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Thread: Our Heroes (Character Sheets)

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    Post Our Heroes (Character Sheets)

    Put the link to your Myth-weavers Pathfinder sheet (or whichever site you used) here.

    Put your *entire backstory here (*but only include those details that you want other players to know before the start of our game)

    Feel free to include an (approximate) image of your character if you find one you like.

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    Default Our Heroes (Character Sheets)

    Skie Dragonsbane is a half-elf and if you were to spend any time with him you would quickly see that he has a contempt for elves he grew up raised by his aunt and uncle who he speaks very highly of he wears a blue robe with a hood pulled over his silver eyes and he seems to fear whatever draws his powers out but likely won't talk about it unless you become close to him

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    I present to you my character sheet:
    I may fill in the rest eventually, busy life and all.

    Mammon was born to Taldan aristocrats in the Westpark district of Oppara. Him being born in the largest city of a corrupt nation is particularly ironic when thinking about the events of his later life. Mammon and his siblings wanted for nothing during their adolescence. Living in Westpark without being royalty only served as a source of pride for his father, who loosely attributed his successes to the god Abadar. It was his father's obediences and his families infrequent trips to the local temple that began Mammon’s worship of Abadar.
    It wasn't until his early adulthood working as a tax collector that he heard Abadar’s call and truly began to worship. Not long after that, he began to balk under the employment of the corrupt authorities of Oppara. Bound by oath, he did as he was bid. Retrieving what was owed to the state from those that did not want to pay, and those that could not afford it. The latter of those groups spurred him into finding a way to take his ministry elsewhere.
    He traveled to Qadira, hoping to bring civilization to the perceived barbarians of the desert. He found not savages of the sand, but people of a vast desert. And those who needed his help were more than accepting of the word from The Manual of City-Building that Mammon had brought with him. While there, in an attempt to keep his skills sharp, he began practicing with Qadiran weapons. What he found was their more fluid style of combat suited him far better than the hack and slash of his own people. One village elder who was particularly grateful for Mammon’s help actually gave him the falchion he uses today. Though he enjoyed many aspects of the Qadiran culture, he began to miss his own people. So he ventured home.
    But he did not return to Taldor. He headed to Varisia, with hopes to tame the uncharted wilds he had heard so much about.
    While traveling he met a mage named Skie and a vagabond named Flint. Deciding that they would benefit from each other's company he altered his course and went with them to Galduria. Over the course of their journey together he found himself making fast friends with the odd pair. So when they arrived at their destination he lingered, unwilling to say goodbye to the only people with whom he had developed a report with in years. Nevertheless, duty called, he made plans to leave a few days after their arrival. But on the morning of his departure he found himself and his friends in the basement of the twilight academy. Together they narrowly made their escape and now find themselves on the run from a largely unknown enemy

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    Flint Somber grew up as an orphan on the streets of Oppara in Taldar, finding his "home" in the narrows district, he quickly picked up petty thievery as a life style, before moving on to bigger and better thing, rather then stealing a days worth of food from the apple cart, he was stealing a kings ransom from any fool not smart enough to employ a guard of some kind, Flint was careful not to hurt anyone on any of his hiests, running when it would be easier to silence the witness. he found that while he wasnt just a skilled thief, he was also a decent card shark, he never would carelessly gamble his hard earned gold away, and if he did lose a hand, he would just buy his opponent a drink, and cut his purse strings. oddly enough despite flints success as a thief, it never inspired him to leave the narrows district, a place where the building literally are falling over, the gangs, more than a few of which want flint dead, rule the streets, and life there is a game of survival.

    Flint hasnt told anyone, not even his best friend Skie, why he suddenly just left his home, and accepted a deal from a stranger representing some college he had never heard of. When he met Mammon at first he didnt trust or like the paladin, but in time, Flint warmed up to the guy, finding him quite agreeable, at least compared to the other 'Paladins' he had met in the past. During the escape Flint almost seemed reluctant, but he ultimately sided with his friends, and put his years of experience into helping the team escape

    NEW: Almiraj Jack


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    Thurok's mother, Mazon Bloodeye, was a full-blood orc, one of Chief Golokk's favourite concubines and an exceptionally skilled huntress. His father was Janus Arvoth, a dashing, roguishly handsome human wizard from a human city, the name of which has been lost by the Bloodeye tribe. He came to the Bloodeye encampment, seeking to live among them and record Orcish lifestyle and culture for research. Chief Golokk allowed him, as a sign of goodwill to the humans. He and Mazon soon fell in love, and after a night of passion, Thurok was the result. When Thurok was a few months old, Janus left the camp in the night, reportedly after whispering something into Mazon's ear. The next morning he was nowhere to be seen, and Mazon acted in such a way that these days would be compared to a lobotomy patient. She never recovered. Thurok was raised by the tribe as a whole, but he was given no grief nor respite for being half-breed, i.e. he was expected to take on both the rights and responsibilities of being a full-blood orc. When Thurok was eight years old, he got into a fight with one of his cousins, which resulted in a nasty scar across the right side of his face and partial blindness in his right eye. When he was nineteen, Mazon died, and he asked the chief for permission to leave the tribe in search of his father, which he was given. He was also given the chief's greataxe, which was weighted to provide greater power behind blows by better utilising gravity. Since then, he has worked primarily as a caravan guard, however he has lived nomadically, never working for the same group/company more than once and constantly changing towns according to where his caravans go. He is still very much confused by human culture, and has all but forgotten about his quest to find his father, instead choosing to live out his days drifting from caravan to caravan. When he first arrived in a human city, he borrowed money from several crime organisations, as he had no 'stupid humie metal disks' of his own. He still hasn't paid his debts, so one of the organisations captured him and sold him into the experiment, taking the money as payment of his debt.
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    Growing up with his tribe, the Shriikirri-Quah, or "The Hawk Clan," Korman Deer-Stalker came to be familiar with nature, coming to revere it. He also received much experience with the bow, having a father who was also an archer. His life was generally peaceful, and he happily made it to the age of 17 before his village was attacked by a barbarian raiding group from the North, killing his family and many other people before they were fought off. This angered Korman, and so he asked his shaman, the only person he could turn to, for permission to leave. And so he left , wondering far to the south to clear his mind, hunting with his father's bow. He eventually came across Riddleport, and lived within for awhile among the commoners, who he found strange, and they found him strange; strange enough to kill him. He was walking to market to sell his recent catch as he was stabbed, leaving him on the ground. Brought to a cleric, he passed out. The rest was history, having been experimented upon by Bello and his vile assistant, he met a strange but helpful half-orc. it was he that gave him courage, hope. He escaped one night by pure chance: They tried to drug and transport him and he resisted the draught and broke free, and although dizzy, Korman Deer-Stalker managed to flee with his belongings, heading North until he hit a forest...

    Now Mak!
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    Inside the Dreams of the Godhead

    Lititia Golding is the half orc bastard child of a minor noble, Sir Dancel, in Taldor. After her father went missing in a battle at a young age, she was brought up by her father's fclose friend, Sir Garer Retthal. She was brought up learning to fence, and was enrolled in the Clergy at a young age out of a natural wisdom for the divine. She was kicked out when she was caught drinking, a sin in the eyes of the god she had served, and drifted before finding the church of Cayden Cailean, which she now serves, hunting down slavers and all others who bend people to their wills.

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    A tall figure stands at the end of the alley, his back to you. A wolf pelt sits overtop a black cloak, hood drawn up. He turns, showing removing a mask that covers his eyes and left side of his face, shaped like a wolf's head. In a quick motion he removes the mask and pulls down the hood. From his size and face you can tell he is of Ulfen descent. His bright blue eyes shine in the dark, framed by his shoulder length blond hair.

    You've heard rumors of him up and down the coast, here a bodyguard, there a thief, elsewhere supposedly a killer. They say he comes from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and fell in with a shady organisation, although everyone hushes up quickly when that part gets mentioned. A couple years back they say he disappeared, that wolf mask just stopped showing up, some assumed him dead others say he lost his nerve, and still others say he settled down... But seeing that mask in the alley, the bright blue eyes above the wide grin, you suspect that they are all wrong.

    A crash to your side draws your attention for just a moment and by the time you look back he's gone, you reach for your weapon in apprehension and notice its missing... and your money pouch... Turns out at least the rumors of him being a thief were true, you think to yourself as you head home glad that what you heard about him being a killer weren't so fully realized.

    ((Don't worry, Ulvenn's not super dark and mysterious in person, but I had fun with this little narrative. Ulvenn is from the Land of the Linnorm Kings and has spent his life doing lots of different jobs. He stays near the coast as much as he can, due to a love of the sea)).

    NEW: Syriaax's stats, spells cast updated 3-29-20

    Syriaax, Faerie Psuedodragon (see also QuickSheets under the post dedicated to Ulvenn, where HP and spell use will actually be tracked)

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    Default Our Heroes (Character Sheets)


    Past the Ironbound Archipelago, across the Steaming Sea, lies Skjoldmir. A small but thriving village in Thremyr’s Fjord where Thremyr’s Glacier calves off great icebergs year-round. Skjoldmir is one of many Norse villages, and home to Haakon Bjorunson. As a youth, Haakon was raised in a fierce and merciless Viking culture. He waited impatiently to come of age and join the seasonal southern raids of his countrymen, eagerly absorbing the tales of distant lands they brought back with their plunder. The proud raiders boasted of desperate battles at sea, of ceaseless storms and sea monsters and foreign towns cloaked in sheets of cascading flames. Haakon committed these stories to memory, adding his own embellishments to create an oral history for his people – vowing to one day make a place for himself within it.

    His Father, Bjorun is a favored Hauscarl of Jarl Hrolf and a great hero with many sagas telling of his strength and whit on daring adventures. His mother, Lunariel, a beautiful Elf madden became captivated with a young Bjorun when he rescued her on one of his heroic adventures with Hrolf, before he helped him become Jarl. She was not like other elves who preferred their own kind. Instead she fell in love with a bold and daring adventurer.

    Because the Viking rading culture that Bjorun and Haakon are from, it is not uncommon to see many mixed raced families because many Viking warriors would bring back beautiful wives like Bjorun did or bring back slaves from these distant lands. Slavery in this Viking culture was very much unlike those of other cultures. Many slaves were treated with respect and many were treated as a member of the family and not like livestock as southern cultures. Slaves acted as teachers, house keepers, childcare nurses, doctors and were became members of the community. Few tried to escape choosing instead to stay apart of the diverse and more accepting culture than their own. Many if not all would be freed and become wives, husbands, and even join in on raids.

    Key to Haakon’s youthful mythology was a priest named Athelstan. Haakon’s father, returned from a raid with Athelstan as part of his boon. On this raid something stayed Bjorun’s axe and instead of killing Athalstan, protected him and took him home. Over time Athelstan gained the trust and interest of both Bjorun and Haakon, becoming more than a simple, ill-treated thrall. After a time, Bjorun received a vision that his young son was chosen to be a messenger of the gods and would be a great hero to even one day surpass his own endeavors. The following morning Bjorun seeing that the priest had a wealth of knowledge, instructed Athelstan to tutor his son in the divine.

    The second individual who was key to Haakon’s journey toward becoming a great hero was Hrolf Forgehair, one of the few honorable Jarls of the despicable Norce King Ingimundr the Unruly. Haakon’s account of Forgehair’s victory over the ice troll Rimclaw became something of a phenomenon in the capital settlement of Bildt. Other skalds tried to outdo Haakon’s telling, adding ever more fantastic feats to the story, which only increasing Forgehair’s reputation and influence. Nevertheless, even the embellishments acknowledged the original tale as Haakon’s as much as that of Hrolf Forgehhair, and the young storyteller became a minor celebrity in the Norse Jarldom. When he turned 15 later that year, Hrolf claimed him for his crew and appointed Haakon as his personal lore keeper, legend-spinner and healer.

    Haakon composed epic poems of Hrolf Forgehair’s encounter with the brine dragon Kelizar, his crushing victory at sea over Styrbjorn Threefingers and his romance with his greatest rival the Viking hero and Shield Madden, Jarl White Estrid. Haakon stood beside the two lovers as Forgehair and his men joined forces with Estrid on her legendary run through a Chelish blockade at the Arch of Aroden to find harbor in the distant city of Absalom, at the heart of the Inner Sea. On that months-long journey, Haakon recorded the tales of heroes like White Estrid, Runewulf the Unbeliever, Molgard the Bear, and the twins Bolgi and Bjarni, slayers of the frost wolf Kuldnir.
    To keep the memories fresh in his mind, Haakon embroidered representations of the stories into cloth badges sewn along the hem of his long coat. As he moved badge to badge Haakon added to the legend of his shipmates, who looked on in excitement with each of his telling’s. The smiles and encouragement of heroes stung Haakon in his heart, however, and what should have been pride was instead replaced with regret and shame. For Hrolf intended that his personal skald would survive to tell his legend, and thus kept Haakon as far from danger as possible. Over the years of his time in service to White Estrid, Haakon observed the great deeds of heroes triumphant over enemies again and again, but always as a witness, and never as the participant he so wanted to be.
    Upon their return to the Lands of the Norse Kings from the extended Absalom expedition, White Estrid and Hrolf had a falling out that separated Haakon from the band of heroes that had so inspired his imagination. As Estrid and her crew went on to defeat a Linnorum dragon and claim the kingdom of Halgrim, Haakon fallowed Hrolf back to the Skjoldmir. King Ingimundr’s jealousy quickly grew for Hrolf and became afraid that the people of his kingdom would rise up in support of Hrolf to make him king.

    Over the next several years Haakon watched as Forghair’s legend faded as all the past injuries slowed him down and he basked in the glory of his past deeds. It wasn’t long before King Ingimundr openly undermined him and tempted the fading lord to strike against him. The final humiliation sentenced Forghair to serve upon the crew of a long ship captained by the spiteful Viking named Girt Ulfbain, a dishonorable warrior and hated enemy. Worse yet, the king commanded Haakon to be his own Skald but Haakon refused. Furious, the king ordered Forgehair to sea with his official lore keeper and the recorder of his legendary deeds, in hopes that an “unfaithful accident” would cause their death and cull the legend and push the sagas of Hrolf Forgehair into lost memory.

    Hrolf Forgehair, Haakon, and his old companions Bolgi and Bjarni set out on Girt Ulfbain’s ship among a great armada of raiders with hungry eyes on the rich lands of the distant south. They never returned to the Fjords, but soon stories made their way to the families of Skjoldmir of a mutiny at sea in which Hrolf and his allies attempted to take the long ship from its wicked captain. Their heroism was rewarded with sword thrusts and blood eagles. A victorious Ulfbain had his slain enemies thrown overboard, food for sea birds and ravenous beasts of the deep.

    But other stories made their way back to Skjoldmir and Bildt, too. Tales of a courageous young skaldic warrior oracle ever haunted by the spirits of his slain comrades, named Haakon the Unslain, a survivor of treachery at sea who somehow washed ashore in the lands to the south and who immediately set about creating a legend of his own. Haakon now had the chance to prove his worth in deeds and hopefully send the message that he still lived and would one day return home to repay the treachery he and his Jarl received to Ulfbain and King Ingmundr.

    Tales of these past victories and knowing that their lives are in the healing hands of a messenger of the gods, fill his new companions with unparalleled battle spirit and combat prowess, further cementing Haakon’s growing legend. Now the badges of Haakon’s own exploits stand beside those of the true heroes of the Norse, but the Skaldic Oracle knows that his journeys must continue until his deeds shine brighter than those of Hrolf Forgehair, White Estrid and his father Bjorun. Only then will the Saga of Haakon be complete, daring those who come after him to even greater feats of bravery and legend.

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    Character Sheet


    In a round stone plaza, under the purple-clouded skies of Katapesh a woman is on sale. Her amber eyes, looking at maybe some nice ware other than herself on display – perhaps some bright bitter oranges, perhaps a sweet, merciful dagger –, were being assessed by her prospective buyers. She cradles her infant thoughtlessly, deaf to its weeping. Her man stands tall, brow furrowed, knuckles white with anger and fear. The family is sold. A thin, graceful woman merchant of weary eyes and a collection of colourful rings on her hands would now be their mistress. Some fingers had even three of those jewel-encrusted wonders.
    Their first meal in their new living place, for that could never be a home, was spent in silence. It also went unfinished, despite their hunger. The child still suckled from her mother’s bosom as she lay unconscious in her bunk bed and eventually sleep finds it too, sated. The father struggled in his sleep. A hand touched his feverish head and his breathing normalises.
    The manor was invaded in silence. It took years to slowly replace enough staffers to make the move. Next morning the building was aflame. A skeleton was found resting upon a monstrous bed among the soot-covered debris. The Bellflower Network often frowns upon such excesses, since its goal is liberation, not retribution. The Red Genie is not an actual branch of the network, however, but a rougher-around-the-edges offshoot. Its only member and founder is Luciana Rustin, Halfling Sorcerer and kitchen hand.

    Luciana is 23-year-old a female Halfling. Her eyes are grey and her hair is deep red. Weight: 29lbs / 13 kilogrammes Height: 3' 3" / 1 metre. Her tousled hair covers two small horns which seem to grow menacingly at will, act she saves for enemies she understands deserve punishment. It is not clear whether the horns serve any specific purpose or if they grow at all or it is a very specific illusion that takes place. In characteristic Halfling preparedness, she is seen carrying around a backpack as big as herself and a cute plush toy in the shape of a rabbit. True Sight, however, would reveal a repeating hand crossbow that she light-heartedly named Hot Bun and it is the Bellflower Network’s parting gift to make her de facto excommunication a smoother affair. Her clothes are neat but plain, subject to change in order to better blend with the local styles of attire. Also worthy of notice is the fact that she is partial to footwear, presumably to pass off as a human boy or girl more easily, given her childlike features. Whenever she feels in safe company there is a change in the way she uses her voice and gestures that help one correctly identify her as Halfling and female. Passing as a child is, therefore, a skill she developed consciously; the advantages of being underestimated are well-known to most Halfling adventurers. Passing as something terrifying, a being of fiery extra-planar anger, is something harder to explain, her enemies have found. A fire burns in her chest, red as her blood. It is not the warmth of the hearth that burns there, but an inferno of wrath.

    Her family’s name was originally Russov, but it changed to Rustin to better accommodate Andoran naming conventions when they left Cheliax, and slavery, behind. The Rustins kept their heads down and worked hard to make the city of Alma their new home. Believing her to be a simple, her loving parents were rarely demanding with Luciana. When her powers manifested, she was sent to Tom Cotton, a local Halfling librarian and sorcerer himself, who helped her understand the basics of Arcana and her unusual bloodline. In the library, she also learned about the state of subjugation the Halfling population goes through by reading the published memoirs of a survivor. She is an avid, albeit slow, reader.

    When the chance to participate in the Bellflower Network knocked her door, she answered. With mixed feelings, her parents understood that she had finally found something she was any good at; while they wanted to do their best to put their past lives behind, their daughter felt differently. She learned how to be of assistance to the Network until she felt her contributions were too limited and freedom to all Halflinghood too specific a goal. She was branded an extremist.

    Asking too many questions about bloodlines and how to find a wish-granting Efreet waiting to be freed caught the attention of the Twilight Academy “recruiters” and she was gullied into the imprisonment she dreaded so much. She did not escape. She was not rescued either. The curiosity of the experimenters was a fickle thing and they were sloppy killers. She survived. The blunt force head trauma was not without its sequels as forming long, articulate sentences was very hard for a long time, but she was alive. Waking up from that is her unhappiest memory. Oddly enough, she was free when she came to. Freedom, she learnt then, can also be a terrifying thing. It was also then when she elevated her first prayer not to Erastil, but to Thamir Gixx, the Silent Blade.

    Further, one of her secret, carefully worded wishes involves the idea of good people not waking up like that ever again: When the family gained consciousness they were in one of many of the safe houses of the network. A hot meal awaited them. Luciana loves to cook. There is something about the fire, it is to be supposed…
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