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Thread: Facing Lord Rusk'rin

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    Owen sidles over to Corrin's side to help him examine the parchment. He examines it as well as he can without touching it.
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    He's going to cast detect magic on it.
    "I do believe in killing the messenger. Do you know why? Because it sends a message!"

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    Corin sees several auras given off by the slip of translucent parchment. However, he is woefully unable to tell the exact nature of the auras... Although he does get a sort of gut instinct that none of them are trap-based.

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    Owen doesn't see anything obviously wrong with the parchment, just that it looks like a semi-translucent map that is missing too many details to be of use. He thinks that if he could compare it against another map that matched up he might be able to get a better idea for what its trying to show.
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    Owen pulls out the dilipidated map the group found in an earlier room and compares it to the floating map.

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    Owen gives a look over, but he doesn't see any connection... But then again he's not a master cartographer and the partial map is missing a lot of details.

    Sam sighs, "So... Are we taking it with us or are we going to just hang out in this musty old dungeon all day?"
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    "I vote we take the map and leave," Owen says. "I suppose we should inform Captain Frostree that Rusk'rin is dead."

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    Sam picks up the parchment hesitantly. It almost seems to have the consistency of silk as he picks it up, but then it reforms into a page as he tries to roll it up. He sticks it in his belt and says, "Yep, and get our bounty as well."

    ((Feel free to continue anything that you guys want to do before you leave this place, but otherwise we're going to push over to the Shadow of a New Day thread. There will be a post there shortly so that we can have our first combat as a recombined party)).
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