Here is a tradition (sub-class) for monks in D&D 5e. I developed the initial plan and was helped significantly with balancing it by another TTW user, Claw. (Thanks, Claw!) We would love it if you would treat this as playtest material and get back to me and/or Claw with any feedback about flavor, mechanics, balance, or even unclear wording. If you'd be willing to play (or let your players play) this in a game and give feedback from actual use, that would be even better!

**As a side note, the text of the Fleet of Foot feature is copied nearly word-for-word from a feature for a new rogue sub-class called the Speedster that is presented in an en5ider article (published by ENworld) titled "Speaking with Fists." Go check them out and support them on Patreon.


Monks who follow the Way of the Blurred Fist learn techniques to channel their ki to augment their reflexes and their speed, generating progressively more kinetic energy. The urge to move farther and faster often drives them to be wanderers, and many look for challenges to test their skills against Ė whether in traditional races or in other, more extreme competitions. Because of this nomadic lifestyle, monasteries that teach this discipline are nearly non-existent. Most of these monks are self-taught, or were mentored by another follower of this order. The buildup of energy they possess causes some monks of this tradition to have difficulty remaining still for even a moment, while others conserve their movement whenever possible in order to find euphoria in the contrast between stillness and swift movement. Monks of this tradition typically prefer wide-open land on which they can move freely, and they may become anxious or even fearful if they are confined.

Blurred Fist Technique
Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, your fists move as fast as your feet. Each time you use your bonus action to make a Flurry of Blows, you can make additional Blurred Fist attacks based on how far you have moved. For each 10 feet you move during your turn, you may spend 1 Ki point to gain an additional unarmed strike to use on the same turn, up to a maximum of 10 attacks gained this way in a single turn. These Blurred Fist strikes deal damage equal to your Dexterity modifier instead of the regular damage for an unarmed strike.

Step of the Lightning Bolt
At 6th level, your body has become used to its enhanced speed. You gain advantage on initiative checks, and you can now use Step of the Wind as your bonus action without expending Ki. You can spend 1 Ki to use Step of the Wind as part of your move action and still move up to your speed.

Also at 6th level, your enhanced speed also now allows you to move so fast that your body creates natural phenomena. Heat from friction may burn those near you, static built up may shock them, or air you displace may create sonic booms. If you use Step of the Wind to take the Dash action and move more than your base speed in a direct line toward a creature, ending your movement adjacent to that creature, you may force that creature to make a Dexterity save. This save is made against your Ki save DC. On a success, the target takes no damage. On a failure, the target takes 1d4 damage. This damage can be fire, lightning, or thunder damage. This damage increases to 1d6 at level 11 and 1d8 at level 17. If you choose to deal fire damage, any unattended flammable object you move past during your turn bursts into flames.

Fleet of Foot
At 11th level, you run so fast that the earth canít pull you down. When you take the Dash action, you gain the following benefits until the end of your turn:
* You gain the benefits of the water walk spell, limited to yourself.
* You gain the benefits of the feather fall spell and can move your full land speed through air while falling.
* You can traverse vertical surfaces as though they were horizontal.
The duration of these effects end if you fall prone or if your speed is reduced to 0. This benefit only works in short bursts; you fall if you end your turn in the air or on water and nothing else is holding you up.

Fast of Hand
At 17th level, your attacks can become so quick that they can boil blood, stop hearts, shatter bones. All Blurred Fist attacks may now deal your choice of fire, lightning, or thunder damage. You must use the same damage type on all Blurred Fist attacks made on a single turn.

Also at 17th level, your fists truly become a blur. You can use your Action and spend 3 Ki points to make 6 Blurred Fist attacks without having to meet the usual requirements of Blurred Fist Technique. These Blurred Fist attacks begin to accumulate additional damage. This additional damage is of the same type as your Blurred Fist attacks. The first Blurred Fist attack deals 1 additional damage if it hits, the second deals 1d4, the third deals 1d6, the fourth deals 1d8, the fifth deals 1d10, and the sixth deals 1d12 additional damage if it hits. If you made all of these attacks against the same target and at least two hit, the target must make a Constitution save against your Ki save DC. If it fails, it is reduced to 0 hit points.