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Thread: Episode 4: The Mystery of the Missing Barkeep

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    Riglin looks at the bag curiously and begins to inspect it, wondering what in the world it is. Once he has determined it is safe, he opens the bag up and reaches inside of it.

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    Riglin puts his hand in the bag and finds what feels like several hard rocks covered in a chalky substance. He removes one of them and sees that it is a small lump of coal. It does seem to have a small snowflake carved on its surface. He looks and sees that there are as many lumps of coal as there are party members.

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    "What are those, Riglin?", Grim asks, relying on the wizard's knowledge of such magical objects.

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    Riglin eyes the lumps of coal curiously, examining them for a few minutes before uttering out, "The strangest set of sending stones I've ever laid eyes on. What would possess someone to make such a valuable item out of such a questionable material? How did someone go about such a process? And why in the heavens would they be left out in the open, of all places?" Riglin closes the sack, scratching his head in sheer confusion. "I wonder if even Savras has any answers to such questions, this is so farfetched! Even so, I do not doubt that these are for us... 5 sending stones for the 5 of us, and they were left for us to find it, somehow." The gnome mutters something to himself in gnomish about not being able to understand how someone could plan all of this to the finer details, but he quickly turns his attention back to Grim and says, "We should definitely make use of these. We will not find a more useful tool for us, especially with how often we have split up these past couple of days."

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    Grim's eyes widen as this inexplicable phenomenon nets them with sending stones, one for the each of them.

    "Well that is convenient, to say the least. I am not complaining at all. While I can cast the spell of sending, it consumes a lot of my divine energy to do so."

    He takes one of the stones and then says, "So, where are we headed then?"

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    Vala approaches the red bag and looks inside..
    "It seems that someone is watching after us.. see this flake here? Didn't we found something with the same markings before?..
    let's just be thankful, i guess.."
    she says and takes a stone too..
    "Well.. since we now have.. hmm.. telecoals?.. we can split up. I d like to find someone from the local guard and get some more info..
    so.. when we have something to share, we'll contact you with these.. and when we are done, we can come and find you, and you ll tell us
    where exactly to find you.."
    Vala adds as she looks at the little pebble in her hand..
    "Huh.. handy things.. handy indeed..."
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    "We might as well stick together. I might need Fade's and your skills to track down where exactly we need to go to find these bird monsters", Grim says as he secures his coal sending stone.

    "Alright then, lead on."

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    Vala looks around her, for a shop (any shop) or a senior citizen.
    Assuming that she finds one, (a bit further down the road is ok too),
    she asks directions for the city's guard office/HQ, and leads the group at the place..

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    You are easily able to get these directions. As you approach the constabulary, you see more and more guards in uniform. Some of them seem to be on duty, while others look like they're taking a break in the shade. Do you stop and talk to any of them, or do you proceed straight to the constabulary?

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    I look for a guard on duty, that is positioned near several guards currently on their break (within ear shot).
    Assuming at least one fits the description, i approach and say
    "Goodmorning.. i have a couple of questions."
    Assuming that the guard gives me the go ahead..
    "I want to get informed about some recent.. "disappearances" of citizens.. is there an officer in charge on this matter?
    also, could you point me to the bounty office too?"


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