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Thread: Combat 2

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    It's a tree! Avery hasn't acted yet this round, I just put him at the farthest point for short range on the map.

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    Avery loads his bolt and fires another shot at the gnoll.

    He scowls in irritation as it misses the beast by a long shot.
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    The gnolls respond.

    G4 pulls a longbow off of his back and fires at Avery
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollLongbow Attack - (1d20+3) [12]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (1d8+3) [9]

    The leader (GL) whistles harshly at the other gnolls, and they all form up around the bare-branched tree. G2 is the only gnoll who has time to do anything but run, and he pulls his longbow out and makes an attack
    at range with disadvantage against Maramil. Since Maramil has half cover from the hillside, he'll get a +2 to his AC.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollG2 attack - (1d20+3) [17]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rolldamage - (1d8+3) [6]

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    Tristan stares at the battle field to see if there are any with ranged attacks and targets them, or the farthest targets within 60 feet and cast frostbite upon them.

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    Both arrows hit, and Avery falls unconscious to the ground.

    I'm going to take the liberty of having Caelrin heal during this fight. He runs 30 ft. toward Avery and casts Healing Word
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollHealing Word - (1d4+4) [6]

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    (hi Tristan, didn't see you there while I was posting!)

    Tristan sees that all 5 gnolls have bows, and that G4 will be within 60 feet if he moves toward it.
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollsaving throw - (1d20) [7]

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    G4 is now moving sluggishly and is having trouble even keeping a good grip on his bow as Tristan's frostbite attack hits him. He is also looking in very poor health and seems to realize just how far away his allies are.

    Maramil, it's your go! Also did you say what ability score Hex would be affecting? Thanks.

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    (It is affecting DEX)

    Maramil peeks his head over the top of the hill again and shoots another eldritch blast at the same gnoll.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollEldritch Blast Attack - ( d20+5 ) [8]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollEldritch Blast Damage - ( d10+d6 ) [9]

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    The villagers fire on the ogre again, and the other two villagers manage to get the ancient ballista up onto the palisade and begin cranking it.

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollVillagers Attack - (3d20) (2, 1, 7) [10]

    The ogre attacks the wall

    Authentic Forum Dice-rollogre attack - (1d20+6) [13]

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    The villagers fire a volley of arrows at the ogre, but none of them are able to penetrate his tough skin. However, they seem to distract him, as his next club blow is weak and fails to damage the wall.

    Ander, Avery, Solario, and Caelrin are up.

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