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Thread: The Story So Far (Campaign Notes and Encounters)

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    August-September in real time

    Still Lamashan (October) in Golarion (still second day in Riddleport)


    Party returns to Riddleport via the elfgate. Following Samaritha Beldusk's cryptic note of invitation the party meets her at Cypher Lodge. She grills them about whether they intend to take down the Hag and her sharkmen/aberration allies, and whether they found her note and magic items she placed inside Ishareen's giant crab. The planned meeting with Speaker of the Lodge (and secret crimelord the Shadowlord) Elias Tammerhawk goes sour. The wizard demands proof of their infiltration skills before they ally against Ishareen. Elias suggests (with her being part sea troll) that a certain green gem acid powered steel staff in Memnok's wizard tower would be an excellent weapon, and retrieving it from the hag's aberration allies a fitting test of their skill. Instead he agrees if they liberate the sun priestess from Fort Gnash that will be sufficient demonstration of what they can accomplish.


    The party spies on the checkpoint where Croat's capp Jasker Gant and three thugs await the drug shipment for inspection. They strike when the cart with two barrels of drugs arrives. With Hakon's illusions and Lucianna's fire and his new unnerving mask and glamoured equipment, Flint very convincingly masquerades as the invincible and deadly 'Devil of Riddleport' out to make Croat "bleed" and then dispatch his body and send his soul "to the nine hells" to which it is owed. His team kills the hag's escort cloakers with fire and arrows, and wounds the thugs. Their combined efforts cow Jasker into surrender and drive the other half-orcs into fleeing, but they also ignite and blow up the drug shipment in the process.
    [This scene in progress.]

    TENTATIVE: Flint proposes they need new "bait" to get an audience with the druglord. [This scene in progress.]

    NPCs introduced:

    (half-elf cyphermage)
    ELIAS TAMMERHAWK (Shoanti Skull Clan cyphermage, Speaker (head) of Cypher Lodge)
    SCARLIP (reprise) : Croat's thug who beat Korman almost to death months ago (and recently saw him in Umbral Market), part of the patrol driven off in the mountain pass
    JASKER GANT: Croat's second in command capp, also nearly beat Korman to death, cowed into obedience by 'Devil of Riddleport' charade

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