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Thread: Facing Lord Rusk'rin

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    (As I have no DMNPC atm...)

    As An'drye says this she realizes that there are a good hundred or so goblins and hobgoblins that she can see from here. Giarrok can smell the stench of a small army. ( #lotsagobsa )

    Giarrok also smells relatively fresh blood nearby.
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    Giarrok begins sniffing around much like a hound dog, searching for the source of the smell of blood

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    Owen peeks out from around a tree and looks around for any parts of the city that the goblins don't seem to be guarding very well. Perhaps the team could sneak in and avoid a fight they probably wouldn't survive...
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    Giarrok quickly finds the source. Two dismembered hobgoblins and a pool of blood lay not a hundred feet from where the rest of the party is. Although the scent of blood is overwhelming (Likely killed in the last 12 hours or so) he can barely get a whiff of the one-armed man's stench.

    Owen sees that while there are lots of goblins, they aren't explicitly guarding. The biggest problem he can see is the large number of them. But for a thief like him, he can see a couple places with lower concentrations of goblins and decent hiding places that could at least get them into the city.

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    "the party that killed my pack-tribe have been here, they killed these two Hobgoblins...." Giarrok growls quietly to the party

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    "Somebody killed your family? Oh my, how awful!" Owen says. "We'll have to ensure that they don't kill any other innocents, after we deal with these hobgoblins. Now, I think I see a way to sneak into this city. It would be risky, but surely not as risky as charging into a camp of enemy combatants willy-nilly. Would anybody care to join me and investigate the current state of Marletown?"

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    "If all else fails i would be able to draw attention on the fly, but for now i vote we take the safe path as Sir Owen suggests." An'Drye calms down after realizing that just attacking the camp did not have great chances of survival and that she herself was the only one who didnt really mind dying.
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    giarrok grunts in approval of a more stealthy plan

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    Everyone roll Hide and Move Silently, Own roll Spot.

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