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    Default Best Moments

    TTW's been around awhile, yeah? Lots of campaigns, lots of characters. Some played in full view of anyone who wants to watch and some passworded. There's no way anyone could read all of it, so give us a taste!

    What was your favorite in-game moment?

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    Default Best Moments

    My monk and the fighter were the advance scout for a small wooden fortress and we found one of the guards sleeping, so we decided to kill him quickly so the others could come behind us without risk of waking him and setting off alarms. The fighter got in a good hit, but then my monk rolled a crit and really high on his damage dice. The DM ruled that I decapitated the guard... with my quarterstaff.
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    Last session, My fighter/party leader bribed our stupid (despite INT and WIS scores of 15) barbarian with a gold coin so she'd shut up and let me talk/not pull a Leeroy so I could explain my plan to attack the group of cultists/kobolds up ahead... With her own gold.

    I'm also the lootmaster.
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    I don't have any 5th Edition stories. My most memorable stuff is from a long time ago, playing AD&D 2nd Edition.

    In one game, the party was confronted by a giant of some kind (can't remember what variety, but was very large - several stories tall). All he wore was this loincloth, and it flapped in the breeze, giving us glimpses of stuff we really didn't want to see. Anyway, the GM let me use called shot with a Magic Missile (the games were pretty loose back then) and you can guess what I aimed for. Down went the giant.

    Different game, different giant. This time my character is a barbarian half-vampire. He uses his Gaze attack to convince the giant (might have been a huge ogre, maybe) that there was a large bug crawling around on his face. Ogre takes its spiked club and slams it right into its own face in an attempt to squash the bug that isn't there. He took out a small house as he fell but the villagers were still grateful.

    Years later. D20 Modern now. Some creature with thick armor (we never did find out what it was, might have been an original creature the GM made) is giving us a very hard time. I have a larger character than most of the other players. Big guy, very musclebound. Swords aren't cutting deep enough through this thing's armor, and firearm bullets are also being stopped by its many plates. We're not doing any real damage to the thing every round, and it's slowly demolishing us each turn. There's a helicopter in the area, though, and it's blades are spinning nearly fast enough to lift the aircraft off the ground, but it's still currently on the grass. I rush the thing, shoulder-checking it three times over three rounds, doing zero damage to it and taking quite a bit in the process, but I finally get it under the blades. Then, on the fourth round, I grapple the thing and simply lift it straight up. The helicopter does the rest.

    Once, in a game of BESM 2nd Ed, the BBEG suddenly grew to gargantuan proportions in preparation for the final throw-down at the end of the game. The GM knows that I and my fellow PCs are fully-leveled in several different areas and are an incredible force to be reckoned with at this point, but he's still really confident, for some reason, that he can totally take us with his giant, end-of-a-Power-Rangers-episode-sized bad guy. Well, I know I've got super-strength and can fly at supersonic speeds, so I just launch straight at the giant guy, flying right through one of his eyes and exploding out the back of his skull, scrambling up as much of his brain as possible during the trip - like about 80% of it with rapid energy blasts and whatnot. The bad guy drops, taking out lots of buildings, and for a minute we think that's it. Then the GM starts chuckling and describes how the BBEG's healing factor kicks in and his eye, skull, and brain all repair before he wakes up and stands up again. But then I kind of ruin the GM's day by explaining that, even if the brain grew back, the memories are gone. It's brand new brain, with nothing imprinted on it yet. With 80% new brain, this guy really shouldn't know who we are any more, or why he wants to kill us, or who he is, even. The GM could have argued, or just ruled against it without providing a reason, but instead he just said "Dang" and then laughed because we had just beaten the game's final boss and gained a new team member as strong as all of us combined. The world was protected from that day forward, I'm sure.

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    This was 3.5, and it wasn't on this site, and it just happened yesterday.

    I'm running a one-shot through email where the PCs are at a wedding trying to figure out who's trying to murder the bride and/or groom. Everybody's splitting up into groups of eight for quadrilles. Two PCs are in the ballroom right now, and the bride and groom's group still has room for two more people. BUT another guest -a gnome- is making a beeline for the group because he wants to dance with the bride and groom, because everybody wants to dance with the bride and groom, because who doesn't want to get at least one dance in with the bride and groom at a wedding? I figured the PCs would just try to run to the group faster than this gnome.

    Instead, one of the PCs -Lady Cheryl, human monk- races towards the gnome and hip checks him. He goes flying through the air for four feet. So now she and her fellow investigator can just go grab the last two spots and get to bodyguarding, right? Nope. Lady Cheryl "helps the gnome up" and begins patting him down for weapons. Discretely, though.

    The gnome doesn't have anything on him but a flask of vodka, and he's dizzy from landing in a heap on the ground, so he goes to sit down. Now there are still two spots left in the bride's group and I think the PCs might go take the spots without assaulting any more guests, but I can't say for sure.
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    AD&D 2nd Ed.

    This is a case of "What I said" versus "What I thought I said" versus "What the GM heard", with maybe a little bit of Evil GM going on, too, though I'll never be certain.

    In the course of the campaign, one of my fellow PCs (we'll call him Omar) came to be the ward of this weird little kid we found who had angel wings. No real info was given about him except that he was supposed to be very special, very important, meant for something very great. So Omar tried to take care of him as best as he could.

    Anyway, much later, we're all walking through this place called the Dead Forest - just dead, leafless, very tall trees and long, gray grass as far as the eye can see. About dead-center of the forest, all these zombies start erupting from the ground on all sides. Another of my fellow PCs (we'll call him Anthony) had this uber, zombie-killing weapon, so Omar did what he felt was best and had the kid go stay near Anthony, who could protect the kid better in this instance, and Omar began climbing one of the trees to stay safe and in perfect condition should he need to return and protect the kid again.

    "I climb one of the trees," were his exact words. No more, no less. The GM said okay and the battle began. Every round, when Omar's turn came around, the GM would ask, verbatim, "You still doin' what you're doin'?" and Omar would say "Yes."

    Well, about seven rounds in, Anthony falls, having had one of the worst dice-rolling streaks I've ever seen, and the kid is now in grave danger. The GM describes this and Omar says, "Oh, no! I jump down." Gm asks, "Are you sure?" "Yes." "You're positive?" "Yes." "O-kay..."

    Well, the GM had been assuming that Omar was continuing to climb every round that he checked on him, so by the time that Omar jumped out of the tree, he was, like, over a hundred feet in the air. So Omar breaks both legs upon landing and both he and the kid are eaten by the zombies. The rest of us flee and barely survive it all.

    Omar was a very good sport about the whole thing and said that he would word things very carefully from that day onward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rellott View Post
    My monk and the fighter were the advance scout for a small wooden fortress and we found one of the guards sleeping, so we decided to kill him quickly so the others could come behind us without risk of waking him and setting off alarms. The fighter got in a good hit, but then my monk rolled a crit and really high on his damage dice. The DM ruled that I decapitated the guard... with my quarterstaff.
    That was great.
    "What's wrong with you? You tore his head off!"
    "I didn't mean to!"

    One of my favorite moments from Kor's Quest was how the party got rid of Zhi.

    He challenged Dynarra to a duel on the second floor of his fort after she revealed she was carrying his master's sword, and his first round he did some serious damage. Thinking that he had the upper hand, he suggested Dynarra surrender.
    So she cast a Healing Word on herself and then dropped a Shatter on the floor underneath him, causing him to drop through the floor and take falling damage in addition to the Shatter. From that point forwards, his pride got the better of him and he decided to fight the entire party himself.

    And then he got kicked down the stairs by Randal.
    I think about a quarter of the damage that killed him ended up being fall damage from being tossed around.
    The party really had the high ground in that fight.
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    Not on this site, and this isn't that good, but I think it's what happened after that makes it funny. Spoilers for Lost Mine of Phandelver, I guess?

    I was DMing for the first time, and my party consisted of my brother and father, who were both new as well. We ran Lost Mine of Phandelver. They both played two characters, my brother taking the pre-generated wizard and cleric. They were in Phandalin, and I gave them the plot hook for the Wyvern Tor sidequest. It's basically one fight against orcs and an ogre.

    So they got to the cave where the orcs lived, and my brother was super excited about getting to use Shocking Grasp for his wizard (Vitruvius by name), because he'd just learned it recently. I decided to give him a chance to make good use of it, so I changed one of the orcs to be wearing chainmail instead of leather. I tell them this, and they begin the battle. No real problems, but everyone focused on leaving the chainmail orc alone for some reason.

    Eventually, it reached Vitruvius' turn, and Chainmail Orc was the only one left. Brother smiles, and casts . . .

    Magic Missile.
    He later told me he felt like he hadn't been able to use his wizard right. Er . . .
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    Oh, I actually have one from 5e this time! I was running a session for my little brother (Sasier, dragonborn barbarian) and sister (Ashley, half-elf barbarian). They'd been hired by a wizard named Robert to get his wand back from a vile wand-stealing wizard named Kelzar. They'd been hiking towards Kelzar's mountain to find his fortress, but after a couple days they came across a canyon that threatened to halt their progress. After a short bit of confusion in which my little sister said she wanted to climb over the canyon -apparently she'd thought I was talking about a five hundred foot wide cannon- they spotted a blurry line a few hours' hike away that looked kinda like a bridge. They decided to head towards it.

    Me: Night has fallen by the time you make it to the blurry line, which is indeed a bridge.

    Brother and Sister
    (after rolling below average Perception checks and not seeing anything suspicious): Okay, we try to cross the bridge.

    Me: As you approach the bridge, you hear scuttling sounds from underneath it.

    Brother: Dang it.

    Sister: I thought there would be a troll.

    Me: A hairy leg snakes its way over the edge of the canyon. It's soon followed by many more legs. A ten-foot tall creature with the body of a spider and the torso of a man climbs up and stands in front of the bridge, like it's guarding it.

    Brother: Ew! There's a man growing out of the spider???

    Me: What? No, it's... it's, you know, like a centaur. But with a hairy spider butt instead of a hairy horse butt.

    Brother: Oh. That makes way more sense.

    Me: Yeah. Anyways, the spider thing says...

    Trying to cross my bridge, eh? Well you'll have to pay the toll.

    Ashley: What's the toll?

    Drider: 10 gold, or your first born child.

    Sister: I give him the gold.

    Brother: I'm not actually planning on having kids, so...

    Sasier: Okay, you can have my first kid. Do I have to bring it to you after I have it, or what?

    Drider: Oh, no, no need for that. I'll send one of my emissaries to retrieve it.

    Sasier: Emissaries? Like more spider guys?

    Drider: No, I have a few demons in my employ. And they will find you and your baby, so don't think about trying to pull a fast one. It's not like I'm going to eat your babies or anything, anyways. I just, you know-

    Sasier: Hey, I get it, I get it. Everybody wants to start a family, right? And it must be hard for a big ugly spider thing to find a wife.

    Drider: Did you just call me ugly?

    Sasier: Uh...

    Drider: The price just went up, bucko. Fifty gold or your first two children, or you aren't getting across this bridge.

    Ashley: Aw, do I have to pay extra too?

    Drider: Only the rude little man has to pay extra. You can go ahead and cross.

    Ashley: Sweet.

    I don't have fifty gold!

    Two children it is.

    Sasier: Wait! What if instead of the kids, I give you really good dating advice so you can meet somebody and have your own kids?

    Me: Okay, Roll a Persuasion check.

    Brother: (rolls an 18)

    Drider: I'm listening. But it had better be some pretty darn good advice.

    Sasier: Okay, here it is. My advice is... just be yourself. You can try to hide your bridge-dwelling, baby-stealing ways, but if you do that then the only woman who's going to like you is gonna be completely wrong for you anyways. If you put yourself out there and be completely honest, maybe someday you'll find a scary lady-spider who also likes stealing babies, and the two of you can get together.

    Me: Seriously? That's your advice? "Be yourself"?

    Can I at least roll to see if I can make it sound good?

    Me: Fine, but it's gonna have to be a really high roll.

    Brother: (rolls) I got a twenty. Plus my Persuasion bonus.

    Drider: That... that's the best advice I've ever heard! I'm gonna go to the match-makers first thing tomorrow, and this time I'm going to tell her my actual hobbies instead of just saying I like walking on the beach and stuff.

    So Ashley and Sasier got to cross the bridge and continue their quest. And they all lived happily ever after until the next day, when they had to figure out a way to get past a giant talking ram and sneak into Kelzar's hidden fortress. But that's a way longer story that I am not typing up right now.
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    Another one from the game I was running for my brother and sister. They snuck into Kelzar's fortress, only to find out it had been taken over by another necromancer, Bobzar. Ashley (little sister's PC) distracted Bobzar by pretending to be a writer for Evil Lairs Magazine. While he was giving her a tour of his fortress and answering "interview" questions, Sasier (little brother's PC) was trying to locate the stolen magical staff they'd been hired to retrieve.

    Me: As you creep doen the hallway behind the throne room, you spot a door marked Staff Room.

    Brother: That was easier than I thought it would be. I open the door.

    Me: You see a small break room. Two skeletons are standing around a coffee pot, chatting, but they stop their conversation when you enter.

    Skelly 1: What are you doing here? This is the Staff Room. Staff only.

    Sasier: I... uh... I am staff. This is my first day.

    Skelly 2: (after an abysmal Sense Motive roll) Oh! Great! Follow me and we'll get your orientation out of the way.

    Skelly 2: (leading Sasier down a different hallway) You know, you seem more cheerful than most new employees.

    Sasier: What can I say? I've always dreamed of working for the mighty Bobzar.

    Skelly: I love that attitude of yours! It'll make things so much easier.

    Me: The skeleton leads you into a large room containing a bubbling pit of acid.

    Skelly: Alright, hop on in whenever you're ready.

    Sasier: Hop into... the acid?

    Skelly: Yep. Don't worry, I'll fish your bones out before they dissolve. Then Bobzar can reanimate you and we can start your training.

    MEANWHILE, On Ashley's tour of the fortress...
    Ashley: So, you're a powerful necromancer. You must have lots of magic stuff. Can I see? For the article? (rolls decent Diplomacy roll)

    Bobzar: Of course, of course. Let me show you.... my MAGICAL STAFF ROOM. (Not to be confused with my normal Staff Room, where my undead minions go for their coffee breaks.)

    Me: Bobzar throws open the door to a room absolutely filled with staffs. They line the walls, hang from the ceiling, and sparkle magically in trophy cases.

    Sister: Oh. Um. What did Robert say his staff looked like?

    Me: He didn't. You and Sasier ran off as soon as he'd given you directions to the fortress, before he got a chance to describe the staff.

    Sister: Dang it.

    Ashley: Just curious: did you steal any of these staffs recently?

    Bobzar: I didn't steal any. They were all here when I defeated Kelzar and took over his fortress a few days ago. Well, technically I guess that means I stole all of them. But he stole them first.

    Ashley: Well... have you ever met a wizard named Robert? He's tall, has brown hair, likes to sit in shady pub corners with his hood up...?

    Bobzar: Ugh. I went to wizard school with that nerd. Worst. Roommate. Ever. Why do you ask?

    Ashley: I just wondered if you had his staff.

    Bobzar: Yeah. It's the blue sparkly one over there.

    Ashley: Can I hold it?

    Bobzar: Why?

    Ashley: Okay. The truth is, I'm not from a magazine. Robert hired me and my friend to go get his staff back from Kelzar. Since Kelzar is gone and you have a bunch of staffs already, can I just have Robert's?

    Brother: Are you serious??????

    Me: Roll diplomacy, (Sister).

    Sister: (rolls horribly)

    Sister: Noooooooooo!

    Brother: Why????

    MEANWHILE, back by the pit of acid...
    Sasier: Okay. I'm going to jump. (walks to the edge of the pit) Oh, can you come take my sword first? Don't want it to dissolve. (rolls pretty average Bluff)

    Skelly: (rolls awful Sense Motive) Sure thing, buddy.

    The skeleton approaches Sasier. Sasier grabs him and chucks him into the acid pit, then runs off to look for the staff some more.

    Me: Sasier, you come across a door labeled Magical Staff Room. It's open a crack. Ashley and Bobzar are talking inside.

    Bobzar: YOU'RE WORKING FOR ROBERT???? Get out of my fortress!

    Brother: I run inside and punch Bobzar in the face.

    Sister: I grab the staff.

    A quick scuffle ensues. In the end, Bobzar is left tied up and locked in his own Magical Staff Room while Sasier and Ashley run out of the fortress. Things should have been easy from there, but Sasier didn't trust Ashley to carry the staff so he tried to snatch it from her. Another quick scuffle ensued. Ashley ended up carrying both the staff and a badly injured Sasier back to town. They returned the staff and got paid and everybody was happy. Except Bobzar. And the skeleton that got dissolved. Also Sasier was still a little grumpy after getting beat up. But other than that, everybody was happy. The end.
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