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Thread: Best Moments

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    On Roll20 I play a Human Druid with the Mobile Feat. I was adding the +10 speed modifiers to my animal sheets mid-session while the DM was doing some character development stuff for other players. While updating Octopus, I realized that it's speed goes from 5ft to 15ft... So I sort of whisper to myself in my character's voice "I am the fastest octopus.". Mic was not muted. DM was temporarily broken.

    I think in the same session another character got her drunk (up until that point she only drank juice at the inns) and to sober her up they stuck her in a bath. The Dad!Friend of the group brought her up some tea after her bath. I mimed grabbing the mug with both hands. DM had me throw a dex save to catch the towel, and the Dad!Friend to throw a wisdom save to look away. Both failed. Dad!Friend tucked the druid into bed and went to have a cold shower.

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    My younger sisters and I have had a lot of interesting moments while playing D&D, but I think the best one so far has been when we did a hostage negotiation with a bunch of man-eating selkies. I stole their leader's sealskin and my youngest sister tempted them with Cheese Curls and funnel cakes. Eventually we got them to release the people they'd captured and never try to eat anybody again; in exchange I gave the leader her skin back and the owner of the beach's snack shack promised them free junk food for life.

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