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    What's the most outlandish homebrew -for races, classes, weapons, whatever- you've ever seen for 3.5? Was it way overpowered? Funny? Just generally strange?

    Personally I think The Adventure Chef looks awesome for a one-shot or a humorous campaign, but I can't really tell whether it's "balanced" compared to the other classes or not. I think it might be overpowered, but I'm not sure.
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    I don't have a counter sample to offer you RWA, but it doesn't look overpowered to me. Rather bard-like. Also that Adventure Chef would have been perfect for a character idea I had for a gnome halfling chef that went adventuring and wailed on monsters with her frying pan, all the while claiming to be just a meek and humble chef along for the ride. An idea which I had before Disney made the Tangled movie with Rapunzel's slapstick weapon of choice, but AFTER I read the excellent short story by Patricia Wrede, "The Frying Pan of Doom."

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    Thanks! I might have to try to find a game that allows The Adventure Chef some time.


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