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    From Mammon Bankes:

    (1) Mammon's Family: Ottokar and Odelia Bankes are debonair and civic-minded Taldan aristocrats of old money and even older blue blood living in the opulent Westpark district in Oppara. Their wealth comes from inheritance and diverse property holdings including mines, tenant farmland, and a large share in the opera theater called the House of the Immortal Son. They raised their three children Edina, Lucretius, and Mammon to show shrewd business acumen, impeccable manners, and strong ethics and but also over indulged them from a young age. The appearance of aasimar heritage in their youngest son was quite the surprise but also a great blessing. While his older brother and sister relied on their family's contacts to complete their higher education and gain positions of political influence in Oppara, Mammon struck out on his own.

    NEW: Mammon's sister is set to be married in May and wants him there. His father has taken ill and wants him home in Oppara for Winterweek (*think Winter Solstice).

    NEW: Mammon's mother bought a rare and controversial Chelaxian play script for the archives of their opera house, and it may be The Six Trials of Larazod which is referenced in a serious of cryptic coded messages ("dancing men" cypher) about an even more censored drama script that some would kill for.

    Bankes family entries updated 10-26-17

    (2) Harush Al-Rahim: A wise and kindhearted elder of Lopul, a desert oasis village in Qadira along the trade route called the Silken Way. He taught Mammon much about bargaining with the caravan merchants passing through, and in return Mammon shared the teachings of Abadar, which many in the city embraced. He gave Mammon two gifts. The first was a masterwork quality falchion, the second a rare and valuable pack of herbs and spices to make seer's tea, which gives a mortal limited divination abilities regarding the outcome of a single choice.

    NEW: (3) Nadia Attar:Harush's great grand-daughter who sought out Mammon to give him the Scorpion's Tail, a scabbard whose magic approximates the immense power his falchion once possessed, before its power was broken by an evil satrap of Qadira.

    Nadia entry updated 10-26-17

    (4) Sabine: flirtatious Galt (*think French) Abadaran convert Mammon met in Lopul, Qadira. She invited Mammon via postcard (delivered by Nadia) to meet up at the Kitharodian bard college in Oppara.

    From Flint Somber:

    (5) Bunce (Egbert Buncible):
    a shady old human pawn shop dealer in the Narrows district of Oppara who made sure Flint and other desperate orphans (like sociopathic Davey Rackham) didn't starve or die of exposure to the long as they stole enough for him in exchange for food, hand-me-down clothes, and a place to sleep. **Davey is deceased, killed by the party twice (once as a zombie). Bunce also trained Flint in how to fence with a rapier and sometimes took him to the Shadow Plane's Umbral Market on errands.

    NEW: (6) Pang the sentient switchblade (formerly owned by fellow orphan and Brotherhood of Silence member Davey Rackham) warned Flint that Bunce was persona non grata with the Opparan-based crime guild and to stay far away from him.

    Bunce/Pang entries updated 10-26-17

    (7) Ketterick
    and (8) Esmeralda Kessler: a human father and daughter who ran the Gilded Lily inn located in the wealthy merchant district of Crownsgate in Oppara. One of them was sympathetic to Flint and gave him the dust of tracelessness to help keep him out of trouble, while the other generally insulted him and shooed him away as a "common streetrat."

    NEW: Pang told Flint Esmerelda's merchant husband-to-be was tricked into marrying a Calistrian prostitute instead, but they seem happy. Esmerelda is gone without a trace.

    NEW: Rhodal investigated and mentally told Flint Esmerelda (still unwed) was last seen entering this address: 900 Needless Alley, Seven Towers District, Oppara.

    Esmerelda entry updated 10-26-17

    (9) Florindel:
    a cunning and ruthless female halfling thief who helped Flint score his first (and final commission) from the international criminal guild known as the Brotherhood of Silence.

    (10) Vanya: Manipulative, vain Varisian [think Romanian] agent of the Twilight Academy who convinced Flint he could afford anything his heart desired if he participated in Bello's experiments. Alias Radovan Aurelio the actor, but his actual name is unknown.

    He showed up in Wolf's Ear and ambushed the party at the ferryman's dock (with reluctant help from Tymmon the gnome sorcerer of Oppara and Selda the halfling of Wolf's Ear, whom he conscripted into service). But he was quickly defeated and taken prisoner, and accompanied the party on the boat ride to Ravenmoor.

    Vanya was interrogated about the Academy (see Quest Log thread). Eventually he was turned over to the authorities at the Ravenmoor jail, along with his swords and color spray wand.

    Vanya entry updated 5-23-16

    From Korman Deer-Stalker:

    (11) Quintan Arrow-Singer: Korman's solitary, rugged Shoanti father who spoke little but loved his son and elven wife Ilinorra Goldmeadow deeply, and whose closest non-Shoanti friend nicknamed him "Old Jerky" for his hardiness and tenaciousness. For months at a time he disappeared to his cabin in the wilderness to hunt, taking Korman with him more and more often as he grew older. He taught Korman reverence for nature and to thank any creature he killed for what he called "the gift of its final breath." Quintan's expertise with a bow was legendary among the Shriikirri Quah (Hawk Clan), and he passed this heirloom to his son upon his deathbed.

    NEW: After his father's death Korman felt haunted by his spirit. In time the feeling (or spectre) moved on, perhaps because Korman accepted his death OR the ghost accepted his son would thrive on his own.

    (12) Antonio and Annalise: Two orphans that Korman saved from servitude in a drug gang. He hid them (and others) in his father's old cabin and taught them to fend for themselves.

    (13) Boss Croat: Half-orc crime boss and druglord in Riddleport. Sent a goon to beat Korman to death. Still after him for reasons unknown but probably related to the orphans Korman rescued.

    NEW: Croat's drow agent in the Umbral Market told Korman that her boss is holding prisoners the tiefling priestess of Sarenrae who saved him after the near-fatal beating. Korman is told he has 30 days to surrender himself, or she will die in total darkness of slow starvation.

    All Korman's entries updated 10-26-17

    From Ulvenn/Mene/Solvhund:

    (14) Alika Ishmedagan: mother, a Varisian crafter of Chelaxian descent captured during a raid. Nine months following the raid she gave birth to a definitively Ulfen boy she named Mene. During her time as a thrall she was mistreated by her master, and bringing a complaint against him she was removed from his ownership and given to another Ulfen, Astag. When Mene grew up she taught him a bit about magic and the care and creation of magical equipment.

    Astag Solvsmeden (Silverbearer): a blacksmith and warrior who took possession of Alika. When her time as a thrall was ended he married her and claimed her son as his own, re-naming him Solvhund. From a young age the boy helped his step-father as a blacksmith. When time came that he could actually wield a weapon he was brought along on both raids and fishing trips. Eventually he disowned the boy, for a disgrace involving his biological father (see Tallak).

    (16) Tallak Murdstor, Ulfen ship's captain who captured Alika initially and mistreated her until she was removed from his possession. When Solvhund was 10 for his talents he was made a member of Tallak's raiding crew. From Tallak he learned an uncommon style of fighting to the Ulfen, using speed and deception merged with the savage strikes of the Ulfen. Solvhund served under Tallak five years and became a celebrated raider. But at age 16 when Alika and Astag visited the ship, it suddenly came to light that Tallak was Alika's former cruel master and "Solvhund" was his own son Ulvenn.

    There was a bloody duel over who had greater claim to Alika. Ulvenn leapt to save Astag from Tallak's killing blow. The Thingmar condemned Ulvenn to become Tallak's thrall and for a year he served as a raiding party member but lived in chains any time they were not engaged with prey. Tallak was unforgiving and cruel but not excessively so, fearing the Thingmar would take Ulvenn from him as he had Alika.

    At age 17 Ulvenn escaped from his father and used his chains to forge a sword he named Retribution. His mother gave him the address of an old friend of hers to contact in Varisia to start a new life.

    (17) Siri (Part I): Instead of seeking out his mother's contact Ulvenn sailed up and down the coast and met and fell in love with a dark haired Andoran merchant's daughter and passionate freedom fighter named Siri. He forged a sword for her named Remembrance that matched his own and taught her to use it. In time he realized he did not fit in with her idealistic, intellectual crowd with all their high rhetoric of it being every man's responsibility to rescue his brother from tyranny. They even wanted him to help attack Tallak's ship and free his other thralls. Siri seemed disappointed by his moody silences and lack of empathy. So he parted from her for her own good, leaving them both heartbroken.

    (18) Memnok: At 19 Ulvenn finally sought out Memnok, a Chelaxian wizard in Riddleport who had tutored his mother and who might tutor him and finance his education if he presented a letter from her. Memnok was a bitter and broken man who had lost so much power he was more charlatan than wizard. He liked to spin cynical philosophies and riddles and had a sharp temper. He read Alika's letter and gave Ulvenn a paltry education in enchanting weapons, but mostly he used him to steal exotic spell components from merchants and from other wizards. Ulvenn worked on pirate ships to finance his blacksmithing since Memnok paid almost nothing. Memnok did however give him a letter of recommendation to present to an Opparan college of his choice, or to the Twilight Academy in Varisia.

    (19) Bel Collon: Memnok's polite elven (aasimar) apprentice who aided Ulvenn's weapon enchanting studies. One day she warned Ulvenn that Memnok was about to be arrested. She gave Ulvenn a golden key-shaped holy symbol of Abadar and told him to present it at a temple as payment if he ever needed sanctuary. She and Ulvenn went their separate ways, only to meet up years later when he finally used her key in Galduria...after escaping from Twilight Academy.

    (20) Florindel: Ulvenn tried pursuing education in Oppara but Memnok's letter didn't get him far at all and he ran out of money quickly, around which time the cunning female halfling recruited him for the Brotherhood of Silence. There he met another of her recruits, "Eugene Lafitte" (Flint Somber), and they worked well together until he inexplicably fled. Later when Ulvenn was unable to complete his assignments (too shaken up by a fatal mistake on a wetwork job involving a politician, see below), she convinced the Masked Marquis to give Ulvenn one more chance to restore his standing by bringing back the runaway Eugene. Unbeknownst to her Ulvenn had no intention of completing that mission...though he did feel compelled to find Flint again and demand an explanation for his desertion of their partnership.

    (21) Siri's New Family (and Siri Part II) : Ulvenn's final job for the Brotherhood was killing a Taldan politician and planting evidence to implicate a rival. A little boy came across him and the body, old enough to bear witness. Ulvenn did something he had never even contemplated before---he seized the child, prepared to break his neck. The boy struggled and his arm was broken. Siri, the child's mother and politician's wife, rushed in and defended her boy with her blade. Too late Ulvenn recognized her and Remembrance, and understood the boy was also his son. Siri lay bleeding in his arms and sentries were storming the house and Ulvenn was forced to leave her. He took her sword with him and that night haunted his dreams from then on.

    All Ulvenn's entries added and updated 10-26-2017
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    (1) Yuri Weagra: Charismatic and pragmatic Varisian {think Romanian} human headmaster of the Twilight Academy, infamous for encouraging high risk arcane experiments to push the boundaries of knowledge. He met with scholarship student Skie and accounting specialist Mammon individually on false pretenses gave each of them a stock speech about how the key amulet around his neck signifies that knowledge is the key to every endeavor. Both Mammon and Skie were abducted shortly after leaving his office and taken to Bello’s underground lab.

    (2) Doctor Bello: Aloof and cerebral, slenderly built Mwangi {think African} green scaled lizardfolk researcher at the Twilight Academy who kept Mammon, Skie, Flint, Thurok, Korman, Ulvenn, and Lucianna (at various times) imprisoned in his secret lab below the school gym, and conducted elaborate experiments on them. Bello is the first person they heard quote the phrase, “Who sows the seeds of chaos reaps a harvest of great change,” which he speculated was more threatening than auspicious. His experiments involved specially treated paitam pam (pulsing puff) spores, alchemical injections, and grueling physical challenges via guided hallucinations produced by his female assistant.

    (3) Nisha Attah: The cheerful, loyal Mwangi human female who assisted Bello's experiments with her expert illusion and charm spells. She was also responsible for making the prisoners docile with tranquilizers or compulsions, and conducting them between their cells and the lab rooms.

    (4) Alec: The muscular, boastful Chelaxian {think Russian or German} human guard befriended by Mammon who was instrumental in their escape from Bello’s cells, albeit not by choice. DECEASED, andparty arrested his murderer, the quickling Frek. A letter of condolence will be sent by Commandant Anton Mercer of Riddleport's jail to Alec's uncle Yuri Weagra, Headmaster of Twilight Academy.

    (5) Archbanker Holleran Glace: The very dignified, very principled high-ranking Taldan {think British} halfling priest of Abadar in the Galdurian temple, who prefers to be addressed by his surname. Glace concealed Mammon, Skie, Flint, and Thurok after their escape from Bello’s lab and saw to it their health and possessions were restored. He recommended their services as investigators to his old friend Sir Trogir Strongoath and smuggled them out Galduria by boat.
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    (1) Sir Trogir Strongoath: The alternately jolly and wrathful, colorful oath-swearing bald dwarf from the Storval Plateau region {think Scotland} and a cleric of Cayden Cailean [god of bravery, freedom and ale]. On the advice of his friend Glace [see Galduria NPCs] he hired Mammon, Skie, Flint, and Thurok to debunk and put an end to the absurd and blasphemous beer geyser “miracle of Cayden” in Ravenmoor, and to unmask the con artist behind it and see him jailed or driven from town. He also offered extra gold to bring back the jaws of Ravenmoor’s infamous “waterwolf,” a ferocious bunyip said to have eaten several missing persons, and gave them his bag of holding.

    (2) Fenelle: The shy and courteous curvy brunette half-elf Varisian {think Romanian} lass who serves drinks at the Drunken Dog tavern. She is one of many Wolf Ear denizens wearing thin gloves and speaks with reserve to Mammon. It is heard (from the loose-lipped, tight-gloved old local woodcutter Denbar) that she receives letters from elven kin in the Meirani Forest in Northern Varisia who are fighting to take back the ancient city of Celwynvian from the drow. It is also heard (from Tamsa) that she is engaged to someone in town named Raoul, and that she suffers from a common, minor skin condition---but Mammon’s expert eye could detect no infections or ailments.

    (3) Tamsa: The confident, no-nonsense red-headed Ulfen {think Norse} human bartender in charge of the Drunken Dog in her employer Mr. Lobel’s absence. She tried to be evasive with Mammon’s questions and demanded to know if he had come from Magnimar. When he claimed he had, she assured him that Wolf’s Ear was cooperating fully with that great city’s mandates and that the local fire at the church of Erastil (and the locals’ minor skin condition) were no cause for alarm.

    (4) Kaius: The vain, short-tempered Varisian guard of exotic purple-eyed Azlanti {think Atlantis} heritage who was a sore loser in his arm wrestling bouts with Thurok and Mammon at the Drunken Dog. He warned them not to linger in Wolf’s Ear.

    (5) Jorgi: The wary, serious clean-shaven Varisian human watchman from Magnimar who played cards with “Merric” [Flint] at the Drunken Dog. After hearing “Merric” too worked as a guard, he suggested his unit might be willing to pay for some undercover help. He accused the locals of bizarre druidic rituals involving bondage and possession by animal spirits beneath the full moon. He also accused an Ulfen {think Norse} local woman (6) Ruxandra Katranjiev of leading a group of radicals who recently burned down the local church of Erastil. He said “Merric” could meet him at the local Steelarm tavern.

    (7) Azzie: The flirty, playful dark-haired Varisian beauty (full name Azzurette) who played cards with Flint [as “Merric”] in the Drunken Dog. She wore bright colored clothes and thin gloves. Jorgi said she may be in the local radical druid cult. She invited “Merric” to meet her during her shift at the bakery Sweet as Sin to arrange a dinner date.

    (8) Tymmon: The exuberant, perceptive purple-haired Taldan {think British} gnome gentleman who played cards with Flint/”Merric” in the Drunken Dog and was ostentatious about his wealth. He spoke of plans to visit Ravenmoor’s miracle.

    NEW: Tymmon was persuaded by Vanya and his Galdurian guard badge of questionable legitimacy to help ambush the party at the Wolf's Ear dock. The gnome sorcerer quickly surrendered after Vanya was knocked out and confessed he had been duped and acted rashly. The party let him go on the condition he would not take the ferry, and would not bother them again.

    (9) Rhodal McClarry: The talented, empathetic old half-elf bard of worldwide fame who performed in the Drunken Dog tavern, and later tried to counsel Flint on his love life. After the companions aided him during a heart attack, he offered them help in return and he mentions having many useful contacts.

    Rhodal alludes to having been born in the Storval Plain [Scotland-like] region, same as Trogir, and to having been that dwarf's adventuring companion long ago. He also says an angel gave him the gift of truespeech, leading him to speak in a voice everyone understands with no discernible accent AND leading him to avoid telling lies.

    Rhodal has offered to seek information on Esmeralda of Oppara, and Tarathion Nharmironel the elf, and to send his findings to Trogir to give Flint and Skie, respectively.

    (10) Okod: The stoic, plain spoken rust-skinned blonde half-orc with batlike ears who runs the ferry between Wolf's Ear and Ravenmoor.

    He mentions to Okod and Skie he has a secret relationship in Ravenmoor with a human pregnant with his son.

    NEW: (11) Mr. Pulsifer Hitchens and Mr. Pitch: Hitchens is a Taldan [British] pugwampi gremlin and a classically trained and educated "butler" residing in Sir Trogir's bag of holding. The gremlin has been taught arcane witch spells (including healing conjurations) by the raven familiar Mr. Pitch, and both of them regard Mr. Pitch as being the one in charge. Pulsifer has a "curse" of unluck (20 ft aura) but lives in the bag with the aid of a breathing spell to avoid disrupting others. He offers to serve the party as long as they carry his bag and claims to have served both Sir Trogir and Mr. Rhodal McClarry (the bard) well in the past.

    Updated 5-10-16 (Mr. Pulsifer Hitchens and Mr. Pitch entries)
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    RAVENMOOR NPCs, Part I of II

    (1) Kalsiver Kalthrarrias: Bookish, civic-minded gnome accountancer (low level acolyte) of Abadar trying to start a school in Ravenmoor and educate the locals about the multiple gods they seem keen on worshipping.

    He has tried to expose the fountain as arcane rather than divine but his explanation was either misunderstood or flatly rejected by Ravenmoor's town council. So he asked his church for help (in the form of more books AND investigators to rout out the truth.)

    (2) Head Kobold (name unkown): Rude, arrogant small lizard-like cretin in charge of the miracle beer fountain operations. Not a Cayden worshipper.

    (3) Hans Raskvoss: Jolly, boastful draconic-blooded Ulfen [think Norse] human sorcerer responsible for "discovering" the beer miracle in Ravenmoor, and an avid hunter. He is not obedient to Cayden's true practices, and he greatly exaggerates the role drinking plays in the faith. He comes from faraway Hoarwood in the icy country of Irrisen, a city infamous for frequent debauched celebrations.

    NEW: Skie's lucid dream revealed Hans was conspiring to infect Ravenmoor with a plague, and trying to kill Skie and his companions, working with the corrupt town council members and cultists of Ghlaunder and halfling named Dr. Lagasse. The party slew the false prophet in a fierce battle, but still must deal with his kobold servants and enchanted fountain that sprang from a strange artifact shaped like a seed.

    (4) Mrs. Cardenescu: Grumpy, blunt 50-ish bar tender at the Broken Wheel tavern. She keeps some suspicious drinks under her counter, like the cabbleweed sedative that nearly knocked Thurok out, and distrusts all half-orcs.

    (5) Hata Buckinghorse: Fair-minded and with a warm yet professional manner, Lawkeeper at Ravenmoor's jail on a piece of tribal land owned by his quah, the Hawkeye. He questions Skie about Vanya's attack and detains Vanya, without realizing Skie withheld some details and evidence (the potions Thurok has).

    (6) Mayor Qorok Jamok: Well mannered, good natured tengu mayor of Ravenmoor. His authority is shared with a town council that often overrules him. He abstains from drinking and wants the beer fountain gone because its presence has proved disruptive, and he believed Kalsiver's analysis that it was not divine.

    (7) Zulakka Jamok: Garrulous, sociable tengu wife of Mayor Jamok. She has witnessed the beer miracle's origins firsthand and is only too eager to swap tales.

    (8) Rowdy Tim Halifax: Ornery, feisty 80-ish human with the thick twangy accent of a former Taldan [British] colony. He survived the waterwolf attack and now has a peg leg. He is eager to give information on the waterwolf that could lead to its death.

    (9) Geb Halifax:
    Gentle and modest 20-ish blonde grandson to Rowdy Tim with a milder accent, and a very gifted artist. He gives the party a sketch of the waterwolf.

    (10) Greatcloud: Elderly *Shoanti [think Native American] shaman of the Hawkeye clan who is shrewd as well as wise and meticulously just in his dealings with others. He is on the Sky Council of the Hall of Justice who judges all people charged with a crime and passes sentence. When informed by the party of the Irriseni disease being spread in Ravenmoor under the guise of intoxication, he declared he and his quah would quietly start treating the disease before it could spread or kill someone, and he would send two search parties to arrest Hans Raskvoss on charges of conspiracy.

    Updated "Hans" entry on 11-17-16
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    COHORT SKIE: Sorcerer 3 [WITH Form of the Dragon I]
    HP: 26/ 26 [was 25] [+2 Con from Form of Dragon I]
    SAVES: *Fort +4 [was +3]; Ref +3; *Will +5 [was +4] {+2 saves vs enchantments & immune to sleep} {*additional +4 Will saves vs fear, *additional +4 Fort saves vs poison, +1 ALL Will saves, +1 Ref IF haste} {Form of the Dragon grants +1 Con}
    AC: 20 [was 14] (Touch *12, Flat *18) {IF +4 mage armor, +4 natural from form of dragon I, +1 Dodge IF haste}

    1) MW light mace: attack d20+5 [was +4], damage d6+2 [was +0] bludgeoning (crit x2 on Natural 20)
    ["Attack string" of modifiers: attack +1 BAB, +2 Dexterity (Finesse feat), +1 mwk, {+1 attack from heroes feast}, {+2 damage form of the dragon I}

    2) Light crossbow: attack d20 +4 [was +3], damage d8 (crit 19-20 x2)

    3) 2 Claws (Finesse + WF Claws) : single claw attack (Standard Action) d20+5 [was +4], damage d4+2 [was +0] slashing/bludgeoning (crit x2) {+1} {+2 damage form of the dragon I} ["Attack string" of modifiers: attack +1 BAB, +2 Dexterity (Finesse feat), +1 Weapon Focus (claws) {+1 attack from heroes feast}, {+2 damage form of the dragon I}

    For FULL-ATTACK Action, which means not taking a Move Action beyond stepping 5 ft in the current combat round, roll attacks and damage separately for Claw #1 and Claw #2.

    4) MW repeating light crossbow: ranged (80 ft) d20+5 [was +4], damage d8 bludgeon or pierce depending on clip of ammo (now bludgeon) (crit 19-20 x2) {+1}
    *5 blunt bolts loaded, two cases of 5 sharp bolts each in backpack
    *Free Action to reload a single bolt in a clip of 5
    *Move Action to substitute a new case of 5 bolts (Rapid Reload)

    5) NEW:
    Form of the Dragon I grants FULL ATTACK d20+5 2 claws deal d6+2 each AND bite d20+4 deals d8+2 AND 2 wing attacks deal d4+2 each.

    1) Potion of cure light wounds: restores 1d8+1 Hit Points (Standard Action to drink it OR feed it to someone else)
    2) Wand of color spray: Shoot 15 ft cone, save DC Will 13 or target(s) gains the stunned condition (loses its action) and may also be blinded or knocked unconscious; 8/8 charges left.

    3) Feather token bird amulet: (See Loot & Acquisitions Thread under bold heading Loot from Backstories.)
    4) NEW: Wand of Magic Missile (3rd level): shoots two missiles (hit one target or multiple) up to 130 ft that deal 1d4+1 force damage each; full damage to incorporeal creatures; only the shield spell can block magic missiles; 39/39 charges left
    5) NEW: Wand of Cure Light from Letitia: cures 1d8+1 HP with a touch, activation word is helia (Use Magic Device DC 20 for Skie, BUT Mammon and Korman could activate the wand WITHOUT rolling a UMD Skill Check); 30/50 charges left
    6) NEW: Chaos Seed (artifact that changes colors and has aura of chaos and enchantment, can be used to plant an endless beer fountain and perhaps other effects?)

    1) Tindertwig [4] : strike this match against a rough surface as a Standard Action (instead of a Full-Round Action) to light a torch or other flammable thing
    2) Antitoxin [1] : +4 to Fortitude saving throws against poisons for 1 hour
    3) Sunrod [2] : when struck this chemical tipped rod sheds 30 ft of normal light in dim/dark areas, and lightens the radius 30 ft beyond that

    1) Cantrips known: detect magic, light, message, ray of frost and acid splash.
    2) NEW: Used 3 out of 6 Level One spells per day. He knows shocking grasp and magic missile and burning hands and mage armor (bonus bloodline spell) and silent image (Campaign trait bonus spell).
    3) NEW: Used 0 out of 6 rounds per day of claw attack (sorcerer Draconic bloodline, Free action to activate)
    4) NEW: Used 2 out of 2 Hero Points : Reroll a d20 once immediately on an Attack roll or Skill roll WITH A +8 TO THE RESULT (BEFORE GM announces consequences) OR reroll a d20 on a Saving Throw or Ability Check (AFTER GM announces the consequences) and take the better result of the two rolls!
    5) NEW: +2 natural armor (instead of usual +1 for draconic bloodline)
    6) NEW: Resist 5 fire AND resist 5 electricity
    7) NEW: +1 to damage PER DIE ROLLED on spells with fire or electricity descriptor


    1) heroes' feast:
    +4 on Will saves vs fear AND additional +1 on ALL Will saves, +10 temporary HP [once lost these are GONE], +4 Fort saves vs poison, +1 morale bonus to all attack rolls for the next 24 hours

    2) NEW: form of the dragon I
    +4 Strength and effectively +2 Strength mod; +2 Con and effectively +1 Con mod; natural attacks 2 claws d6+2, bite d8+2, 2 wings d4+2; fly speed 60 feet and burrow speed 20 feet; darkvision 60 feet; resistance to electricity 20.

    HP: 10/10
    SAVES: Fort +3; Ref +3; Will +6
    AC: 19 {if agile breastplate armor worn} (Touch 13, Flat 16)

    1) MW rapier "Rosaria's Thorn" : attack d20+4, damage d6+0 Str (crit 19-20 x2)
    ["Attack string" of modifiers: attack +0 BAB, +3 Dexterity (Finesse feat), +1 mwk]

    2) MW light crossbow: ranged (80 ft) d20+3+1 for MW, damage d8 piercing (crit 19-20 x2)
    *Free Action to reload a single bolt in a clip of 5, Full-Round Action to substitute a new case of 5 bolts

    3) *MAMMON CARRIES HERS FOR NOW. MW repeating light crossbow: ranged (80 ft) d20+3+1 for MW, damage d8 bludgeoning or piercing depending on clip of ammo (currently bludgeon) (crit 19-20 x2)
    *Free Action to reload a single bolt in a clip of 5, Full-Round Action to substitute a new case of 5 bolts

    1) Potions of cure light wounds [2] : restores 1d8+1 Hit Points (Standard Action to drink it OR feed it to someone else BUT it will provoke an AOO)
    2) Potion of barkskin: +2 Natural Armor bonus for 30 minutes
    3) Snapleaf: Grants featherfall (slowly fall 60 ft/round) and invisibility for 3 minutes simultaneously when snapped as an Immediate Action (See Loot & Acquisitions Thread under bold heading Loot from Backstories.)
    4) Everburning Torch: Magic permanent heat-less torchlight

    1) Sunrods [3] when struck this chemical tipped rod sheds 30 ft of normal light in dim/dark areas, and lightens the radius 30 ft beyond that

    1) Cantrips known: Acid Splash, Brand, Detect Magic, Detect Poison and _____ and __________.
    2) Used 0 out of 3 Level One spells per day. She knows knows cure light wounds and disguise self and _________ and ________.
    3) Used 0 out of 5 Hero Points : Reroll a d20 once immediately on an Attack roll or Skill roll WITH A +8 TO THE RESULT (BEFORE GM announces consequences) OR reroll a d20 on a Saving Throw or Ability Check WITH A +8 TO THE RESULT (AFTER GM announces the consequences) and take the better result of the two rolls!


    1) None

    HP: 16/16
    SAVES: Fort +6 {+2 while raging}; Ref +2; Will +0 {+2 while raging}
    AC: 16 {would be -2 while raging} (Touch 12, Flat 14)

    1) MW greataxe: attack d20+6, damage d12 +6 (crit 19-20 x2) {raging grants +2 to each, so total +8 attack, +8 damage}
    ["Attack string" of modifiers: attack +1 BAB, +4 Str, +1 mwk] {Damage: add 1.5 x Str mod 4, thus 6, when using a two-handed melee weapon}

    2) Gladius (shortsword): attack d20+5, damage d6+4, (crit 19-20 x2)

    3) Hunting knife (2 of these, treat as dagger) : attack d20+5, damage d4+4 (or ranged 10 feet, attack d20+2)

    4) MW light crossbow: attack d20 +2+1 for MW, damage d8 (crit 19-20 x2)

    5) MW repeating light crossbow: ranged (80 ft) d20+4+1 for MW, damage d8 bludgeoning or piercing depending on clip of ammo (currently bludgeon) (crit 19-20 x2)
    *Free Action to reload a single bolt in a clip of 5, Full-Round Action to substitute a new case of 5 bolts

    1) Potion of cure light wounds: restores 1d8+1 Hit Points (Standard Action to drink it OR feed it to someone else)
    2) Golden apple of allure (See Loot & Acquisitions Thread under bold heading Loot from Backstories.)
    3) [HOLDING] Wand of Color Spray: Use Magic Device DC 20, Thurok has d20+8 on his Check (from Dangerously Curious trait AND +2 from having used the wand previously). Shoot 15 ft cone, save DC Will 13 or target(s) gains the stunned condition (loses its action) and may also be blinded or knocked unconscious; 5/8 charges left. (see Skie's QuickSheet entry for how the color spray wand works).

    1) Used 2 out of 7 potential rounds of barbarian rage class ability per day, FREE action to activate {effectively +2 attack and damage rolls and Will saves}
    2) Used 0 out of 5 Hero Points : Reroll a d20 once immediately on an Attack roll or Skill roll WITH A +8 TO THE RESULT (BEFORE GM announces consequences) OR reroll a d20 on a Saving Throw or Ability Check WITH A +8 TO THE RESULT (AFTER GM announces the consequences) and take the better result of the two rolls!


    1)Exhausted: -6 to Strength and Dexterity, cannot run or charge or rage, cannot move more than half-speed (10 feet in medium armor).


    From Skie "Dragonbane":

    (1) Carmon and Tika Hashimoto: Skie's elderly and kindhearted human uncle and aunt, practically raised Skie in the free-city of Goka and loved him like a son. It was Carmon who gave Skie his old mace, nicknamed "the dragon's bane," from his days fighting wyverns in the Qiang Tian mountains. Tika gave him a family heirloom that had been entrusted to Skie's mother (2) Quinn Hashimoto, an enchanted origami dove pendant (see Loot) fashioned many years ago by the venerated family wizard (3) Khisanth.

    (4) Tarathion Nhamironel: Skie's aloof, illustrious elven father from a noble house, who abandoned Skie's mother in disgust when he found out she was pregnant. He met Quinn and had a night of passion with her while visiting Goka for the Ruby Phoenix Tournament. He has not had any contact with Skie aside from a terse letter offering him a full scholarship to Twilight Academy so they can help him deal with the emerging blue dragon powers that he inherited from Tarathion's bloodline.

    (5) Errigar Fireforge: Blustering but good-natured old dwarven warrior, a close friend of Skie's Uncle Carmon. He taught Skie the Dwarven language. He has vaguely alluded to the long ago downfall of the legendary dwarven fortress and weapon smithing site called the Ironhearth Foundry where his clan was once based.

    From Thurok Bloodeye:

    (6) Janus Arvoth: A dashing human wizard who met Thurok's orc mother on a research expedition among her tribe and married her. He left suddenly when Thurok was only a few months old, leaving behind only an affectionate but cryptic note with a mention of "seeds" and an enchanted golden apple that should help his son find where he went. (The seeds were missing but Thurok kept the apple.)

    (7) Mazon Bloodeye: A courageous, skilled huntress and favored concubine of her tribe who married Janus and had one son, Thurok. Tragically she slipped into a catatonic state after her husband whispered something in her ear one night and departed for parts unknown, and she has never recovered.

    (8) Chief Golokk Bloodeye: A battle hardened but judicious leader of a small nomadic orc clan in the Hold of Belkzen, able to fight or parlay with humanoid races and orcs alike, whatever the situation demanded. He expected much from the half-human Thurok growing up, and was the closest thing the half-orc had to a father figure after his human father took off. When Thurok set out to seek his father and his own way, the Chief gave him a masterwork greataxe with his face on it, in the hopes Thurok would carve out his own legend, and one day the scariest thing a weaponsmith could think to put on a weapon would be the face of Thurok himself.

    (9) Umagog Fleshtrapper:
    The devious, heavily scarred grey-skinned half-orc member of a crime syndicate called the League of Last Resort who conned Thurok into borrowing more money than he could repay, then sold him to an agent of the Twilight Academy.

    From Letitia Golding:

    (14) Sir Dancel Golding:
    a dashing elder nobleman of Taldor and Letitia's doting father. He was wealthy and connected enough to marry an orc bride without losing his position among the scandalized peerage. Some years after his wife's tragic death in childbirth he went missing during a battle. He has been presumed dead for years, but Letitia holds out hope of finding him.

    (15) Sir Garer Retthal:
    a steadfast, obstinate nobleman of Taldor who was Letitia's father's comrade in arms and closest friend. He became her guardian and continues to look out for her interests, a difficult prospect when Sir Dancel's relatives and rivals scheme to cut Letitia out of her inheritance.

    (16) Ardiss Firestomp:
    a raucous, bawdy half-orc who is half-sister to Letitia's mother and adores her niece. She has always encouraged Letitia to be proud of both sides
    of her heritage and to pursue life's pleasures (and taught her a great many naughty ballads in the bargain).

    (17) Sir Odgar Whiteminster: a ruthless, charismatic Taldan nobleman whose property neighbors Letitia's father's. He does not wish for Sir Dancel to be found and schemes to acquire his holdings by fair means or foul.
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    (11) Rina Cardenescu: Skittish, long suffering tavern wench the party rescued from her cultist parents' residence above the Broken Wheel. She is pregnant with half-orc Okod's child. She gladly offered information about who on the town council was conspiring with Hans and seemed especially afraid of Charles Owensby (see below).

    (12) Corrupt Ravenmoor Council Members (various) : Alexei Eestok (apothecary/Physic owner), Skender Cardzi (trading post owner), Saul Cardenescu (Broken Wheel tavernkeeper and Rina's father), and Charles Owensby (Woodcutter's Guildmaster). Owensby tried to sedate Thurok and hired the Brotherhood of Silence assassin Davey Rackham from Taldor to work with the council's masked spies called Sly Men. NEW: Owensby tried to capture Rina and take her and her baby to Twilight Academy. Instead he himself was captured and he is in the Hawkeye Hall of Justice prison cells.

    NEWEST: Alexei Eestok (high priest/ringleader), Skender Cardzi (second in command), and Saul Cardenescu (fanatical acolyte), are DEAD following the Battle for Ravenmoor and the later skirmish at the cult of Ghluander's HQ in the forest. Owensby is on the run.

    (13) Dr. Solomon Lagasse :
    A diabolical genius posing as a Physic doctor who conspired with Hans to plant the magic seed that gave rise to the bogus beer miracle of Cayden, and to unleash the dizzying sickness epidemic.

    Dr. Lagasse is a necromancer plotting to unleash a plague zombie horde (built from his deceased patients) on Ravenmoor to kill anyone who isn't a Ghlaunder cultist, though he is not a worshipper. What he stands to gain from his own elaborate schemes is unclear.

    He worships a goddess but her identity is unknown as he doesn't carry her symbol. The party captured him before he reached Ravenmoor to attack it.

    NEW: Lagasse claims he needed a large undead army to combat the Seventh Spawn of Rovagug, a beast of pure destruction who is starting to fight loose of his bonds. He also claims that Dr. Bello, his colleague, had a similar plan to raise an army except his soldiers would be superpowered half-breeds. The necromancer is currently under arrest in the Hawkeye Hall of Justice.

    (14) Arod of House Ariavan: A well-titled and highly entitled elven buffoon from Kyonin who, according to Alec the former Twilight Academy guard, hired him as a bodyguard. Arod spoke of the spells and martial arts tournament called the Ruby Phoenix in Goka next May as a good place to catch up with (Skie's secret father) Tarathion.

    (15) Nadia Attar : An intelligent, idealistic young lady lightly acquainted with Mammon from his years preaching in *Qadira [think Persia], great niece of Mammon's mentor Harush. Her surly companion and cousin Razin, and her brazen best friend Sabine of *Galt [think France] also knew and "admired" Mammon. Nadia offered to preach the word of Abadar in Ravenmoor at the local chapel.

    (16) Dreamspeaker Katranjiev (a.k.a. Ruxandra Katranjiev) : Stern, imperious 40-ish white haired leader of the Desna worshipers from Wolf's Ear who appear to be hiding out in Ravenmoor among the tourists. She makes Korman swear on his life he won't let her or her people be arrested before working with him and the others to liberate sick patients from the corrupt local Physic.

    She can turn into a wolf and so can her druidic clan members. She has some kind of circular brand on her palm, possibly of the sort given to thieves.

    NEWEST: She and her clan are werewolves trying to co-exist peacefully with their neighbors. The brand on their palms is from the press of a silver coin, which is anathema to werewolves. Ruxandra wants to relocate her people to Ravenmoor before Magnimar's agents cage them like beasts. She has asked Korman and Mammon to put in a good word for her and her clan mates who helped stop the zombie invasion.

    (17) Shel Lupescu: Manipulative, self-centered blond orphan lass of about 19, who worked as a nurse at the corrupt Physic until her capture by the Dreamspeaker's clan in their raid. She claimed loyalty to Ghlaunder's cult because they took her in like family. After much threatening and cajoling she grudgingly offered the party information on Hans' and Lagasse's roles in the monumental conspiracy to punish Ravenmoor for rejecting Ghlaunder, with the dizzying sickness epidemic and a town massacre involving plague zombies and Irriseni tracking dogs.

    NEW: Flint found her redeemable and had her help him search Hans' rooms. He gave her a gem to help her afford a fresh start and advised her to stop thinking of herself as a victim and start seeing herself as someone who could help others.

    (18) Otto Lovanova: Helpful if possibly amoral Chelaxian (*Russian) youth, about 15, one of the patients the party's allies rescued from the Physic. His homeland (infamous for pacts with devils) has given him familiarity with necromancy and his eyewitness testimony confirmed the case against Dr. Lagasse and Nurse Lupescu as dangerous conspirators. His siblings Agrafena and Damir Lobanova are skilled alchemists who aided in defending Ravenmoor (and Flint robbed their coin purses during the Campground feast. NEW: Damir the tiefling witnessed aasimar Mammon outnumbered and outflanked and crept away rather than help him or tell anyone. His sister remains helpful to all heroes, however.

    NEW: (19) "Tavi Versago": Repentant but emotionally volatile teenaged cultist/alchemy apprentice led astray by Alexei Eestok. The heroes spare his life and he gives helpful hints about Lagasse's spellbook and the monster guarding it. His younger cousin (actually named Tavi Versago) died in the defense of the cult HQ and he has assumed his cousin's identity as penance and plans to pursue Tavi's dream of becoming a blacksmith.

    Updated 5/21/17
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    Default Umbral Market NPCs

    Umbral Market NPCs

    (1) Alizna the aranea: Manipulative and coy elderly shapeshifter sorceress who can assume the form of a spider. She escorted DMPC Bel and new PC Ulvenn from the Umbral Market to Ravenmoor in time to help defeat the last of the Ghlaunder cultists. Then she tried to strong-arm the heroes into giving her Lagasse's spellbook and anything in it. They struck a bargain but she betrayed it by abandoning them in the Umbral Market on the Shadow Plane while her new hired help, Guma's Dragonslayers, helped her retrieve the spellbook.

    The heroes plan to hunt her down.

    (2) The Six Merchant Princes: These wealthy and powerful individuals control different sectors of the Umbral Market, an infamous and secretive bazaar on the Shadow Plane where anything is for sale, especially those things considered sacred and exclusive.

    (2a) Grimaldor (deep dwarf, runs Main Bazaar) : Surly grey dwarf attired in mage robes whom the party met once when he warned them no crime would be tolerated by the Umbral Market's flying construct sentinels. Alizna spoke to him in a very familiar fashion indicating some relationship between them. Sarkani said he has a phobia of enclosed spaces and never leaves the Shadow Plane, and is easy to get drunk on strong liquor.

    (2b) Sarkani (deep gnome, runs Fey Quarter) : Greedy, calculating grey gnome eager to exchange gossip or favors for gems. Seems to loathe Grimaldor.

    (2c) Zantog (orc, runs Gambling Quarter and Blood Arena) : Brutish and barbaric orc who runs the blood arena where animals and humanoids and others fight to the death. His six daughters with different human mothers are in his employ as waitresses and bouncers. He owned Syriaax the lucky psuedodragon whom Ulvenn stole.

    (2d) *FORMER merchant prince Melkanazzar (drow, head of Undertow Market) : Arrogant dark elf with a cultured attire and airs and burn scars upon his face from a run-in with a being from the plane of fire. He runs a more exclusive and dangerous black market called the Undertow beneath the Umbral Market. He was found guilty of
    Bel's familiar's kidnapping and subsequently LOST his position to drow Matron Chazserae.

    (2e) Anonymous Halfling Prince (halfling,
    Shining Quarter, a.k.a. the Adventurer's Quarter ) : in his domain mainly brave and nobly intentioned questers buy and sell gear and artifacts with one another. Duffy said the halfling prince would help the group return to Ravenmoor if they could convince Melkanazzar to permanently close off the entrance to the Undertow beneath the Dozing Dragon Inn inside his domain.

    (2f) Lady Weslen (fetchling, Shadow Quarter) : Mysterious female Shadow Plane denizen descended from humans trapped there. Little is known about her but the fetchlings are said to control a portal leading from the Umbral Market to a dock in Oppara.

    (3) Jaccarus: Fiendish though flamboyant and chummy blue kyton (chain fiend), a skin graft merchant with a lust for exotic specimens and an axe to grind with Ulvenn for sparing aasimar Bel from his scalpel.

    (5) Duffy: Chipper halfling bard who asks for tales from everyone that enters the Shining Quarter, and claims to act as a messenger for the halfling merchant prince. Mammon's spying told him the halfling merely sits near a stage for awhile without speaking and then comes back with a "message" from his liege.

    (4) Philossith: Oily serpentfolk merchant who deals in exotic animals and gossip.

    (5) Roliah: Compassionate and generous Vudrani [*think India] healer, an expert and diagnosing and curing diseases and ailments with her magic and herbs.

    Wodjit: Plucky and industrious *Druman (think Italy) elderly gnome tinker with a shop in the Shining Quarter. Korman opened a puzzle box for him and saved him from a scorpion attack from the tiefling client Zlatnik who dropped off the box. Wodjit made Korman a copy of the parchment from the box.

    Lady Sheila Heidmarch: Impeccably well bred and well-mannered Pathfinder Society Member, founder of the Chapter House in Magnimar. She is passionate about all matters Varisian was so impressed with Mammon's exploits that she gave him a letter of recommendation/trade voucher with her house's noble seal.

    (8) Maestro Fellichi: Pompous Druman (*think Italy) scroll and magic item merchant, also good at curse removal. NEW: Sold party rings of mind blank, reluctantly, still feeling guilty about selling such a ring to Abbas Khaldun who murdered a Taldan heir to the throne.

    Hallowed Jude & Tolemy: Timid Opparan noble and his sly imp assistant with a booth in the Shining Quarter that buys wicked or dangerous items to dispose of them or re-purpose them for good. Mammon detected evil on the imp but not his master and sold them the necromancer's athame.

    (10) Solaire : Frugal, bossy, but goodhearted elderly Qadiran [*think Persian] human wizard and worshipper of sun goddess Sarenrae who sells spells at cost in the Umbral Market. Has a raven familiar named Blue. He helped Korman trail a worshipper of Rovagug and promised to report the murder that Korman and Blue witnessed together.

    (11) Mr. Splinterbone: Sinister, murderous orc with strange partial shapeshifting powers, a worshipper of Rovagug the Destroyer. Korman saw him kill Mr. Zlatnik, a Chelaxian tiefling noble, in a cave outside the Umbral Market after luring him there with false promises of arranging secret passage to Oppara in a large dog crate bound there. NEW: Flint framed Splinterbone for stealing from the drow to steal Zlatnik's Pathfinder's Pouch from him. Later that same day a fetchling tried to pay Ulvenn to assassinate Splinterbone and frame his drow captors, but he declined.

    NEW: (12) Narvi Knutvar: Brazen, mischievious Ulfen gnome skald whom Ulvenn befriended. Also professional giant-slayer with a party called the Skraeling Skipa. He introduced to Authion, an Elven silversmith and Swiggjack, sociopathic spriggan cobbler to caters to and loathes giants

    NEW: (13) (MENTIONED ONLY) Erukh the Djinn Lord: Powerful djinn in Qadira who helped forge the Scorpion's Sting to fight Rovagug's Spawn and cult, and who may have valuable information about how to restore its diminished power among other matters.

    NEW: (14) Ashlan: Fetchling (shadow plane native descended from humans) agent of unidentified merchant prince or princess who has offered Ulvenn (and through him, Flint) a job for her people if he goes to the Opparan docksand asks for"Harbormaster Garrett" and presents
    with a stamped ticket for the ship Twilight Remnant.

    LAST UPDATED 10/26/17

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