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Thread: Intermission - Parable in Anthracite

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    Yrisz nods at the spectacle of the besieged compound.

    “I had rather expected much worse,” she whispers to Diviak, “building burning, body stroon roads and the like, although that group seems not an insignificant problem to be sure,” she continues noting the Raven Brothers speckling the group.

    While making their way towards Diviak’s Inn Yrisz explains, “Regarding the Izzmarg expedition I do know a bit, as one of it’s members travel with us for some time while we explored the ruins. To be sure he was a weary fellow and not super talkative, though amazing in his survival and war crafts. He said that some curse seemed to have befallen the expedition which racked them with paranoia ruining their cohesion. Though I believe that curse was inflicted by the litch that resided under the fortress, which I’m sure you have heard about him from the stories. Though I got the feeling that the expedition had pulled itself back together a bit, so I do think a rescue of some sort is in order for them. I’d love to piggy back a warning message to poor Beilston with that.”

    Yrisz returns the curtsey of the well dress maid as they arrive at the at The Assassination Inn and listen to her list of rules, quickly paling as the prices is given. She nods listlessly as the rules are given, though it is plain she stopped listening for the most part after the first.

    As Diviak looks questioningly back at Noxias and her, she can do not but frown.

    “Oh, a warning would have been nice," she admonishes Diviak, "though I'm still in, though that is all the money I have for the most part, so it really hinders our ability to buy new traveling kit while in town, but oh a bath and bed sounds quite divine at the moment.”
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    Diviak nods at Yrisz's observation, "All that may come in time, I fear. This is one of the two neighborhoods that didn't burn at all, a fact that helped precipitate what you're seeing now.

    "I had not heard those stories, not one of them," Diviak says when Yrisz relates her knowledge of the Izzmarg Expedition, "Izzmarg is supposed to be an empty fortress, and the Izzmarg Expedition seemed like a fool's errand and overall waste of resources. Now it seems like a fatal errand. If they had known that such a thing as a lich dwelt there, they would never have dared it. Saving them may be too late, now.

    "I'm terribly sorry," he says faintly when Yrisz questions him on the price, "A warning! Oh, yes, a warning. I, um, what was I supposed to warn you about? Oh, the cost?" He gestures vaguely at Yrisz and Noxias, with their shining robes and armor, and ornate mace and staves, "I assumed it wouldn't be a problem. Forgive me."

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    “Oh,” Yrisz says looking down at her shining hauberk, “this, yes, I can of course excuse the confusion and thus you stand pardoned, this came from somebody who found it more advantageous, in the short term, to fight the prior spoken about litch rather then talk to him, poor dear, I did give her soul a good word to my lady. It’s a good fit for me don’t you think, sadly we really are quite cash poor at the moment despite our regal wares.”

    “The good news is the litch in question no longer takes up residence at the fore spoken location as he rather passed on due primarily to disappointment at the qualities of his current crop of possible disciples,” Yrisz says indicating to Noxias and herself, “though his rather potent servants remain, so they still might be in a bit of a pickled down there, especially considering what just got dumped into their vicinity.”

    “With all that said, I think I do have enough money for a few nights, as long as we do get our deposit back as advertised things should go ducky,” she says looking at Noxias questioningly.
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    Noxias looks down at Yrisz, his brow disdainful.

    “Here,” he says throwing Yrisz his coin purse, “I tire of trafficking in this most pedestrian of currencies.”

    Yrisz gulps audibly as she makes her way over a counter space where, after returning the fair maid’s courtesy, she begins to lay out her coin.

    “Am,” she says looking between the maid and Diviak.

    “What should we expect from the Master’s interview? I suppose, Diviak, that you thought we us capable of passing his interrogation, or you would not have so recommended this option,” she says hopefully.

    “Oh, Diviak,” she says holding up a gold coin with a dragon’s head on it. “Have you seen the like of this before? I think them to be a rather old currency form. I’m glad I can show them to somebody who might enjoy their novelty before spending them properly.”

    To the maid, “While I understood that there was to be no debate on price, we do have some rather arcane coinage, some value of sanctified incense, or even something like a enchanted sling that might act as surety. While I do wish to paying in standard coin for our actual stay and interview I thought I might something like these,” she says holding up one of the gold coins, ”evaluated for appropriateness for use in the surety.”
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    The maid watches impassively as Yrisz starts laying down the silver coins. The last time this sort of amount was tallied out was twenty-six days ago, when Rogur paid out Polon's ransom. When Yrisz asks her question, she nods, expecting it, and begins to recite, again with a hint of her speech coming from rote.

    "Master Sepel associates with many folk, and knows that they associate with many in turn. People who come willing to pay his price for a bed and a roof, and food as need be, should have no cause to be turned away. The Master's wants are plain: he doesn't want to be cheated out of his keep; and he wants to keep the peace of his house. He'll have a look at you and see if you're willing to follow his rules. That's all."

    Diviak jerks back slightly as Yrisz takes out the coin.

    "Old?! Oh, yes, yes. I, um, that is to say," he wipes his forehead and seems to force himself to bend over and peer at the coin more closely, "Yes, that's no auron.

    "Byzanth? Stone of Blue Sky?" he says, reading the inscription on the face Yrisz shows him.

    "How odd. Yes, very novel. You didn't get these from--that is to say, you didn't find these in--oh, never mind. Yes, thank you for showing me," he finishes helplessly.

    The maid leans in to have a look, perhaps a little impatiently.

    "Foreign coins are half the same-metal coin," she says, with the air of a final pronouncement, "if that's good, true gold, then it can stand for fifty staters. Please pay in coin, first. I can't offer more than ten staters less on the deposit for any item you want to pawn up until you talk to the Master. Also, we don't take incense--" she inadvertently steals a glance at Diviak, "--or the like."

    The maid looks on agreeably as Yrisz continues to pay in coins, but balks when she takes out her first electrum piece and asks it to stand for twenty-five staters.

    "It looks like there's silver in there and gold, too," she stares at Yrisz's face and appears to decide to take her word, "twenty-five for now, but Master Sepel will have the final say."

    After Yrisz settles for two gold, three electrum, and 27 silver coins, the maid takes them up and curtsies once more, facing Yrisz, "My name is Narya; I'll show you to your bath."

    The groom grins at Noxias, favoring him with overt curiosity. "I'm Ethaulph, and I'll do the same for you, Master Elf. It's right over here, please."

    The two quickly find themselves in separate, wooden stalls. The baths are wide, upright cylinders for standing in, made of fir wood and heated on top of stoves. Their fires must have already been lit low, for they are speedily brought to a blaze and very soon the water is steaming. On shelves, clean towels, inner and outer robes, sandals, and bathing implements are all arranged within easy reach. The attendants, Narya and Ethaulph, stand outside their respective stalls, ready to be summoned when the fires need adjustment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umiushi View Post
    "How odd. Yes, very novel. You didn't get these from--that is to say, you didn't find these in--oh, never mind. Yes, thank you for showing me," he finishes helplessly.
    Nox relaxes as the hot water seeks out all the niggling aches and pains of their recent skirmish and subsequent teleportation. Letting his mind and body relax a thought emerges from the noise and clutter of his thoughts.

    Reaching out of the bath he grabs the set of robes and sandals, puts them on quickly and turns to Ethaulph. "Please inform Narya that I wish to speak with Yrisz privately. When she is ready to receive me I will need 5 minutes." Nox watches Ethaulph turn and walk away. He converses quietly with Narya and returns. A moment later Narya joins them and leads Nox to Yrisz.

    "Thank you," Noxias states dismissively to Narya. She turns and walks away.

    Yrisz looks slightly perturbed. "Yrisz, my apologies for disturbing you, but I felt it was important to talk with you privately before we are joined by others once more."

    "I believe it was a mistake to show Diviak the coins that you held. He knows more than he lets on and I think we should be wary of him. We should both be less trusting of individuals moving forward."

    "Again, apologies for interrupting you, but this may be the only place where we have a modicum of privacy to speak freely."
    Ariellana, Noxias, and everybody in July.

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    Like Noxias, Yrisz allows the luxury of bath to dissipate and sooth her physical hurts from their many days of adventure. As the material injuries settle her emotional trauma surface. The shadows of friends and foe alike lost to efforts who’s failures effect so many others march through her consciousness leaving Yrisz silently sobbing the ruin of her passing into the scolding waters of the bath.

    It is some time Noxias must wait for Yrisz to emerge, though in the end she does expedites her preparation once his purpose is divined. Still she is unable to keep his disruption of her indulgent grieving off her face as she steps from her bathing stall.

    She listen, her brow curving a frown, as Noxias presents his concerns to her.

    “Please forgive my impropriety in my deals with the arcanist,” she says measuring the fey’s mood.

    “I agree that wasn’t my best gesture, though my thought at the time was the introduction to such novelties would serve as a form of compensation for the all the assistance and kindness that he has bestowed upon us. For if not for him, we would have spent the night in the woods, most probably quite lost and prayed upon whatever retched entities haunted those lands,” she says making a dismissive movement directed to the wilderness their day’s travel had taken them through.

    “With that said, I measured him our equal or better in the craft of battle, and though his shape he seems to plainly give,though it waivers and shifts when inspected closely, which I should have excepted as a warning,” Yrisz says deflating a bit.

    “Concrete questions include, why he had ranged so to sit in what was unmistakably a teleportation circle. He was waiting for something. Us? I don’t know. I tried to be starkly honest with him in the hopes my candidness would inspire similar from him, but my gestures didn’t shake him a bit and I did feel much like I was dancing with a nebulas form of water.”

    Yrisz shifts to subtly examine her surroundings for possible eavesdroppers.

    “So what do you advise for our next movements? Assuming we are excepted by the master of this fine establishment and hopefully manage a resupply, then what?,” Yrisz says fixing Noxias with her azure eyes.

    “For myself, I still believe Diviak may prove the catalyst that allows us to use our abilities to the greater good in this town, and I do believe our failings in the monastery do require some measure of atonement,” she says, whispering her closing statement.

    “Though,” she sighs, “as I believe you rightly identified regarding my coin handling, naivety may very well be one of my defects. So often Ms. Bieiriz expressed a similar thought to me, usually while knocking me in the head lovingly with her hammer,” Yrisz says touching her head in sympathetic pain.

    “I do her quest is ending with more completeness then we tend to manage, though the web of disaster befalling these lands would suggest against such prognosis,” Yrisz finishes her remorse clearly rekindled.
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    The maid's reappearance close to around the specified interval of time forces Noxias and Yrisz to put further private conversation aside. She leads the two back to the central building and into a well-appointed dining area. There are three people in the room already, all human and all men. Judging from how they spread out in the room, two at their own tables and one seated in a high-backed chair facing the corner, none of them are associating with each other, at least at this moment.

    The decor of the room seems rustic, but only at first glance. The first thing that gives away the true luxury of the furnishings are the two chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling that glow without the use of candles and appear to be made entirely of crystal with not a hint of iron or other base metal. All the furniture is made of wood, save for a few braziers lined up against one wall and a lit one next to the man in the corner, and appears to have been somehow sculpted whole as opposed to being assembled through carpentry. As is typical of dining spaces where the kitchen is separate, there is no fireplace. Noxias finds the scene particularly striking, because he recognizes the decor as unmistakably being in the style of the Bright Kingdom, a land of Faerie to the west of the domain of the Sodalitas Magicalis. Ignoring the homunculus girl, it is the first time he has seen anything similar in this world.

    "Master," says Narya, approaching the man in the high-backed chair, "the guests have arrived to request rooms." The man stands up and turns to face you. The other two look up to watch, but don't appear to be involved. Sepel is a short, fit, clean-shaven, middle-aged man with gray hair and a scar across his left temple. He is wearing a sword on his belt with a fine-looking golden hilt. It wouldn't be surprising in the least if it turned out to be magical. His tunic and pants are unadorned and unbleached, even plainer than the rather nicely trimmed robes Noxias and Yrisz are currently attired in.

    "It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance," Sepel says. His manner of speech is short and formal, and his accent is native Aucothian, but difficult to place. He has an angry look on his face and he glares at the pair, but Yrisz suspects right away that this is a natural expression for him. It is an unfortunate disadvantage for an innkeeper.

    "I trust Narya already explained the terms and the rules. She showed me your coins and I concur with her judgment as to their value. I know you're guests of Diviak, but he also says he just made your acquaintance, today. You're going to tell me six things: where you're from; what it is you do; why you came here; how long you intend to stay; where you're going when you leave; and what you're going to be up to while you're here. If I like your answers, or even if I don't like 'em much, you'll get your rooms. If I hate your answers or if I have to spend too much time getting 'em in the first place, you'll get your refunds and be on your way." He folds his arms, "I'm listening; now start talking."
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    Yrisz gulps audibly in response to Sepel’s brisk questions, though weather it is due to prospect of answer said questions or his fierce demeanor in their delivery that has caused her concern is hard to easily read.

    “Well,” she says cocking her head Noxias’s way, clearly worried that her usual verboseness and selective honesty may prove fatal here. She dithers for a brief second, Noxias’s lecture on trust still ringing in her ears.

    Noting that Inn Master did not seem to care to hear her name, Yrisz quickly shifts to those questions he did ask about, “I hale from the Metropole though I currently operate out the Vulysen Mission in Beilston Mound. I am a lay healer of Sehanine currently in training as a knight hospitaler. We came here to re-equip and re-assess ourselves due to high causality rate we had suffered exploring the Izzmarg ruins,” during last explanation Yrisz threatens to tear up, but she stiffens her upper lip and continues, “I suspect it will take around 3 days to do as I said, and I doubt we will inconvenience you as long as a week, once we leave here we shall meet with our patron pre-determined location back towards the ruins to report our findings, and other then barter and re-supply we are talking with Diviak on assisting him on some small projects, right now that only might include hunting for pipe weed in the forest to repay his assistance in bringing us here,” Yrisz says looking over toward Noxias expectantly and back toward Sepel clearly wondering if she had under or over spoken to the man.
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    "I hope you don't even inconvenience me for one moment, and you shouldn't, because you've already paid in full for a stay of that length. I need to make some things more clear. The reason you're telling me these things is that, should something bad happen, I'm the one who needs to relay your answers to the town watch, and I'm the one who gets in trouble if they don't like what they hear from my mouth. If what you say doesn't make sense to me, it won't make sense when I try to tell it to them.

    "So you're exploring Izzmarg and get into trouble. Instead of winding up in Beilston, you wind up here, even though you're based out of Beilston. The one route between here and Izzmarg is the Imperial Highway; the one route between here and Beilston is the Yu River; yet you meet Diviak while he's wandering about in the Low Crags. No matter whether you came up from the Imperial Highway or the Yu, you'd have wound up in Byswell first and never crossed paths with Diviak. There's something I'm missing here, and that's what I'm going to get questioned about.

    "What about you, Noxias?" says Sepel, indicating that he knows at least one name, "How are the two of you exploring the Izzmarg ruins together? If you were just there, you must have run into the expedition that was sent in spring. How are they faring and what's your relationship with them?"

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