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    What's the most outlandish homebrew -for races, classes, weapons, whatever- you've ever seen for 3.5? Was it way overpowered? Funny? Just generally strange?

    Personally I think The Adventure Chef looks awesome for a one-shot or a humorous campaign, but I can't really tell whether it's "balanced" compared to the other classes or not. I think it might be overpowered, but I'm not sure.
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    I don't have a counter sample to offer you RWA, but it doesn't look overpowered to me. Rather bard-like. Also that Adventure Chef would have been perfect for a character idea I had for a gnome halfling chef that went adventuring and wailed on monsters with her frying pan, all the while claiming to be just a meek and humble chef along for the ride. An idea which I had before Disney made the Tangled movie with Rapunzel's slapstick weapon of choice, but AFTER I read the excellent short story by Patricia Wrede, "The Frying Pan of Doom."

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    I once made a Class specialised in causing chaos on the battlefield as much to others as to himself. It had bonus when it was heading recklessly into the mass, and had bonus to breaking weapons, armors or item in combat. And the best part (I loved playing that in combat, but it costed my life on half my tests so far) is that you can trade one of your attacks at it's normal BAB with 1d3-1 (min 0) attacks with a malus to it (At the start, you had to trade all your attacks for each 1d3-1). So if you were lucky and you had 3 attacks, you could try to make between 6 and 0 attacks. Luck-based but pretty fun.

    The Class is in french but if I had a DM who would accept to let me play it, I could translate it.
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    I try to homebrew weapons into my campaigns. The craziest was a bow that was called witch hunter. WAY overpowered. it had no ammo as you draw the bow and a magical arrow appeared. damage and stats it was a normal arrow. Though on a successful hit, it had a 50% chance to cause an "explosion of arrows". The arrow would explode into smaller arrows and strike nearby enemies within 5 ft of the original target. it would explode arrows equal to the level of the caster. the damage of the arrows was half of what the original target was dealt. so you are lvl 10 and you hit someone for 10 damage. 10 arrows explode and each hits an enemy dealing 5 points of damage If used on a caster the exploded arrows did full damage. it was supposed to give insanity stacks to where at a certain number the user became insane for half a day where he could not discern friend from foe. You got stacks when you attacked innocent people. you gained stacks for each point of damage you dealt. However, i made it a party against the world campaign so there essentially weren't any situations where you were put against innocent people. So at level 4 I gave a ranged attacker a bow that basically one shot everything. oh and he also got 4 attacks due to his feats, etc. So 4 chances for explosion of arrows lol.


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