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Thread: Team Obsidian: All quiet in Artumen.

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    "Wait... what?..." Elja's falchion goes up in front of him as the kyton turns aggressive.

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    On the short way back, you trudge wearily, thinking to yourself how you were going to explain this mission and ho wit went down.

    The pledging of your assistance to king Oberonn and the wild ride with the Hunt that followed. And the confrontation with the Kyton that once was the leader of the guild forces on this plane – but wasn't anymore. No more than a moth can be said to still be the caterpillar it transformed from, he too had shed his caul and became something else, something darker and perhaps depending on whom you ask something greater.

    Your bodies still ache from the wickedly sharp spiked chains as they rose up to confront you. You don't think you'll ever look at chains the same way again. Tarsus was knocked down and Oparal caught in bondage, a cruel imitation of the Tender Mercies affections. Elja stood bright and radiant before the Kyton though, and his radiance instilled in all of you the conviction to fight. Many feathers were shed by Trinket as it fought with beak and claw, even as his friend Sarith was doing his best to overcome the spell resistance of the fiendish foe. None of you would be alive still if it weren't for the other three, of so much you are sure. Sarith providing much needed support, Tarsus keeping everyone conscious and slapping some chains himself, Oparal giving good directions and powerful arcane fire and support. And Elja, great powerful Elja, standing strong before the Kyton as unyielding as the draconic essence now clearly visible flowing in his veins.

    The Kyton fell. His skull crushed. His chains inert. And the advance of the corruption on the plane slowed but not halted.

    You recall how relieved Locke was to see you return, despite himself. His group has taken serious losses fighting off corrupted enchained wildlife to buy you time.

    The babe in your arms makes a gurgling noise and snaps you out of your reverie. How to explain this?

    The Lady had given birth to this child and by the time you had returned to her she had already walked into the magical fire known as the Balefire to be unmade and made again, as is this plane's way. The king was grateful and with the dispatching of the Kyton and the unmaking of the unhinged Lady the corruption had stopped, although the king claimed it would take a long time to undo the damage done. Out of gratitude and pragmatism he agreed to the re-settlement of the loggers camp though the former guild men could not be returned to their former states. The corrupted trees however, were still poison to his people but would make fine lumber for all manner of things back in Misthaven and he agreed the guild could cut and fell any black tree they found. The child on the other hand he dismissed out of hand, saying he would cast it into the crevasse surrounding his freehold rather than letting it live. So you took it with you… Who knows, perhaps a part fey, part human, part Kyton child can find a home in Misthaven. Stranger things have happened…

    "Well well, you made… made… Achoo! Made it back." Synn greets you as you come to her only a few minutes before dawn. "I'm… Achoo! I'm… Achoo! Ach fuck it, let's just get out of this cursed place." She says between sneezes with a decidedly nasal voice. With a wave of her hands and a few minutes work, aggravated by her allergy, she calls back the Mists and you walk out into them. It doesn't take her long to stop sneezing, although her eyes are still swollen and moist. She walks along with you, guiding the shifting mists to her will and at one point is walking next to Tarsus.

    "I would have left at dawn without you. But I was feeling bad about it." She says to the Sarenite with a wink. Her tone become serious quickly. "You lost some people. Must be tough. If you wanna drink sometime or go out to eat or just feel like talking, you know where I live."

    The Medusa takes you back to Misthaven, back to home.
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    "Thanks, Synn," Tarsus says, as the mists approach, "I'll take you up on that offer some time. Now let's get out of here before your nose falls off."

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