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Thread: Our Heroes (Character Sheets)

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    These are preliminary sheets. Haven't filled these out in forever, so having GM look them over for anything that needs corrected.


    Shade and Peasblossom are characters in my urban fantasy series, Blood Trails. I've used Pathfinder as a guide for writing my characters (and fight scenes) and I've been dying for the chance to play them in a game (if only to remind myself just how many details I completely failed to include when I "built" them for the books, sigh).

    All right, so background info that is germane to this game:

    Shade started out life in a world very much like this one. Fantasy world, medieval-ish times. The patron that made her a witch dumped a bunch of power on her without ever telling her why, or who they were. She started to go a bit wonky, having epileptic-like seizures (which of course everyone at that time assumed meant she was possessed by a demon). She ended up almost killing her sister in an attempt to save herself, and she feels quite bad about it. That experience has driven her a unique understanding of just how easy it is for Otherworlders (read: not human) to take advantage of humans.

    Baba Yaga, calling herself "Mother Hazel" ("Mother" is an honorific for witches in my world), took Shade on as an apprentice. Mother Hazel believes that witching is about helping people, and mostly in a fairly mundane way. (Think Granny Weatherwax and "headology"). Shade's training mostly involved learning history and medicine, and helping people with chores, along with performing services like midwifing and village doctor. Also babysitter, and occasional farming consultant. It wasn't until she decided to become a private investigator that she really started to concentrate on magic, and learning to control it better.

    She believes she can continue to be a good witch to her village while still pursuing a career as a private investigator. Her mentor Mother Hazel (aka Baba Yaga) disagrees. In my world, the Vanguard is a sort of Otherworld INTERPOL. Lady Heidmarch, of the Pathfinder Society, occasionally communicates with the Vanguard (Mother Hazel, along with several members of the Vanguard) are capable of moving between planes, so they chat, and occasionally coordinate with those outside their own plane. Mother Hazel thinks offering Shade up to Lady Heidmarch for this adventure will help get the wild out of her and encourage her to return home to be happy with a quiet life as a village witch.

    Shade's path so far to become a PI has not been very smooth. She's still passionate about her calling, but she is more wary of how easy it is to make enemies, and how careful one has to be to maintain friendships. Despite the danger, she's looking forward to this adventure as a mental break from everything going on at home, and she could really use a win. Along with some new friends.
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