q1).
    5. Aloud: 'The treasure is hidden in the heart of a toy beneath the coldest mountain.'
    The treasure is inside a toy model of the Elder Edelwood in the Winter Place (Chap 13, area X20).
    6. Aloud: 'Search for the root of the master of glass. Try not to break anything.'
    The treasure is hidden in the root of the Glassblower (Chap 4, area K84).
    7. Aloud: 'A man is not what he sounds like. He comes from over the wall and now drives a turkey wagon.'
    The treasure lies in Fred's turkey wagon (Chap 5, area N5).
    8. Aloud: 'A bewitching fey reads many books above a burning fire, but no one recognizes their face.'
    The treasure lies in the Beast's library (Chap 4, area K37).
    9. Aloud: 'I see a water-logged village ruled by one who binds the Dark.'
    The treasure is in Granny Lee's walking hut of Dark metal (Chap 10, area U3).
    Master. Aloud: 'Seeking a towering place of learning. Too bad its students wouldn't call it that.'
    The treasure lies in the Schoolhouse attic (Chap 11, area V7).

    Coins (Diamonds)
    1. Aloud: 'I see the bed of one who draws oil from the black sap. It's a mess.'
    The treasure lies in the root of the Refiner (Chap 4, area K84).
    2. Aloud: 'Look to a place where the vegetable eaters were once grown.'
    The treasure is in the nursery of the Pumpkin-Eaters (Chap 8, area S23).
    3. Aloud: 'Look to the fields where lost things are gathered and some things, tested.'
    The treasure lies in the Mulch lab (Chap 12, area W10).
    4. Aloud: 'Seek the pool once overflowing, now as empty as its caretaker.'
    The treasure hides in the Elder Edelwood's parched fountain (Chap 4, area K63).
    5. Aloud: 'I see a place of clay pots and tin watering cans, all empty.'
    The treasure lies in the root of the Gardener (Chap 4, area K84).
    6. Aloud: 'A wounded elf will bargain for his treasure. Don't worry, it's not your coin he's after.'
    The treasure lies in the Highwayman's ditch (Chap 5, area N9a).
    7. Aloud: 'What you're looking for lies at the crossroads of life and death, but it can't rise up without your help.'
    The treasure is buried in the Eternal Garden Cemetary (Chap 2, area F).
    8. Aloud: 'The Fungais have what you seek. They might trade you for a child.'
    The treasure is hidden in a Fungai turkey wagon (Chap 5, area N9i). The child is Arabelle (Chap 2, area L).
    9. Aloud: 'Seek the passage of a bewitching fey who no longer walks this world.'
    The treasure is in the Elder Edelwood's memento room (Chap 4, area K41).
    Master. Aloud: 'I see a town in endless competition. At least one of their identical offerings must hold your prize.'
    The treasure is hidden in the attic of the Blue Tavern (Chap 5, area N2q).

    Glyphs (Hearts)
    1. Aloud: 'Look to the hall who's hosts have a taste for thick and pulpy flesh, ugh.'
    The treasure lies in the hall of the Pumpkin-Eaters (Chap 8, area S13).
    2. Aloud: 'I see a garden watched by a face in sackcloth. Try this guardian.'
    The treasure is hidden inside one of the scarecrows in the garden bed of the Pumpkin-Eaters (Chap 8, area S9).
    3. Aloud: 'Look to the west where the farmers dance the cattiest elder.'
    The treasure lies under the Pottsfield barnhouse (Chap 8, area S4).
    4. Aloud: 'Find the sleeping mother of all Fungais. But don't wake her.'
    The treasure lies in the root of the Fungais's ancestors, the First Spores (Chap 4, area K88).
    5. Aloud: 'On a hill grows a tree, on a tree grows a seed. No, many seeds. So many that the tree appears diseased.'
    The treasure lies at the base of the Tree of Seeds (Chap 14, area Y4).
    6. Aloud: 'I see a place where a singer would sing if their audience didn't fall asleep.'
    The treasure lies in the opera chamber (Chap 4, Area K67).
    7. Aloud: 'I see a lonely mill on a precipice. Churning, churning, churning. If only it were butter.'
    The treasure lies in the attic of the Old Grist Mill (Chap 6, area O4).
    8. Aloud: 'Seek the heart of winter itself, but be warned--someone had reason to seal it away.'
    The treasure lies in the sealed workshop of the North Wind (Chap 13, area X40).
    9. Aloud: 'Good spores, what's with all these taverns? Anywho, seek the richest.'
    The treasure is hidden in the master bedroom of the Watter Tavern (Chap 5, area N40).
    Master. Aloud: 'Unfortunately, it's in the Elder Edelwood. Seek the room of a cultist's dream.'
    The treasure lies in the Black Turtle room (Chap 4, area K15).

    Example, Two of Cups:
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